Would you like me to personally review your music marketing campaigns and see where things may have gone wrong?

Have you ever had a Facebook ad campaign that was way too expensive, or a squeeze page that just wouldn’t convert? If you register for the “Copywriting for Musicians Workshop” before this Thursday (July 5th) at MIDNIGHT, you can submit your troubled campaigns and get direct feedback on where you may have gone wrong. Watch the following video for more information…

The “Copywriting for Musicians Workshop” is a live online video course that will be spread out over four weeks. Each week a module of pre-recorded video lessons will be released, and a few days later there will be a live coaching session in which you will be invited to ask questions about your campaigns and submit your own copy for review.

In the course I will teach you how to be a better copywriter. This means, writing more effective Facebook ads, landing page copy, blog content, and social media posts. While writing better content may not seem like the sexiest topic in the world, it is hands-down, the most important skill you could ever master as an independent artist.

Registration closes this Thursday at MIDNIGHT. Click here to register now.