Learn How To Generate Income From Your Music on Twitch

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how to generate income from your music on twitch

In episode #41 of the Music Marketing Manifesto Podcast we will speak with Karen Allen the author if “Twitch for Musicians” about how musicians can use the world’s largest streaming platform for gamers to grow their fan base and potentially generate a full-time income from their music.

I also want to remind everyone that I recently released a 90 minute mini-course on generating income from your music during lockdown, called “The Emergency LTO”. and have added it to the Insider Circle (my private mastermind program). While this normally costs $47/month, I am offering everyone 30 days worth of access for just $1 during lockdown. The $1 charge covers my transaction fees, and gives you complete access to over 100 music marketing lessons, live weekly coaching calls, my private mastermind forum, and more.

…and, if you decide to stay on beyond the first month, I’ll even give you a 40% discount for the life of your membership.

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Have you had any experiences live streaming on Twitch? Or do you have any questions or comments about the strategies discussed on the show? Post them below in the comments. I’d love to hear from ya!


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