“This Is My Last Chance To make It With My Music.” – MMM Podcast Episode #9

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In Episode #9 of the Music Marketing Manifesto Podcast we discuss Twitter Music, Crowd Sourcing Post-Amanda-Palmer, and I also share an excerpt from a recent Insider Circle coaching call in which musician, Ace Collins, shares the story of how he went from a single subscriber (himself) to over 500 subscribers in just three and a half days using the methods he learned in Music Marketing Manifesto and the Insider Circle.

Ace kicks off the interview by explaining that this was the last chance he had to make it with his music, and he describes the process he went through that literally took him from obscurity to being up until dawn answering the many email/Facebook/Twitter messages he was getting from fans. It’s an inspiring interview and one not be missed.

To listen in just go to itunes >> Search “Music Marketing Manifesto” >> and subscribe. The episode will begin to download immediately. You can also access the Music Marketing Manifesto itunes page here <==

If you’d prefer you can also listen here on the site. Just click the play button below…


And if you’d like to learn more about Ace Collins, you can download a free track at MyNameIsAce.Net

And as always, please be sure to leave any questions or comments below. I’d love to hear you’re thoughts and experiences.


  • musica says:

    (Sorry in advance; i hope this doesn’t result in a dble post; but it looks like my orig post didn’t register w/the site)…

    Just to let you know i’m getting a file error? Unable to hear episode #9 or #8 on your MMM site.

    • Hi Musica,

      Sorry to hear you are having difficulties with the audio.

      We just double-checked and we are unable to duplicate the issue you are experiencing. Both episodes loaded right up and started playing for us as soon as we hit the play button.

      I would suggest simply trying again. You might have tried to listen during temporary server issues or maintenance.

      Sorry we can’t be more helpful, but we are not experiencing the issue the way you’ve described it.

      Thanks again and let us know if we can ever help with anything else.

  • musica says:

    Just to let you know i’m getting a file error? Unable to hear episode #9 or #8 on your MMM site.

  • Ruben says:

    Great stuff!!! Very simple and inspiring. Basically your audience is there waiting for you. You just have to work on that.
    Thanks John for sharing…

  • Al says:

    Hey John!

    I used to be on the Insider Circle, had a lot on my hands, that’s why I quit. But I regularly read or listen to any updates you post.

    I really liked this one here, but unfortunately, I didn’t get much information about how I managed to get this many subscribers through facebook ads. I’ve worked with facebook ads many times before and I never managed to pull a lot of subscribers from that source.

    Any advice? Or better, what was his exact strategy?


    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Al,

      Thanks for taking the time to listen to the show.

      Usually with facebook ads, or any pay-per-click type advertising, your success is going to be dependent upon 3 things:

      1) How well you target the people who will see your ad.
      2) How effective your ad copy is in communicating with that audience (click-thru rate).
      3) How well your squeeze page is converting visitors to subscribers

      If you target too broadly, you might get a lot of ad impressions, but barely any clicks. Or you might get clicks from people who probably aren’t right for what you are offering on your squeeze page and therefore they won’t sign up. That just wastes your ad money and this is the usual cause when I see people running ads but getting no response.

      If you target very tightly, but still aren’t getting clicks, then you’ll need to adjust your ad copy and try to find something that communicates better and gets people clicking, or possibly change up your targeting.

      If your targeting is tight, your ads are getting good click-thru rates, but you still aren’t getting sign-ups, then there is something wrong with the offer on your squeeze page. Usually it’s something as simple as not having a strong enough call-to-action, or you some somehow managed to change to conversation from what it seemed to be in the facebook ad. The conversation needs to be consistent from the ad to the squeeze page, or people get confused and leave.

      However, you definitely want to make sure that your mechanism for signing people up isn’t broken either, or it doesn’t matter how well your ads are doing. Always test your web forms to make sure nothing is broken before you start paying for ads and traffic.

      Let me know if I can ever help with anything else.

  • AC says:

    Man, the podcast with Ace was/is a real kick in the rear for me. I’m letting go of all my excuses/reasons for not taking action sooner, in spite of the many personal issues I’ve had to work through with family and such. It was a bit of a rough time. Glad it’s over and behind me now. All I can say is “Thanks” John, Steve, and Ace for a renewed sense of focus. I needed to hear this – TODAY!

