Congrats! You’re On The Inside.

Welcome to the Music Marketing Insider Circle! Please watch the introductory video below to get up to speed.

In short, the Insider Circle was created to kick things up a notch and take Music Marketing Manifesto to the next level.

While Music Marketing Manifesto teaches you the fundamentals of marketing, driving traffic, and creating a sales funnel, the Insider Circle will be teach you additional ADVANCED strategies, and keep you on the cutting edge of this rapidly changing industry.

I hope to make this your one-stop-shop for music marketing intelligence, training, and networking.

But always remember, there are no magic bullets out there people. Every artist is different and results will vary significantly. By following the strategies discussed in the Insider Circle you are not guaranteed any specific income or results.

That being said, everything discussed here is the REAL DEAL, and this stuff really does work. So get to it!

I’ll see you in the forum!

– John


  • My Northern Sky says:

    Hi John,

    Really looking forward to this jounrye…it’s gonna be some adventure! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your passion with us.

    Christopher / My Northern Sky

  • Shawn Sweeney says:

    Hey there John! Brand new to the circle, but can’t wait to dive into this wealth of information! Thank you!

    • Hi Shawn,

      Welcome to the Insider Circle! As you can see there is already plenty of content here, aside from the updates you can expect monthly.

      Feel free to create a forum thread if you ever need any feedback on your marketing and please let us know if we can ever help with anything.

  • Doris Brendel says:

    Hi John & team. Long-standing MMM member here. I was hoping you could help! I’ve used Page expiration robot for a few years & it’s always worked well.. until I noticed that my sales had slacked off & it turns out it was no longer working! I spent some time migrating to their new system, but the shortcode just doesn’t work. Their customer care sucks and I’ve had no reply from them.
    So – I’ve tried a whole bunch of other timers and none have done what I need them to do. I’ve temporarily put in the Evergreen plugin, but it looks awful – especially on mobile. Some online solutions seem inordinately expensive (ie cost per campaign!) and I don’t want to spend money on anything until I know it works and looks right. I was hoping you’s be able to recommend a solution… Many thanks in advance.

  • Havell Teylar says:

    Have you added a new monthly video for December 2016 or January 2017? If so, Im not seeing them when i login

    • Hi Havell,

      Steve here. Let me reach out to John to check the status of these for you.

      Thanks for your patience in the meantime.

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hey Havell,

      My apologies. I am behind on the lessons at the moment due to a few unforeseen events. However I am working on them now and they should both be published shortly and the members area will be all caught up.

      Thanks for your patience.

      • Brent Johnston says:

        Hi John, I noticed that you recently posted new training module up for the month of January. I’m just wondering why I didn’t receive an email notification about it? Also I’m unable to access it when I click the link in the “monthly training” sidebar. Can you help me out with that?

        Also, just like Havell Teylar, I’ve been wondering why you haven’t been posting monthly modules. I think for most of us here that is a significant reason why we pay for the Insider’s Circle. I’m surprised that only me and Havell have mentioned this.

        The other thing I wanted to mention is that I haven’t been able to download most of the monthly training videos since I joined the IC again from around September 2016. When I was an IC member a few years ago I had no problem doing that.

        I hope you can help me with my questions. Thanks.

        • Hi Brent,

          Steve here. We did have an issue with the permission settings for the January lesson, but you should be able to access it now without issue.

          Also, we just checked our Insider Circle notification list and you are subscribed to receive member updates via email. You might check to see if the notifications have gone to your junk folder.

          John did get a bit behind on lessons, but is getting caught up. The February Lessons is taking place right now and the replay will be available shortly. You can also listen in here:

          March will be coming up very soon.

          As far as download, only the most recent lesson is available for download. The previous ones are not. This has always been this way.

          Let us know if we can ever help with anything else.

  • Ryan Caldwell says:

    Hey John, I’ll be watching and learning from you all the way over in New Zealand. In this part of the world, people always think we are too far away from “the scene” to be able to get noticed and accrue fans. Do you agree with this and perhaps I need to move to California or something, or can it be overcome in the digital age?
    Thanks, Ryan

    • Hi Ryan,

      Welcome to the Insider Circle!

      One of things John states in his marketing for his courses is that because this model for selling is strictly an online one, you can still sell music without touring or playing live. Of course both of those can enhance your experience with this process, as well as your results, but neither is required.

      Please enjoy the member content and let us know if we can ever help with anything.

  • Sali Bracewell says:

    Hello everyone!

    Hi I’m Sali, I’m currently researching ways to market my e.p which I released last month entitled “human”. I’m a classically trained pianist and singer, Welsh and living in Australia. My e.p has emerged as a rather ambient haunting affair, though for live performances I like to keep it light! Love to connect with you all, I’m a friendly girl! So feel free to say hi!

