Below you will find a huge list of Web 2.0 properties where you can build free backlinks. Next to each URL is the corresponding page rank. If you’re not familiar with the term Page Rank, it’s simply a measure of how much authority Google has ascribed to a given web site and it ranges from 0 – 10. It’s a far from perfect indicator, but it is one that SEOS generally refer to. In short, the higher the Page Rank the better.,pr9,pr8,pr8,pr8,pr8,pr8,pr8,pr7,pr7,pr7,pr7,pr7,pr7,pr7,pr7,pr7,pr7,pr7,pr7,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr6,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr4,pr3,pr3,pr3,pr3,pr3,pr3,pr2,pr2,pr2,pr5,pr7,pr6,pr3,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr5,pr4,pr4,pr3,pr3,pr3
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