“No Brainer PR” offers authentic, high quality Album, Single, and Music Video reviews for as little as $35 per Review…

Honest Music Reviews from Real music critics, Published on popular music blogs and websites, for a fraction of the price of hiring a publicist!

Getting media coverage of your music is an important part of every album (or Single) release. By getting your music reviewed in magazines, newspapers, websites, and blogs, you are increasing awareness of your music, helping to attract new fans, and helping to get more “butts in seats” at your next show.

But perhaps one of the biggest benefits of media coverage is social proof. Having media quotes to share on your landing page, to share with existing fans, and to share with the music industry at large, helps to insure that you and your music are taken seriously. After all, so much of marketing boils down to overcoming resistance. And a good review of your music is a fantastic way to overcome consumer resistance and show your fans that your music is every bit as good as you say it is.

There are two traditional ways that artists go about getting press.

  1. They hire a publicist.
  2. They act as their own publicist.

Both solutions present problems for the average independent artist…

While there is certainly a time and place in every musicians career for a publicist, the reality is that they are extremely expensive. Your average publicist will charge between $1000 – $4000 per month, often with a three month minimum. And even then, results are not guaranteed. They will do their best to pitch your music to their contacts, but it is not uncommon to get very little media coverage for the money you spend.

And while acting as your own publicist won’t cost you money, it will cost you time. You will spend weeks – possibly months –  manually sending out pitch emails, query letters, and PR packs to hundreds, even thousands, of editors and journalists, in the hope that a handful of them will review your music and publish those reviews on their website, blog, or other media outlet.

Either way you slice it, that is time and money that could be spent making music, generating income in other ways, or simply enjoying life.

And the harsh reality is that even when you do spend thousands of dollars on a publicist, or spend weeks sending out review requests, there is absolutely no guarantee you will see any results…


Fortunately there is a better way…

“No Brainer PR” is a brand new Guaranteed Press service offered by John Oszajca, the founder of MusicMarketingManifesto.com. We offer Guaranteed music review packages for independent artists on a budget. Rather than paying a publicist thousands of dollars to possibly land you a music review, No Brainer PR charges as little as $35 per music review. Each music review is completely authentic, written by a real music critic, and published on a unique music or entertainment blog, website, or online magazine. There is no hoping and praying that some journalist or editor connects with your music, you won’t have to spend weeks on tedious submissions, and you’ll save thousands of dollars while you’re at it.


Here’s How It Works…

  1. You choose from any of the different packages we offer further down on this page. The more reviews you order, the more you save.
  2. You place your order below.
  3. You will then be redirected to a music submission form where you will be asked to submit music, images, a bio, and few other details.
  4. You just sit back and allow 1 – 3  weeks for your reviews to be written and published (usually reviews are published within a matter of days).
  5. No Brainer PR has a dedicated team of music critics and website owners on stand by. We pay each writer to write the review, and then we submit the review to the most genre appropriate website we have in our network of websites. You don’t have to deal with any of this. You just sit back, and wait for the reviews to come in.
  6. Once each review has been published you will receive an email containing links to each review.
  7. That’s it! You will now have an enormous array of legitimate media quotes that you can use in your marketing and press kits, and the reviews themselves can be republished on your website, and/or shared with your mailing list and social media followers.


But don’t take my word for it…

Rob Massard

The review I received for my latest release Northern Lights was extremely heartfelt and insightful. It was as if Mindy McCall climbed inside my mind and was speaking through my eyes and thoughts. It’s so hard to get out of ones own head, having said that, Mindy completely picked up on the intended vibe extremely accurate.

Rob Massard

Once Great Estate

Once great estateThe service is professional and attentive to the artist, with reviews that are genuine and not canned. The value of honest feedback, and someone who listens to more than 30 seconds of your song is worth more than the cost of the PR.

Once Great Estate

Trey Hunter

No Brainer PR really turned what I thought would be a headache into an easy task. I was shocked at the quick turnaround – 2 days! After receiving the reviews I poured over them in great detail. I could tell that each reviewer gave all of the songs (12 in total) a thoughtful listen. They made very specific comments about nearly each song and summed up the album as a whole as best they could. They all put a positive spin on it for sure. And this is a good thing especially if you’re trying to have some good quotes/copy to use for a landing page. They weren’t all 100% positive mind you, but mostly so. All in all, it seems like it’s going to be a great service for the majority of artists. It was certainly nice to finally hear some professional opinions of my music. I would certainly use the service for future releases.

