Lockdown: The Best Way To Generate Revenue From Your Music During The Global Pandemic

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Music Marketing Manifesto Under Lockdown

The current global pandemic has had a tremendous impact on musicians. The loss of the ability to perform live, the fact that our fans have less money to spend on non-essential items, and the fact that many of us have lost our day jobs during this time has really hit musicians hard.

In the wake of Covid-19, many educators such as myself have hit the feeds with their best advice for ways that musicians can make money during this time. While I think all of that advice is sound, my thoughts on the best way to generate income RIGHT NOW are not the same as most. I prefer running Limited Time Offers (LTOs) over live streaming for tips, or many of the other recommended strategies that are floating about at the moment.

I hope you are all safe and healthy out there, and that this lesson is able to help you through this difficult time.

In episode #40 of the Music Marketing Manifesto Podcast I will teach you how to run what I call an “Emergency LTO”. I believe that this is the best way to generate “real money” when you need to pay a few bills fast.

This is of course, in no way limited to the current situation. An emergency LTO can be run at anytime. It just so happens that right now, many musicians can benefit from taking action like what is outlined in this podcast episode.

I have also put together a 90 minute minute course on the strategy outlined above and have added it to the Insider Circle (my private mastermind program). While this normally costs $47/month, I am offering everyone 30 days worth of access for just $1 during lockdown. The $1 charge covers my transaction fees, and gives you complete access to over 100 music marketing lessons, live weekly coaching calls, my private mastermind forum, and more.

…and, if you decide to stay on beyond the first month, I’ll even give you a 40% discount for the life of your membership.

Click here to sign up for just $1.

In this episode we are also joined by Josh Solomon from the Empty Pockets, who shares his always-valuable perspective on the current situation, and what musicians can do during this difficult time…

…and I share the results that were gathered in a recent survey in which I asked you guys what kinds of promotions work best for you, and exactly how much money you make from each type of promotions. The results are fascinating!

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