  • Mia Kylie Ditta says:

    Hi Mr. John,

    My name is Mia Kylie Ditta I am a singer/songwriter and the founder of the Mia Kylie Band out of New Orleans, LA. We play a variety of music from 80’s rock to current dance music and everything in between. We perform at festivals throughout the Greater New Orleans area, Texas, and the Mississippi Gulf Coast. At age 13 I wrote, helped produce, and released a solo Pop CD called “RISE”. I have 3 songs from that CD on the Euro Indie music top 100, including my song Pop Star which is currently at #75. I am continuously writing new music and will be heading back into the studio soon to record songs for a movie and I am collaborating with other song writers to sing and record their music. If anyone is looking for a young up and coming female singer who is a positive role model, I would be honored to work with you. You can contact me through my website at and I am on twitter @miakylieditta and Facebook, search Mia Kylie. I am ready to kick my music career in to high gear and look forward to learning your program.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge!


    Mia Kylie Ditta

  • alex terrier says:

    Hi John,

    I’ve been following you for a while and just signed up for the insider circle and the music ad workshop.

    you mentioned the MMM theme for WP, how can I get it? I want to investigate and see if that would be better than the them I’m currently using on



  • Ani Gogova says:

    Hello! I just joined the circle. I am a classical musician who believes our field needs to be shaken up. I am really excited to learn from all of you!

  • Eric Lambier says:

    Looking forward to the marketing lessons.

  • Jason Blackwood says:

    Hello it’s my 1st day here I’m really excited to learn a ton about the new music industry and how I can market my brand effectively. Please feel free to connect I love meeting new people.

  • Bethy Lovelight says:

    Hello Again! BethyLoveLight here … just posting again to see if my Gravatar picture comes up 😉

  • Bethy Lovelight says:

    Hello MMM Tribe …

    My name is BethyLoveLight. I am a Conscious Hip Hop Musician who sings and raps for Truth, Beauty, Goodness, Peace, Sustainability, Equality and Freedom for ALL. I am so totally stoked about this Insiders Circle … as well as beginning the new Music Ads Workshop. Peace & Blessings to you all!

    • Bethy Lovelight says:

      I signed up for a Gravatar and put an image in .. but it doesn’t seem to be showing up. Hopefully I will get that fixed soon 😉

      • Hi Bethy,

        Steve here. One thing to make sue of is that you set up the Gravatar for the same email address that you are using to login into this members area with. That way it will show.

        Let us know if we can ever help with anything else as well.

    • Hi Bethy,

      Welcome to Insider Circle! As you can see there’s lots here to go through. Feel free to explore it all and put into practice the strategies that resonate the most with you.

      Just go ahead and jump into the forums if you ever need help.

      You can also ask us directly as well.

  • John Mabarak says:

    Hello I just signed up for the mastermind forum here and the ads 2.0. I’m an artist based out of Detroit MI and have been involved with recording engineering, songwriting and performing for quite a few years. I took about 10 years off and am now just starting to get back into it and am looking forward to this forum and learning from John and the members!

    • Hi John,

      Welcome to the Insider Circle. It’s great to have you here.

      Please enjoy the content at your own pace and please do not hesitate to start a forum thread if you’d like some feedback on your marketing, or if you have any questions for the community.

      Let us know if we can ever help at all.

  • It’s nearly impossible to find knowledgeable people for this subject, however,
    you seem like you know what you’re talking about!

  • Kolayah Israel says:

    Wat it do guys…. I am Prophet Kolayah. I’m a righteous hip-hop artist growing and learning as I expand my gift. I been here for at least 3 months and have been slacking on the insider circle. No excuses though busy with life as any other artist, but have the strong desire to live off of my music and say the hell with everything else. I have refocused and pushing myself to take it to the next level though this course and training. Been paying for it right.. Lol.. Anyway, looking forward to connecting and build and profitable brand and business… Out…….. Prophet Kolayah……….

  • Michael Land says:

    Hey there!
    Just signed up for Master Mind! I’m releasing my EP in January and ready to learn as much as I can to get the most out of the release! Stoked! – M

    • Hi Michael,

      Welcome to Insider Circle! As you can see there is a lot of content here already. Please don’t hesitate to start a forum thread, or leave a comment if you ever have any question.

      Let us know if we can ever help along the way.

  • Jason Brown says:

    Hello from Manchester 🙂

    I’ve just joined and am very excited to have found a community outside of the traditional corporate music business model who get what I’ve been championing and aspiring to build on for quite some time now. I realised an album in June with some limited sales and want to build on this (don’t we all).

    I look forward to communicating with you all.


  • John Chatelain says:

    Hey All,

    Just signed up for MMM and the Insider Circle.

    I play bass in a jam band about to release our second recording (this time the right way, thanks to MMM), and have a catalog of recordings from past bands I’m hoping to do something with.

    Very excited to learn from you all, and share my experiences as well!

  • jonny Gunton says:

    Hello one and all
    Signed up and looking forward to gaining knowledge on how to get the music out there.
    Have been making music with a wonderful Danish singer, I am based in the UK. We have those logistical issues so live stuff is hard. We have only met twice and one of those times was to gig. Anyone interested here is a link

    Nice one


    • Hi Jonny,

      Welcome to Insider Circle! We appreciate you jpining us here.

      given what you’ve said about the remote nature of how you are creating music, we believe you will benefit from many of the lessons you find here.

