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John Oszajca signing record deal

If you’ve ever heard me talk about music marketing then you’ve heard me mention the fact that I was once signed to Interscope Records when I landed what the trade papers called, “the largest new artist record deal in history”. While I’ve certainly mentioned that deal, I’ve never really told the story of how I landed the deal, and how things ultimately fell apart after the album came out.

In episode #27 of the Music Marketing Manifesto Podcast I take a bit of a break from the normal music marketing tactics that are the usual focus of the show, and settle in for a bit of a story. I hope you enjoy it.

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In this episode I also mention my new music marketing agency, Direct to Fan International (DTFI). To secure a spot as one of only 10 initial clients we will be taking on over the next few weeks, submit your details here.

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  • Jake says:

    You are a very good story teller. I am looking forward to the second part.

    Have you written any short stories or novels?

    • John Oszajca says:

      Thanks Jake, I really appreciate that.

      I have written a book that I will release as soon as I find a free moment to get it out there, and I have written a few scripts and the odd short story. It was something I was pursuing a number of years back until I got busy with the growth of MMM. But it’s definitely something I plan to do more of in the future.

      While it has nothing to do with music, you might enjoy the latest blog post on my personal site: http://www.johnoszajca.com/finding-paul/

      Thanks for the interest in the writing, I really do appreciate it.

  • Scott Wilcox says:

    Great Story of perseverance John. My story is much the same, but different. I’m not looking for any kind of signing or contract, just as many ears and eyeballs as possible and still be able to make a living doing what I love. 6 years ago I landed live on Oprah Winfrey, then won the Bob Dylan Songwriting award twice and last year sang in a super bowl commercial. I’ve produced 4 albums and play over 250 shows per year all over the Midwest and three annual national tours. Perseverance pays off.

  • Mike Conde says:

    This was great, John! Amazing how all of that foreshadowed what you do now. Its all so clear through hindsight ,yeah? I def follow “the observer effect” via Q.P. I Looking forward to the cliff hanger landing. Thanks for sharing

    • John Oszajca says:

      Thanks Mike. It is indeed. Even as I was listening to it back I was thinking to myself… the after hours… that was the upsell! Glad to see another QP fan here on the site 🙂

      Part 2 should come out next week.

  • Hey John,

    That was a keeper!! It’s not enough to have talent and knowledge — you’ve also got to put in the effort. I found this episode to be incredibly inspirational. I’m going to download it and play it again for motivation.

    I am now (finally!!) making a few thousand dollars a month off my recorded music. And I’m investing some of that back into PPC to keep building my mailing list because radio is fickle. But what I mostly want to say is: I’m 55 years old, and I didn’t quit.

    There are at least half a dozen guys in my area that I know, and probably another dozen I don’t know, that can play circles around me. They have more talent, and busted their asses in the practice room. But they didn’t bust their asses when it came time for their “feet to hit pavement” as a salesman.

    I have less talent. I *did* bust my ass in the practice room, but I also busted my ass selling myself. (And I hate sales!) They have respect amongst the other musicians. I have two songs that charted on Billboard in the last year, and one was a hit.

    I know this comment is incredibly self-congratulatory. But I am proud of what I’ve done, and I *worked* for it. There is no free lunch.

  • Brian Rogers says:

    Wow, really really awesome. I think your story adds so much weight to the MMM brand, AND it’s entertaining as all hell. BTW I agree with what you proposed at the end there: “Sprituality and physics are maybe the same thing?” I’d say yes, I think it definitely is. Thank you so much for sharing John, huge fan as you know!

    • John Oszajca says:

      Thanks Brian. I really appreciate that. There were so many little sub plots that I ended up leaving out. It was such a crazy time. Hope all is well with you and hope to see you in the IC forum before too long.

      All the best.

      • Brian Rogers says:

        I could tell that this story could go on for days, and it’d be captivating at every plot twist and turn. I was particularly interested in what it was like hangin’ with The Stones, and hanging out with Jimmy by the pool ~ what y’all talked about and did. I can only imagine what rockstars at that level do with their time!

        See you in the IC Forum soon!


    Awesome story! Thanks for sharing. I am looking forward to hearing the rest!

  • Nim says:

    Hi John,

    Great story, thanks for sharing.

    Looking forward to part 2 :))


  • Nick says:

    This is one of your best podcast. I felt like I was there with you the whole time, living through the high & low of the hopeful musician lifestyle. Hope you never stop being an artist tho. Can’t wait for part 2.

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hey Nick. Glad you enjoyed it. It was a really fun episode for me to record. Definitely won’t stop making music. I have a lot to juggle these days with MMM and family, but I still record and perform. Another album will come out before too long. Thanks again.

  • Thanks for sharing, man. Very illuminating.

  • Tanya Nichols says:

    This was so inspiring. Amazing to hear all the details. How can someone see the documentary?

    • John Oszajca says:

      Thanks Tanya. I’m hoping to have an MMM movie night one of these days and stream it live with an accompanying chat or Q & A. Keep an eye on your inbox.

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