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Be sure to post any comments or questions below. I’ll answer as many as I can personally and if I find any common themes I’ll create special training videos just for you. More free stuff coming your way soon…..

– John Oszajca
Founder, Music Marketing Manifesto


  • OGT says:

    Just what I’ve been looking for! I’m a dedicated producer/artist who needs to be printed in the right direction to get my music outside my city.

  • Ppurple Ffrog says:

    I have alot of do i make money with it

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Ppurple Ffrog,

      Thanks for getting in touch. The strategy is outlined in the video, but in a nutshell the idea is to intentionally target your most likely music buyers and then to make them a compelling free offer to get some of your music for free in exchange for signing up to your email list.

      Through email not only can you keep your music in front of them, but actually build a real relationship with your “tribe” of subscribers, so that you actually have some influence over their decision to buy, when you ask them to. With this approach your sales numbers will be in direct proportion to the number of people you have on your list.

      Let me know if I can ever help with anything else.

  • Tim Byrd says:

    I can relate to a degree, record companies became way more corporate and not relatable. Sorry to say both industries are suffering desperately and not headed in the right direction. Both industries being records and broadcasting(radio & tv)

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Tim,

      Yes, there has definitely been a shift and I think the record industry is still just doing what it knows best. They have a lot of failures, but usually one big success can cover them up.

      Let me know if I can ever help with anything else.

    • sue Lewis says:

      I have an earlier version. Can I get an update on this course for free or a discount?

      • John Oszajca says:

        Hi Sue,

        MMM 3.0 and MMM 4.0 are completely different products so there is no automatic free upgrade. That said, anyone who ordered within 90 days of the release of MMM 4.0 did get a free upgrade because of the close proximity of the orders. If you are unsure if you meet this criteria send an email to

        All the best.

  • Domingo says:

    Can I hire you to set up shop for me?

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Domingo,

      Thanks for your interest and for getting in touch. I did recently start an agency to run promotions for artists who would rather keep to more the creative side of things. Reach out to me at with the subject line DTFI and I’m happy to send you more information on it.


  • Charles saulsberry says:

    Hey I am very interested in this but I am lil lost does make you a label or independent

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Charles,

      Thanks for your interest. No, I’m not a label. I provide educational material for independent artists, to help them successfully market and sell their music online.

      Let ms know if I can ever help with anything else.

      • Georgette Adjie Beighle says:

        Hi I’m African artist can you help me my name is Georgette Adjie from Cameroon but I’m American citizen

  • Frank says:

    Hi John, great video and it is nice to see someone that is in the music industry giving back a little and helping us less fortunate musicians.

    Anyway, I just recently released two tracks and haven’t got the traction i would of liked. I got great feedback, but not the exposure. Not sure what to do, its very frustrating and it makes you think, is this something i should keep on doing.

    Any input is much appreciated.



    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Frank,

      Thanks for your interest.

      The thing about exposure is that it can require a lot of resources to obtain the kind of exposure that eventually leads to you reaching that “tipping point” in market saturation, where people automatically think of you when they are buying music.

      Generally speaking, most independent artists do not have the resources to even come close to that level of exposure, the way a major artist does. For this reason, it’s better to focus not on exposure in general, but rather targeting the audience of people that would be most likely to buy your music. From there you’d want to follow the steps outlined in this video to get them onto your email follow-up, so that you can both build a real relationship with your subscribers, but also keep your music in front of them. This affords you the opportunity to make tailored offers to people and use the direct response selling “triggers” to help move people off of the fence and to buy from you.

      People tend to buy from major acts based on that market saturation and name recognition, whereas people buy from independent artists because they feel they have a relationship and sense of tribe with you, and because they genuinely want to support your career.

      Let me know if I can ever help with anything else.

  • Hello, I was wondering if you can help me with how to distribute artist under my own LLC or publishing just because I use ingroove now! And I also have all kinds of style of music including gospel and much more been in the music business for over 29 years as a producer singer and songwriter but very short in the business itself I do have LLC and Publishing ready just need a little push and what else I need to get all these artists old out there. Can you help? 😉

  • Amore says:

    Hi can I sell gospel songs and if yes please how do I start.

