Top 5 Free Music Promotion Sites

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free music promotion sites

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While I realize that this list does not contain any real secrets, the reality is that the best free music promotion sites are those that have the traffic and offer easy access to an audience. These are all sites you are probably familiar with but which you may have not yet incorporated into your traffic strategy.

If you are not using these sites to drive traffic to an offer for free music, you’re probably missing a huge segment of your potential audience.

Facebook – Facebook is rapidly catching up to Google as far as traffic goes. This means that Facebook cannot be overlooked as a place to promote your music. Unlike the hay day of Myspace, Facebook is a place where offering genuine quality content is rewarded. Forget sending messages to thousands of people you don’t know, and focus on developing your relationship with those you do. From there you can send your fans to monetized offers on your other web properties. In addition to the Facebook “Pages”, Facebook Advertising is also a great way to promote your band; although the later is not free.

Twitter – Twitter is a great place to reach targeted fans. When you follow someone, a consistent percentage of them will typically follow you back. By following people who are fans of music similar to your own, you will begin to attract more and more fans. By posting interesting content you can capture the attention of your followers. The more interesting your tweets are, the better the chance of having your tweets reposted and going viral. Twitter frowns on automation so think twice before using bots and automation software.

Reverbnation – Reverbnation is a free site that is not terribly dissimilar to Myspace however they are more specifically geared for musicians and while Myspace is making that transition, Reverbnation is far ahead of them in this arena. They allow you to create an account and share your music and information with the public. They also offer a handy Facebook app which allows you to display your music on a Facebook page. Reverbnation offers a host of premium features for musicians as well. In my opinion, the full potential of Reverbnation’s social network has not yet been fully explored.

Youtube – It’s no secret that Youtube can be a great place to get some eyeballs on your videos. They key with Youtube is to use keyword targeted titles, descriptions and tags, as well as to drive traffic to your videos early in the hopes of making one of their most viewed lists, or landing one the extremely coveted “Spotlight Video” spots.

Myspace – While it’s true that Myspace is not what it once was, it may be too early to count them out completely. They still bring in quite a lot of traffic and they have recently changed their model to more specifically cater to musicians. What this will mean for your career as a musician is not completely clear yet, but wherever there is traffic, there is the potential to reach new fans.

While these free music promotion sites are all great ways to drive traffic, traffic means nothing if your not able to convert it into sales. To find out how I use sites like these to sell albums watch the free Music Marketing Blueprint video in the right hand side bar of this site.


  • Yandell says:

    We are commenting to inform you that of a terrific experience our little girl appreciated reading through your own web site. Your lover recognized a wide variety of items, with the add-on associated with what it really is such as a great wonderful assisting type to give the sleep without having stress knowledge some excruciating is important.

  • kennyrock says:

    pls sir what will it take me to post my new single on air through
    your plat form

  • Johnny says:

    My name is Johnny Bolkvadze, I´m manager of the georgian industrial metal group “Industrial City” which will play at the Wacken Open Air Festival this year.
    The sites you´ve offered as the best free music promo web sites, knows everybody and are social networks. Should be more usefull to know web sites of real promo companies by countries.
    Best regards,

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Johnny,

      Thanks for reaching out.

      You bring up a good point. This post was written more with traffic in mind, but I’ll take your comment into consideration and possibly add a new post that lists what you’re looking for.

  • Particularly useful bless you, I presume your trusty visitors may perhaps want a great deal more stories of this nature maintain the good hard work.

  • ashleywatson says:

    Thanks for the suggestion the best thing about this online music promotion is free of cost.

    • John Oszajca says:

      Thanks Ashley, it’s definitely one of the perks. But don’t be afraid of paid advertising, you just need to get your metrics together so you know what you can afford to spend.

  • John Oszajca says:

    Hey Chris. Wow! You must have Google alerts going. I haven’t even posted this publicly yet 🙂

    Thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate the support.

  • Great post John and your course is one of the best things ever put out on music marketing.

    I think it’s so important to follow the traffic when trying to market your music online.

    Focusing on two or three of the top sites makes things much simpler in the long run and you can master the platform and build solid traffic.

    I’m going to tweet this out now.

    – Chris

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