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John OszajcaHi, John Oszajca here. I’m a musician and the founder of Music Marketing

And I’m going to let you in on a heart breaking reality… All of the “exposure” in the world is not going to help your music career one bit. Why?

It’s not because your music isn’t any good…

It’s not because illegal downloads have caused people to stop buying music…

And it’s not because you need to have a major label, land a placement in a hit movie, or have a huge budget in order to sell albums…

The reason most independent music careers are dead before the album is even released is because the average musician doesn’t have a system in place which is designed to actually SELL music.

Live performances, social media, radio, and press are all well and good. But they are “exposure” based, and they leave all of the burden on the consumer and do nothing to actually close the sale.

Fortunately the process of taking cold traffic and converting it into BUYERS is not some big mystery.

In fact it’s been well established for over 100 years. However, these strategies have been largely unknown to the music industry since it’s inception.

That is until now…

Introducing Music Marketing Manifesto 3.0.

Music Marketing Manifesto 3.0 is a brand new course that I’ve put together. I’ve been working on it for about a year now. I’ve put a lot of work into it, and I’m really proud to share it with you guys.

So first lets talk about how Music Marketing Manifesto 3.0 can actually help you…

Here’s the deal.

Most musicians – in my opinion -, they’re struggling, they’re failing, they’re not selling any albums because what they’re doing is essentially – and you’ve probably heard me say it before – copying what the major labels are doing.

It’s understandable. That’s all most musicians have to go by. We go out, we play shows, we maybe hire a publicist, we try to get on the radio, we set up our social media accounts, and do all that stuff that we as musicians have traditionally done, and then we release our record and we hope that a fan is a going to tell a friend, who is going to tell another friend and somehow that is going to all add up to a music career and suddenly we’re going to be famous.

I’m here to tell you that doesn’t work.

The problem with that scenario is that it puts all of the burden on the consumer.
You’re not actually “selling” at all. That’s not a business model. That’s just sort of chaos and hope.

However, what I’ve been focusing on is creating a systematic approach to selling music. In other words you build a system… And when I say system I’m talking about a combination of specifically designed web pages – each one with a specific purpose and combining that with a series of emails that are designed to cultivate your fan base, to cultivate your tribe – to build a relationship with these new fans and ultimately to get them off the fence and to buy your music.

And all of this is done online, at least the mechanism itself is. This “fan capturing” and “music selling” machine, if you will, it’s all built using online tools, again meaning a specifically designed website and an email management system. And the beauty of a system like this is that it gives us scalability and the potential of developing a REAL business model. Something where you can get an actual ROI – actual return on investment. In other words, we can spend X amount of dollars on one end and make even more money on the other.

And when you’ve done that, when you have the ability to send a certain amount of people into your funnel and see a consistent amount of money coming out the other end, you become the master of your own fate. You are in control of your own music career. You don’t need a record label. You don’t need a manager. You don’t need agents. You don’t need any of these things, any of these people, that traditionally hold us back as individuals and artists.

And that’s why I’ve been so inspired by this method of music marketing and why it’s been so much fun to share it with other musicians over the last few years.

Now, as I’ve mentioned. I have been doing this for a few years now. Music Marketing Manifesto has been released in several incarnations. There was the original eBook that was put out. Then it was released in 2010 as a multi-media course. That was Music Marketing Manifesto 2.0. But as the years have passed my own knowledge and experience have really increased. I’ve since worked with so many artists that I’ve really refined the system and I felt it was time that I capture all those thoughts and really document that system and share it with you guys.

And that’s what Music Marketing Manifesto 3.0 is.

So What Are You Going To Get If You Sign Up For Music Marketing Manifesto 3.0?


Well, first your going to get access to over 40 training videos, in which I walk you step-by-step through the entire campaign creation process.

You get to actually watch over my shoulder as I build a complete funnel from the ground up – for myself, for my own career – and I document the entire thing.

So it doesn’t matter if you have any technical skills at all. All you need to do is watch the videos and do what I do. If you can send an email, and I don’t know… open a word document… then I can’t imagine you having any problems going through each of the steps laid out for you in the videos.

You’re also going to get a proprietary, custom built, Music Marketing Manifesto WordPress template.

This is something I’m really excited about. It cost me $500 to have this built, and you’re going to get it as part of your package.

