Matthew Wadsworth – Musician, Author, Internet Entrepreneur, and Motorcycle Stunt Rider

Posted on November 21st, 2011   Comments: 16

Interview with Matthew Wadsworth


With Thanksgiving upon us I can’t think of anything more appropriate than today’s guest, Matthew Wadsworth.

Matt is an independent musician who has released 6 albums, written a book, built a million dollar internet business, and is currently training to set the world record for the longest blindfolded motorcycle jump.

Oh yeah… and he’s been blind since birth.

In the interview above Matt shares his story as well as a number of tips and strategies for succeeding as an independent musician.

Mathew Wadsworth QuoteHe shares strategies for promoting live shows, finding joint venture partners and building your mailing list. As Matt astutely points out in the interview, “there’s never been a better time to promote your own stuff. Long gone are the days of big record companies and that kind of exclusivity.”

If nothing else Matt proves that the rest of us have no excuses at all.

Without the tool of site Matt has gone out there and done it. And he continues to push boundaries as is evident in his current goal of setting the record for the world’s longest blindfolded motorcycle jump.

If you’d like to watch a rather amazing video of Matt training to for his world record setting jump, click the video below.

Matt Wadsworth Making The Jump Video

And to check out Matt’s music you can go to

So what do you guys think of Matt? You feel as foolish about making excuses for your music career as I did when I first heard his story? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  • Tim says:

    I’ve been listening to most of the MMM podcasts from newest to oldest, and have come to this one. What a down to earth and insightful guy, and a great story. Your conversations on the podcast are such a useful resource, thank you!

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Tim,

      Thanks for the kind words abut the podcast and I’m glad you’re enjoying them. I really appreciate you taking the time to listen and I’m happy that you are finding value here.

      Let me know if I can ever hep at all.

  • Pete Berwick says:

    John, this interview confirms my favorite quote: “If you think you can do something, then you are absolutely correct.”
    Very inspiring. Stories like Matthew’s are my favorite. If everyone out there throws away their useless TV and instead of studying the TV guide every night focuses on accomplishing great and valliant adventures, then they will be on the road to being like Matthew. Rock on, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  • Ann Klein says:

    Great listening to you all. Very inspiring. I’m a little confused, did I miss something here? What exactly is the internet business you have which supports your music? Or is it your music that is your internet site?

    Good luck on the jump, talk about a leap of faith!

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Ann,

      My internet business and my music are too totally temperate and sustainable things. One doesn’t support the other. My story in a nutshell was that I am a musician who had been dropped from a few major label deals. I wasn’t selling many copies as an indie artist so I started an internet business to bring in some extra income. That worked so well that I started using the same tactics to promote my music. That worked so well that I started working with other musicians. Hence, this site was born. But yeah, two totally separate things.

      • Ann Klein says:

        very cool. i was really curious about what matt’s internet business is (and yours) that is totally separate from music.

        thanks for getting back to me so quickly, much appreciated.

        • John Oszajca says:

          Most people who work online work in multiple niches and have dozens, even hundreds of sites. That is the case with myself. Though my primary bread winner is in the health niche. Though Music Marketing Manifesto is a business itself and it is the project I am most passionate about. It certainly takes the most time:-)

          Matt has sites in the gambling niche as well as in the self help niche. Most marketers tend to also be pretty private about the specifics, just as to not invite unwanted competition. Hence the reason why I am not mentioning details beyond the niches themselves..

  • Mike Laatz says:

    Oops! Upload went astray. This is a fascinating and inspiring story. Thanks for posting.

  • MIKE LAATZ says:

    Inspiring and fascinating story. Thanks for posting.

  • Jeff Lodon says:

    I do feel foolish now after hearing your story.To think that I can’t do this to just because I have dyslexia.I have all ways strayed away from any thing that has to do with reading.But could always come with a song.You see GOD gave gave me a voice to sing.And at a young age I stared playing guitar /It was a way to escape all my troubles here.When I start to play music songs would just come to me .And here is the funny thing I write all the songs for the band no one knows what I write but I do.So thank you Matt and John you have given me enough so I can move forward now
    thank you Jeff

  • Wow. Matthew just condensed a lot of concepts that people normally struggle to understand into a 40 minute soundbite. So glad I listened to this! Thanks Matthew and John.

    • John Oszajca says:

      Thanks Steve. Matt’s definitely an impressive dude. I wouldn’t be shocked if he really blows up when his book comes out.

      • Most of the people I’ve dealt with have requested fulls (5/7). Two have asked for partials. I sent 50 pages. One full came back with revisions. I thought they were good ideas and I’m making the revision.What’s your turnaround time like, Nate-dawg? How many revised manuscripts do you take on?

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