  • Will Black says:

    Enjoying the podcast, John and Steve 🙂

    I ran a successful PledgeMusic.com campaign – crowdfunding is a great way to offer your fanbase the music they want to hear directly from you, the artist.

    You definitely need to have a fanbase following to initially pitch your project to (I had about 2000 people on my mailing list).



  • Nick says:

    Trying to keep this together is like being put through the ringer on a washing machine, sure there are good views, but trying to find a decent honest computer technician is one hell of a problem. Thought I got back with my old technician but he seems more concerned about pushing me to join his Jehovahs witness mission, which is about as far from my ideologies as Perth is from Sydney. I am now faced with one computer he fixed up not working already. Without that I can’t upload because the other machine does not take windows movie maker, the one I use to make the movies. Where the hell do I find an honest technician who doesn’t want to push his brand of religion down my throat. It seems this technical stuff is holding me back. In the mean time I have been writing tracks. But looking at my finances, to get this other computer fixed could take a while. Apart from that I am happy to be alive, but would like to get more from this. interesting to listen to other peoples’ stories. No, I haven’t given up, I just don’t have the money at present to keep on going. It is so frustrating. I feel a day I don’t upload is like a waste of time.

    Thanks John for this.

    • Russell "Hitman" Alexander says:


      Send me an e-mail at russ@alexander-it.com and tell me what the problem is. I’ll check it out and either remote in and fix it or tell you how to do so (as a fellow client of MM, no charge either way), so you don’t have to rely on some whacko evangelist. It’s more important for you to make music than waste time with stuff like this.
      You find a good tech just like you find good sidemen – they have to be reliable, as or more interested in doing the job right than making the money, and (as my dad used to say) they have to “know the riffs”.
      In general though, technical stuff shouldn’t be holding you back, as it’s gotten much easier as time has gone by. Chances are that whatever issue you’re facing, someone else has already dealt with it and posted something about it on the web. Be patient, use Google to find answers, get help from experts when needed but try to learn to fix recurring problems on your own.

    • Hi Im an IT tech, email me if you want help with that. Im not religious 😛

      Think you just need to install a codex pack. they are free, but u need to tell me the OS you are using as there are different ones for each OS. Send me a more detailed description of the problem, the file type that the files are in and a basic description of each machine and its respective problem.

      • Nick says:

        Last time I was using windows movie maker in that computer, it flashes out to the blue screen, now if I turn it on, it just stays on that blue screen, refuses to open. I have two computers, one for the music, that machine won’t run movie maker, so I transport the music track to the other machine and make the films there, without the films, I can’t upload to my Nandalal108 You Tube. Till that is fixed, I am f****d!

        When turning on the old windows xp machine that is not well, it goes to the start windows normally screen, then when that stops goes to the windows xp window, then back to the blue screen. And that is that. What is an OS? Sorry if I seem a bit stupid. Might not be till later tomorrow till I get back to this. Any advice on how to fix it without paying anyone would be great. I am on a below the poverty line income so money is an eternal problem here. Thanks for your response also. And I don’t care what spiritual path anyone follows, so long as they don’t try to shove theirs down my throat. Anyway, the spare copies of Awake made for great rabbit bedding in my Joys’ bed box. I tell her, she can pee all over it and I don’t care. Ha.

        • Ok, by OS I mean Operating System. EG
          Windows XP/7/8 32bit/64bit (right click “Computer”>Properties)

          You mentioned about your XP machine. Sounds to me like your page file size is not set right if you are getting a blue screen of death BSOD. How much RAM do you have in it? Did the last tech actually open the computer? What problem were you experiencing at the time? Also do you have a windows XP disk for that machine. And also can you get in as far as the desktop(see icons on screen after logging in)?

          What happens when you try to run windows movie maker on the music pc? and what OS is that machine running? There is more than likely a simple fix to get that working, or an alternative solution. Are there any error messages that popup? What is the “exact” words of the error(you can leave out chaaracters like “0x123x1122xx”, but include all the words)? email me a print screen if you know how to do thatPress “Print Screen” button on your keyboard, open microsoft paint and click paste#> then save as jpg and email it to me? redlad_@yahoo.com and ill see if i can get you a solution.

          Do you create movies to go with music or something? Please provide as much info as possible. I never even heard of windows movie maker until you mentioned it here today. I was concerned about the product, but can see it on the official microsoft website so im sure its ok.

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