Can I use a video in an ad instead of an image?

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The simple answer is of course you can…

However, in my experience, video does not typically convert as well as images do when you are driving traffic to a squeeze page. This is because a big part of why the MMM process is successful is because we really hone our skills as copywriters, and a good ad really titillates the curiosity of the prospect.

The goal of the ad is to make a bold claim or promise about the experience your music offers. We do this by demonstrating in our copy that we completely understand what it is that our prospects love about music. If we do that well, our prospects will feel that they just need to find out if we live up to our claim. With a squeeze page, the only way to scratch that itch is to take the next step and subscribe. This is one of the reasons I commonly get conversion rates of over 40% on my squeeze pages, from cold traffic.

Now, you might be thinking… but what good does this do if it turns out they don’t actually like the music?

If they truly don’t like the music then it won’t do you any good at all.

But more commonly, people find themselves on the fence. They might like it, but they don’t fall in love at first listen.

With the squeeze page/list building approach we buy ourselves time to build a personal bond and impress them with additional music and content. Thus, increasing the chances that they will become genuine fans and eventually spend money with us.

This is the method to the madness and it works well.

With video everything is put on the table right away. The prospect’s curiosity is satisfied and they feel far less compelled to take the next step, even when they do like the music. This is because there is no personal bond yet, and music itself has no inherent value if their is no bond or pre-existing desire (such as that which exists between a fan and a celebrity artist).

So, while there are exceptions to every rule, and I have seen video work well, it is not typically the best place to start. My advice is to at least test your videos against images.

As an aside, where I do often do well with video ads, is when targeting an warm audience, when running traffic directly to a streaming platform, or when using them to build a custom audience for retargeting and/or lookalike audiences.

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