Why is that important?

Because as I say… This entire system that you’re going to build will exist online.
It’s a physical thing. And for lack of a better term, that means a website. Now normally these things can be really friggin’ difficult to put together. I’ve given out some html based templates in the past, and they gave people a lot of headaches.

I wanted to remedy that and provide a better, simpler, solution. And so I had a WordPress template designed. WordPress, if you’re not familiar with it, is just a content management system. Most hosting accounts have something called a WordPress “one click install”. It takes just that, “one click”. It’s very easy to set up.

Once it’s installed you just upload the MMM template, and the template comes loaded with very specific page designs. It comes pre-loaded with squeeze pages, sales pages, blog pages, upsell pages, admin pages, and more. – If you’re not familiar with those terms don’t worry about it, you’ll know soon enough.

But basically they are the pages that you need to implement this system. To capture leads, to sell music, and to communicate with your fans.

And they can all be created at the push of a button, and again, the course comes with complete step-by-step tutorials in which I show you how to do everything that you need to do to set this whole thing up.

And if you already have a website, not to worry, you can either use this in conjunction with your existing site or use the templates I provide as a guide for augmenting your existing pages.

Another major component of this process is email marketing.

This all really boils down to relationship building at the end of the day. This is about cultivating a tribe and communicating with your fans. And we do that with a carefully constructed email sequence.

There are these things called autoresponders out there, and the beauty of an autoresponder is that it allows you to write a series of emails in advance, and send them out to your fans at predetermined intervals.

So once you learn what all those psychological trigger points are – the different conditions that need to be created before the average fan will be comfortable taking an action – in this case, buying your music… If you know what each one of those triggers is you can draft a series of emails that is designed to touch on all of those trigger points and build that relationship, largely on auto-pilot.

You’re getting your fans familiar with you, building a bond, sending them links to more music, videos, blog posts, you’re encouraging them to communicate with you. But because it is all pre-written and scheduled, there is a scalability there that you could just never accomplish if you had to go out there, tour, and shake hands, one fan at a time. Not to mention the costs that go into something like touring as compared to simply send out a few emails.

So, I teach you how to do that. I give you a real shotgun education on copywriting. And I provide you with email swipe files. These are the same emails that I use to promote my own music.

I talk about all of the different components of the emails so that you are empowered to rewrite the emails in your own words – hitting on all the same triggers – and then sending them out to your fans.

I then show you how to set up your autoresponder, plug everything in and set you up to start bringing in those album sales.

I also show you how to completely set up and monetize your funnel. I show you how to take orders, deliver downloads, integrate everything with your autoresponder, and automate the entire thing.

But we don’t just stop there. It’s damn hard to make a living just selling one album at a time. At $10 an album, you’ve got to sell a LOT of albums to make a living.

However, by introducing additional profit points into that funnel you can actually make a considerable amount of money off of a relatively small number of people. And that’s when that 1000 fan model that we’ve all heard so much about actually starts to work.

So in addition to the videos, the website template, and the email swipe files, you’re also going to get a PDF booklet that is designed to keep you on track as you make your way through the process.

The entire thing is housed in an interactive members area – that means you can go through the course online and ask questions below each lesson and either myself or someone from my team will come through and answer those questions, and really be there to make sure that you get the help you need along the way.

And for those of you who are on the go, all of the videos are mobile friendly and can even be downloaded to be viewed offline.

Listen To What A MMM 2.0 Member Has To Say..



No BS – I think I’ve Put Together Something That Is On Par With A College Level Course On “Direct To Fan” Marketing.


In fact, college level or not, I think you’re going to be hard pressed to find someone else out there who has my particular skill set.

I’m not only a musician who knows what you guys are going through, who’s been there, who’s played the major label game, who’s pounded the pavement as an independent artist, but I’m also a really established and successful online marketer.

As you’ve probably heard me tout before, I have been working online for over 5 years now and I’ve generated over $2,000,000 in sales across a number of online businesses – music related and otherwise.

I think there are few out there that have that combination of experiences, that know both sides of the fence. And I think you’re going to have a really tough time finding someone who is as equipped to teach Direct to Fan marketing, and with so much experience to back it up.

But of course I’m biased there, so it’s ultimately up for you to decide whether or not I have what it takes to teach this stuff.