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Amore,

      Thanks for getting in touch. Yes, you can use this process to sell any genre, assuming there is a market for the type of music you create. Gospel music traditionally has a fairly strong market. To sell to that market, you’d first want to target fans of gospel and advertise to only them. Then try to get them onto your email follow up list, like I describe in the video, so that you can keep your music in front of them, build a relationship with them and eventually ask them to buy.

      With this strategy your sales numbers will be in direct proportion to the size of your subscriber list.

      Let me know if I can ever help with anything else.

  • Joe Silva says:

    Hello John. I know some modern day hit makers waiting to be discovered and would really like to help them. I am also a lyricist looking to market my songs and if I can help promote different genres of music I would love to. Thanks

  • Jean-Pierre says:

    I surely would like to get the book cause my concern is to help many talented singers in Africa.

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Jean-Pierre,

      Thanks for your interest and I think it’s cool that you’d like to help local singers. I just wanted to clarify that MMM 4.0 isn’t a book. In fact it’s not a physical product to be shipped out to you. Rather MMM 4.0 is a digital product, consisting of many lessons and video modules, all offered within an interactive members area, right here on the MMM site.

      I just wanted to make you aware that nothing physical actually gets mailed out to you. Instead after you complete your order, you’ll be taken to the registration page for the members area. Once registered you’ll have access to all of the lessons and videos.

      Let me know if I can ever help with anything else.

  • Jean-Pierre says:

    I would like to get the book cause my concern is to help many talented singers in Africa

  • Tara Covington says:


  • Lee Harris says:

    I don’t know how it’s possible but I’m sure you can tell me right

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Lee,

      Thanks for reaching out. My apologies, but it’s not clear what you’re asking about. What exactly is it that you don’t you know how it’s possible?

      Let me know and I’m happy to try to help.

  • Marcus Gilmore says:

    I’m very interested in this

  • Rico says:

    Iam interested

  • Piello Gid Mosia says:

    I m interested and looking forward to be informed and give you feedback on my progress as I will put all this into practice as I ve been for a while in music but never earned as expected

  • Rashad Saunders says:

    I’m interested, contact me back I sent all my info my music is on…(YouTube) (SoundCloud) (MySpace) (Twitter) (Facebook) (Instagram) stage name Vegas Lifelike look up Vegas Lifelike

  • Thank you interesting I lik you running on small but no budget not easy got deck stack against me but will implement your strategies ADI funnel caught my attention like the tide hopefully come across sum extra free $ support yeah you know like struggle have nothin be starving artist like said its business all bout sells income what labels want thank you for the free lesson tutorial worth it

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for your interest and I’m glad you enjoyed the video.

      I can completely understand that it’s difficult starting out on a small budget. That’s one of the reasons I advocate this strategy for marketing and selling music because the advertising budget does easily fall into the average independent artist’s means and you can actually see where things are working or not, so that you can make improvements and get better results.

      Keep an eye on your inbox because I’ll definitely be sending out more free and actionable content.

      Let me know if I can ever help with anything else.

  • I Need To Know More About The Business Side Of Music Because It Seems To Me That’s Where The Money Is Really At

  • Michael Parker says:

    I’m interested!!

  • Mr.blak says:

    Definitely interested

  • Troy Gomillion says:

    Please share this information with me. I’m interested to know so I can help others get their music out there.

  • Great. Love it. I will most definitely use your strategy and move forward with MMM. Wish me luck. Or better yet a prayer. -Gwap Don Dolla Signs

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Shareef,

      Great! I’m happy to hear that this seems to resonate with you. I definitely appreciate your interest.

      Please let me know if I can ever help with anything.

  • Moe realla says:

    I really want to connect with u plz contact me back

  • Ricardo says:

    Thank for your insight I would like to learn more about music marketing

  • Monique says:

    I’m interested

  • Shear nobles says:

    I would love to be apart of youre company

  • Paul Barrett says:

    Hey John. I want to applaud you for providing this service for artists like myself. I have been to the ASCAP convention in Hollywood and spoke to alot of industry people. It seems the music business has changed so mush, that no one I spoke with had a clear strategy to market new artists. I will contact you regarding my rock project entitled “One World Government” which has been doing well out there but sales have been minimal. Thanks again John.
    Paul Barrett.

