Can I have more than one conversion goal in a Facebook or Instagram ad?

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You can only tie one conversion goal to your ad campaign’s objective, but you can track multiple conversions. In other words, if your objective is conversions and you have selected the thank you page people land on after subscribing as the conversion goal for the campaign, then the algorithm would optimize the campaign based purely on that data. However, you can go into your view column in the ads manager and add as many custom conversions as you want to the custom view. This way you can see how many sales you got (or anything else you want to track), despite optimizing your campaign for subscribers.

One side note: I have found that the tracking of sales that take place deeper in a funnel (such as the standard MMM funnel) is not always that accurate. This is because often enough time has passed between clicking and purchasing that a person may have cleared their cache, or purchased from a different location or device. It’s just something to be aware of in case you find that sales are coming in, but not showing up as consistently in your ad tracking.

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