So Don’t Take It From Me…


Note*** The testimonial above was for MMM 2.0.


So What’s This Going To Cost Me?

Now, as I said, I have been in the online marketing world for some time, and I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on various courses along the way myself. I honestly think that I could sell the material contained in Music Marketing Manifesto 3.0 for $2,000. That’s the kind of quality we’re talking about here.

But I’m definitely NOT going to do that. I wanted this to be something that is affordable to everyone.

So if you order NOW you can get access to Music Marketing Manifesto 3.0 for just $117.

I think that is a spectacular price for everything you’re going to get.


My Promise To You…


Like you guys, I’m a musician myself, and the last thing I want is an unhappy customer.
I believe in this stuff and I back it up 100%.

I created this course because the information contained within it gave me a new lease on my music career, and ultimately, because I think it’s something that every musician should know. I’m only asking $117 and the truth is, I think it’s worth thousands more.

To put things in perspective, let’s say you sell your CD for $15, you’ll only need to sell 10 CD’s to recoup your investment. If you can’t sell 10 CD’s as a result of applying the training in this course, than something is wrong and I have definitely not done my job.

Because if you follow the steps in this guide, I’d be shocked if you didn’t make an enormous return on your investment in no time. That being said, if for any reason whatsoever you are unsatisfied with the material in this course I will give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked. Simply shoot me an email within 30 days of your purchase and you will receive a full refund. There is a “contact” tab in the footer of every page of my site.

More Member Testimonials…


Note*** The testimonial above was for MMM 2.0.


Ordering Is Safe, Easy, and Secure!

To order simply click on the link below and you will be taken to a secure order page. Music Marketing Manifesto 3.0 is offered within an interactive members area. The training material consists of over 40 videos, a custom MMM website template (powered by WordPress), PDF workbooks, email templates, case studies, bonus audio interviews, and an interactive members area were you can ask questions along the way and get direct assistance from me and my team. Once you have made your purchase, you will automatically be directed to the registration page. After creating your account you will receive instant access to everything.

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All Credit Card Transactions Are Made Via Secure Server


Now before I go I just want to clarify one important thing…

Music Marketing Manifesto is not a magic bullet. It’s not a trick, a scam, a hack, or some button that you press and suddenly your rich and famous. That’s not what this is, and those kinds of offers are usually just a bunch of BS anyway.

What I’m ultimately offering is to let you in on a sound marketing strategy that I have been working on and refining for several years now. It’s a proven system and it really works. But it also takes work.

Like anything, this takes developing a skill set and requires some time and effort on your part. But it is the ONLY path that I have found, which systematizes the art of selling music.

And without a system you’re left hoping and praying that the show you did on Friday is going to cause a friend to tell another friend, who will then tell another friend, who’s eventually going to go to iTunes – or wherever – and buy your music.

And I don’t know about you but I think “hope”, is not a strategy.

“Hope” is for the lottery. And as someone who has invested my entire life into music. I don’t have it in me to take that kind of a chance on my career.

Most of us are willing to do the work, we just don’t know what to do. And so we rely on others in the industry: Labels, managers, agents, lawyers, etc, to do it for us. But with the strategy that I lay out in Music Marketing Manifesto 3.0, you don’t have to do that. You don’t have to rely on anyone.

You just have to take action.

So that’s about it. There’s an order link a little further down on the page. That will get you access.

And if you do decide to jump on board now, I really think you’re going to dig the material.

Before I go, I simply want to say that I have been playing music for a over 20 years. I’ve been there and done that when it comes to just about every aspect of the music business. I know what it’s like to release an album only to see a few hundred sales trickle in. It’s no fun and it shouldn’t have to be that way. With the techniques outlined in Music Marketing Manifesto 3.0, It doesn’t have to. If you go through and apply the tactics in this course, I sincerely believe you will be on your way to building a sustainable and profitable music career, no matter who you are, how old you are, what kind of music you make, and no matter what you have experienced in the past.

While the music business can be daunting and at times appear to be filled with obstacles impossible to overcome, I’m here to tell you first hand that anyone CAN succeed. All you need to do is arm yourself with a little knowledge and take action.

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Now go kick ass!

John Oszajca
Musician and Author
Music Marketing Manifesto

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