Using Search Engine Traffic to Promote Your Music With Sean Mize

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In this weeks Music Marketing Manifesto Podcast we’ve got a really special guest. His name is Sean Mize. Sean happens to be the number #2 article marketer in the world (by volume), and he happens to be one of just a small handful of guys that I consider to have been major contributors to my success when I was on my way up as a marketer.

He’s a agreed to come on the show and talk to you guys about how you can build long term search engine traffic to promote your music.

To listen simply go to itunes and search “Music Marketing Manifesto”. Click “subscribe” and your free download will automatically begin. And f you feel like helping me out, leave a review while you’re there. Those things count for a lot in the all powerful “itunes algorithm” 🙂

If you’d prefer to listen right here on the site simply click the play button below.

I realize that many of you have different levels of familiarity with the many different marketing terms that we throw around. While Sean has expanded into many other areas, his original claim to fame was as the world’s leading authority on what is called “Article Marketing”.

Article Marketing is the practice of publishing articles to any of a number of free article directories with the hope of piggy backing on their authority within the search engines so that you can rank for keywords that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to with your own site.

I’ve generated many tens of thousands of dollars with this strategy and it’s something I teach in Music Marketing Manifesto.

Sean has taken things to the next level and now practices what he calls “content marketing”. It’s a similar strategy but involves publishing to a multitude of platforms in what he feels is more natural, more built to withstand the inevitable future changes within the search engines, and ultimately more effective. But of course I’ll let Sean tell you all about it…

For anyone who is new here, the model I teach and which the MMM community is based upon is one known as “direct response marketing”. What that means in the simplest of terms is that you drive traffic to an offer for a free track in exchange for contact information, you build a genuine relationship with your subscribers, and then use proven selling strategies to convert subscribers into buyers.

But that all begins with TRAFFIC. In this week’s podcast you are going to learn all about traffic generation from a leader in the field. Go to itunes now and listen for yourself.

If you’d like to learn more about Sean Mize, just click this link to read his latest Ezine Article on content marketing.

Incidentally, that article is a perfect example of Sean practicing what he preaches in that it’s not published on his site at all. It’s content marketing in action.

And as always, I’d love to hear from you guys on this…

Do you have a traffic strategy that you work at each and every day? If so, what is it? If not, why?


  • david says:

    Great stuff! I really appreciate the no-nonsense, roll up your sleeves and get to work mentality of the materials here. If I have content that exists in the way of articles, videos and songs on my website – would you suggest trying to get these materials out first (youtube, blog reviews, guest writing)…or would you just start from scratch and write articles specifically – there seems to be an “article” focus to this initiative. As a musician does music/video etcetera count as digital assets toward linkage? D

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi David,

      Article writting is specifically Sean’s approach. It’s a good one but not the only one. It’s really just about content creation and using content to pull in traffic. You can do this with articles, videos, podcasts, social media, anything at all. What’s important is that you provide real value and create consistent volume.

      If you have content on hand that you can tie in to keywords that people are searching for, then go with what you have. If not, then starting with articles is fine.

      Thanks for the kind words and get in touch if I can ever help with anything else.

  • Will Black says:


    Great podcast – thanks for getting Sean on your show. Article Marketing was a topic I was curious to hear more about.

    I’m currently spending a couple hours each day Mon – Fri growing my Twitter campaign. When I started in January I had 0 people signing up on my squeezepage for 2 free downloads and now I average 10 people per day signing up and that’s steadily growing.

    I took the fundamentals you teach in Music Marketing Manifesto and expanded upon them directly within the Twitter network. I’m also planning to incorporate VMPlayer into my weekly newsletter and the SpeakPipe app onto my WordPress homepage.

    Looking forward to hearing more, John. Rock on 😉

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hey Will,

      Thanks. Glad you liked the interview. That’s awesome to hear that you have gone from 0 – 10 subscribers in a day. You’re on your way. That kicks ass! Drop me a line when it’s 100 🙂

  • Very useful podcast giving lot of keys to build and maintain the relationship of a growing fanbase

  • Where does getting content out on your own blog/site fit in to all of this?

    • John Oszajca says:

      Good question Corey. Because Sean was focused on driving traffic from external sites that wasn’t really something we focused on.

      I can’t speak for Sean but I view strategies like the one Sean discussed as particularly powerful in the early days when your own site does not have much authority within the search engines, or when your site is not targeted to your genre, which many artist sites are not.

      But as Sean touches on, one thing that is nice about what he suggests is that you have a bit of a safety net. If your own site (or any site you are publishing to) takes a hit in the SERPS, you still have content coming in from all over the place.

      My personal strategy is to simply put content in both places. Create regular content on your own site so that you have a property that you own and control, and also publish content externally so that you have additional exposure. Hopefully Sean will have a chance to stop by and weigh in.

  • clide says:

    great news for all. thanks for sharing your ideas and not holding back. interesting i must say.

  • aaron cyprus says:

    this was great John and Sean, thanks. i was wondering if article marketing was still working after that big Google update. lots of great stuff here.

    just left a review on itunes as well. thanks guys.

  • Tara says:

    Another great one John. It’s really cool that you bring in so many of these experts, both in internet marketing as well as the music industry. Keep it coming.

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