Music Ads Workshop 3.0 is now open for registration…

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I’m excited to share the news that my new Facebook Ads training course, “Music Ads Workshop 3.0” is now LIVE and open for registration. You can sign up here: The Music Ads Workshop 3.0 is the complete A – Z of Facebook Advertising for Musicians, and is filled with brand new strategies for the […]

A Music Business Plan For The Independent Musician


Recently I was going through my stats for the Music Marketing Manifesto blog and saw something really depressing under “search engine terms”. Take a look at a query that brought someone to my site… Dude! How much does that suck? As musicians we all dread that potential “end of the line”, where (God forbid), we […]

Sell Your Music On Itunes

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It’s no secret that itunes has single handedly forced the record store into extinction. Therefore, if you’re a musician it goes with out saying that you you’re going to want to sell your music on itunes and get access to their enormous international audience. Fortunately this is not difficult to do. In fact any independent […]

Music Industry Statistics – Find Out How You Stack Up Against The Average Indpendent Musician


One of the things I’ve noticed while researching various topics for articles and blog posts is the lack of reliable statistics relating to independent musicians. It’s easy enough to pull up statistics from the Recording Industry Association of America but their data is largely related to what is happening in the main stream of the […]

Rant – Is Social Media Worth It For Musicians?


Show of hands… Who has 1000+ Facebook friends and hasn’t sold a single album or made one red cent as a result? …I thought so. Social media has always been a very misunderstood platform for many. Part of that is because so many people with ulterior motives have built lucrative careers for themselves as “social […]

2 Emails Sent = 31 Albums Sold: Find Out How We Did It…


Eesh! It’s been over 2 months since my last blog post. Sorry about that folks. I spent the summer traveling through Europe and fell behind on the blog. But I’m back in the saddle and should have more regular content for you going forward. So here’s what’s up… Recently I set up a campaign for […]

3 Ways To Make Money With An Internet Concert


Text Message Marketing For Bands And Musicians


At the heart of Music Marketing Manifesto is the concept of what is often called “direct response marketing”. Direct response marketing is a form of marketing designed to solicit a direct response which is specific and quantifiable. My preferred method of soliciting that response is via email. It’s cheap, easy, scalable and effective. If you’re […]

How To Get A Ton Of Facebook “Likes” Fast – Part 1


Okay, this is gonna be fun… While I technically created a Facebook page for Music Marketing Manifesto a few months ago, it’s really just been sitting there gathering dust until just a few days ago. With Facebook becoming increasingly relevant in the world of marketing (Understatement of the year), I thought I should do a […]

Making A Living With House Concerts – An Interview With Verve Pipe’s Brian Vander Ark.


[display_podcast] Click the play button above to listen or right click and save to your computer. A few posts back I talked about how hard it was to make a living on $10 CDs alone, and how important it is to create additional revenue streams as part of your music career. One of the suggestions […]

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