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Paul,

      Thanks for your interest and for the kind words. Yes, over the last few years a lot of the industry has been throwing mud at the wall to see what sticks. I prefer the strategy I’m teaching because it is time tested to reliably produce positive results, but mostly because it puts the control back into the hands of the artist.

      Let me know if I can ever help with anything else.

  • Romeo M says:

    I will love you to show me how to do marketing

  • Mcleen Tongaka says:

    Hi, really enjoyed the advices and marketing strategies.
    Like to have a copy of the MMM 4.0


    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Mcleen,

      Thanks for your interest and for checking out the video. I’m happy to hear that this seems to resonate with you.

      Let me know if I can ever help with anything.

  • Thank you.. let’s link up and make some MUSIK together

  • William Strawther says:

    I would love to try this method

  • I really appreciate the video I think this will really help along my journey THANKS John Oszajca

  • Bennie Perry says:

    Is there any financial conditions

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Bennie,

      This video is absolutely free, but yes I do have a few paid courses. There are also some other expenses, which are just the cost of doing business.

      These are generally web hosting, a web domain, an autoresponder service and anything you spend on paid advertising.

      Let me know if I can ever help with anything else.

  • Bennie Perry says:

    Would like to know what all information

  • how you doing my name is Sheldon Maxwell and I am reaching out because I’ve been actually promoting for 7 years I am on the internet all over the place .you can Google Max 41414there is a lot of music videos and more stuff on the networkI think that I’m doing something wrong so can you please give me some advice if you don’t mind thank you

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Sheldon,

      Thanks for your interest and for getting in touch.

      Yes, the basic outline of the marketing strategy I teach and recommend is featured in this video. The primary thing to focus on is to start trying to get your traffic onto an email subscriber list, so that you can keep your music in front of them and build some influence over their decision to buy from you, when you ask them to.

      for the rest of the content you have out there, those things can go a long way in helping you build that relationship with your subscribers and the influence over their buying decision.

      Let me know if I can ever help with anything else.

  • Fred Darling says:

    Sorry for the misspell John this auto type is a little slow what I meant to ask you was what does your company cover as far as Outsourcing to find an effective Music Manager and A&R in my local area that seems to be one of the things we are lacking

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Fred,

      Thanks for your interest and for getting in touch. While my MMM 4.0 course does not cover what you are asking about, it covers effectively marketing and selling your music online.

      That said, the best way to attract A&R reps or labels is to show them that you can sell music independently.

      Let me know if I can ever help with anything else.

  • Fred Darling says:

    Hey John came across the site and was very intrigued there should be platforms like this all across the music board especially for young and upcoming artists and entrepreneurs in the music field had a quick question does your program cover how I audition the G defy themselves dealing with music managers and A&R

  • Eric Moore says:

    I’m just checking it out I have not made any decision on pursuing yet

  • Selwyn Marcus Caune says:


  • Just to let you know I still did not get one red cent from any radio station plays yet and I have sent a lot of my CD’S out there all over the the different states and I would like to know what I’m doing wrong .In A few weeks I will be 81 years old and from 2006 till now .I have not got any money through radio stations and I belong to the American Federations Of Musicians and to ASCAP. And now I’m playing the accordion for 75 years and I’m A little upset that I’m not getting any money coming in just money for the CD’S that I sell please let me know what I’m doing wrong .With out spending A whole lot of money and I’m just A poor man thank you and may GOD bless you and your family

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Ernest,

      Thanks for your interest and for reaching out.

      My general recommendation is to follow the steps laid out in this video. Obviously there’s a good bit of how-to that comes along with setting up this type of system, much more than can fit into one single video, but the general strategy is to target and advertise to your most likely buyers, get them into email follow-up via a free offer, so that you can build a relationship with them, keep your music in front of them and eventually make them a strong offer to buy your music.

      With this approach your sales numbers will be in proportion to the number of people you have on your subscriber lists.

      Let me know if I can ever help with anything else.

  • ian says:

    hey John. Do you cover digital distribution and licensing as well or more just direct to fan sales? also is there an older version still avail if i don’t want to wait until this summer to start? thanks

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