Trey Hunter


Choose Your Music Review Package Now...

The more reviews the order, the more you save. You can request reviews of complete albums as well as EPs or singles. Simply select a review package below and place your order. Once you have placed your order, you will be redirected to a music submission page. Once you submit your music, images, and bio, your order will be processed. Within 1 - 3 weeks (often just a few days), you will receive an email, notifying you that your reviews have been published and providing links to each review.

Select your review package now...

1 Review for $79


5 reviews for $219 (savings of $176)

$43.80 Per Review


10 reviews for $395 (savings of $395)

$39.50 Per Review


20 Reviews for $695 (savings of  $885)

$34.75 Per Review



Still have Questions?

Below you will find a list of the most common questions about No Brainer PR. However, if you still have questions about our service and can't find the answers below, simply send an email to john@musicmarketingmanifesto.com.

What kind of sites will my reviews be published on?

Your reviews will be published on sites that are typically independently owned music and entertainment blogs, websites, and online magazines. They are authentic, and active websites. However, you should NOT expect these reviews to appear on large sites like Rolling Stone and Pitchfork.

Do you charge by the song or by the album?

The fees quoted are based on the "collection" of music that you submit. So you can submit a single, an EP, or a full length album. The fee does not change based on the number of songs. However, you are limited to 15 songs per collection. If you have an album with more than 15 songs on it please get in touch before submitting, via the contact tab in the footer of this page.


Why do single reviews cost the same as album reviews?

The work that goes into each review is fairly similar, regardless of how much actual content is being reviewed. In a review of a single the writer will spend more time talking about one song, where as in a review of an album the writer will spend less time writing about more songs. The actual writing is similar in length and the hard costs are all the same. For that reason there is no price break for a single, as compared to an album.


What Genres Do You Work With?

We can offer reviews for all genres of music.


Can I see examples of actual reviews that have been written for previous clients?

Sure thing. Here are a few examples of different reviews which were written for the same artist, to give you a sample of the writing and publication quality.

Indie Pulse Music
The Hollywood Digest
Mob York City


Do you own the websites that these reviews will be published on?

No, we do not. Each site is owned by various third parties. We have relationships in place that guarantee our ability to have content published on these sites.


Are these reviews all written by the same person?

No, they are not. Each review is written by a different individual.


Does the music I submit need to be a new or current release?

Nope. We can offer reviews for any music, new or old. It does not matter if it is 1 week old, or 20 years old.


Are these reviews guaranteed to be positive?

No. Each review is authentic and written by a different individual. The writers do tend to take a fairly open minded stance, and as such, reviews are mostly positive in nature. But this is not guaranteed, and writers have complete freedom to express their honest feelings about your music.


Can I decide when my reviews get published?

Yep! When filling out the music submission form there is a field that asks you when you would like your reviews published. You can either select "as soon as possible" or add a specific date, so long is it is at least 3 weeks away. If you need your reviews published on a specific date that is less than three weeks away, please get in touch with us before ordering to see if this will be possible.


What if I don't like the reviews? Can I get them taken down?

To date, we have not had any requests from clients that a review be taken down. That said, this question does come up prior to placing orders. Because we do not own the websites that these reviews are published on, we cannot guarantee that we can get a review taken down once published. However, we will do all that we can to assist you with this, should you wish to remove a review for any reason. While we are confident that we can help with a request like this, we can't guarantee it. The more recently the review was published, the more likely we'll be able to get it taken down.


Do you offer a money back guarantee?

While nearly all of the products offered by John Oszajca and Music Marketing Manifesto come with a 30 day money back guarantee, because there are many hard costs that go into a service like No Brainer PR, we cannot offer a refund once reviews have been submitted to our writers.


What if I want More Than 20 Reviews?

We do offer larger packages and custom orders. Just send an email to support@musicmarketingmanifesto.com let us know what you have in mind.


Do you offer Reviews for other media other than just singles and albums?

Yes, we can potentially offer various other kinds of reviews including videos of live shows, books, and films. Just contact us at support@musicmarketingmanifesto.com and let us know what you have in mind and we will send you a custom quote.