Marketing Music Outside of the United States…

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marketing your music outside of the US

When it comes to building your fan base, it’s not just about the U.S.. You have millions of potential fans and music buyers  spread out around the world and they shouldn’t be neglected. But many international musicians have felt that while one thing might work in the United States, it doesn’t always work in other countries around the globe.

In episode #26 of the Music Marketing Manifesto Podcast we discuss the realities, and often perceived challenges, of selling music in different markets.

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  • Tone Poet says:

    Thanks for the podcast John, keep them coming. The more I learn about marketing the more I realize the psychological aspects of it.

    A good marketing strategy is like a fine wine that takes years to mold. Bing that the relationship is the mold, many varieties of wine will not hold value after a number of years quickly turning to a betterness of vinegar.

    If Facebook ended today I would call that vinegar, it is a risky business but then again where’s the fun without the risk?

    Also any chance you could do a podcast on selling your music with bitcoin? If bitcoin takes off marketing in cheaper places like India and Bangladesh will be more of a reality since it’s super cheap to market there.

    All the Best!

  • The Real Phat J says:

    Thanks for all the help man I have learned a lot from you

  • Anna Porter says:

    Loving the new podcast format. And very glad to see them being released more often. Thanks John!

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