      That said, we do understand that much of what you are doing is under circumstances where playing live isn’t always possible, in which case, feel free to ask questions in the forum, if you feel like you need some insight from the group.

      Let us know if we can ever help with anything as well.

  • Mark Featherstone says:

    Well, I have never done the Insider before, but I’m familiar with the Manifesto. Here goes nothing.

    • Hi Mark,

      Welcome to Insider Circle. We’re sure you’ll find these lessons to be a nice supplement to the MMM Strategy. We hope you enjoy them all and that we’ll also see you over in the forum from time to time.

      Please let us know if we can ever help with anything.

  • IndieBob says:

    Hey everyone! I just signed up. I’m excited!
    I previously purchased MMM and RRF. Now with the support of the Insider Circle, it’s time for me to roll up my sleeves and get to it!

  • Brent Johnston says:

    Hey guys,

    I’m back on the inside after being away for some time.
    Good to be here again!

  • jaen * says:

    Hi John and everyone,

    I’m new here and looking forward to absorbing it all and making some new stuff happen. I’ve had some success with songwriting awards, released two indie albums, an ep and had my music licensed in tv and indie films, but never with a well-rounded plan. I just hit the ground running, put in a bit of hard worked and reaped some rewards. I also fell on my face a few times too. I’m here because I want to approach things differently this time and in this current music biz climate I feel we kinda have to. It’s exciting and scary and all that jazz.


  • Johny Rhys-Davies says:

    …I have awoken…
    Bring it on.
    Ta for the invite JOsz. Love it.
    Johny x

  • Josie Nugent says:

    I’m Josie and have taken the extra step tonight to join Muisc Marketing manifesto as I so need to acquire on line marketing skills. Have a few CDs out there in the Folk genre but lack the know how to create an online interest and market my music. Looking forwrad to makeing the comitment to learn HOW!

    • Hi Josie,

      Welcome to Insider Circle and thanks for picking up the membership. As you can see there is plenty of content here for your to check out.

      We look forward to seeing you in the forum from time to time as well.

      Please let us know if we can ever help with anything at all.

  • Ray McGee says:

    Hey Everyone!
    My name is Ray McGee and I’m very excited to be here! I joined today. John, thank you for sending the emails. Honestly, I was very reluctant to venture into this because of so many shady things out there nowadays but after I listened to the Live Music Marketing Q&A – it gave me all the security I needed – I’m ALL in! Thank you for taking time to share that information and doing what you do.
    To be brief, I started my own label “Garage Music Tx” a little while back. It really happened out of nowhere. My son wanted to rap – he loves to do – I wanted to support him. I wanted to be involved and around to keep him encouraged – to remember YOU BE YOU- you make your kind of music – you don’t have to do what everybody else does (The rap game is a beast and it’s easy to loose who you are because you want to please the main stream).
    So I made booth in the garage, bought some software, mic, got some beats and to make a long story even shorter – he’s evolved into Canon Flames, an artist – not just a rapper. Whatever he puts his mind too – he owns it – poetry, rap, national speaking conferences for his school. But when it comes to this rap thang – he’s very good (not saying that because he’s my kid). He’s better at it than I am at running a label, engineering the tracks, marketing, CD covers, going to work full time and all the other stuff I have to do 🙂 – so I’m here to learn and network and live life!
    I have a few other artists that feel our vision too which is cool but for now – I’m really focused on learning as much as I can to get better. So I can help all of them. I really think joining up with you is going to be one of the best decisions I’ve made so far.

    Thank again
    Ray McGee

  • Christina Gaudet says:

    Hello Everyone,

    Just joined today. Ready to Rock and Roll!

    Reminder: We have talked via email before. Happy for this opportunity to learn from you.

    John, loved the work you did for Janiva and Bluelan!

    Looking forward to TunePipe!



    • Hi Christina,

      Welcome to the Insider Circle! As you can see there is plenty of content to go through and we hope you get a lot out of it.

      We look forward to seeing you in the forum as well.

      Let us know if we can ever help with anything.

  • Dennis DelGado says:

    Hi everyone. I just joined today and am looking forward to what this site and all of you have to offer. I don’t have my music ready yet to publish/put out there (still building my home studio in my home office), but when I’m ready I want to be able to hit the ground running.

    • Hi Dennis,

      Welcome to Insider Circle. As you can see there is a lot of content that’s built up here over the years. We hope you get a lot out of your membership here.

      We look forward to seeing you in the forums as well.

      Please let us know if we can ever help with anything at all.

  • Chris Swan says:

    Hi John and the other insiders! I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally be here. I have already learned so much from the MMM podcast as well as the blueprint video. Thank you so much for sharing such valuable information on those outlets. My name is Luppy (pronounced “loopy”). I am a hip-hop artist as well as a health and fitness podcaster. My podcast is called the Living Luppy Podcast. I share my journey every week as I fight to lose 234 pounds and I also share my music. It all comes together at Anyway, I am ready to take it to the next level. I am so excited to learn, digest and discuss. Thank you for having me. Talk to you soon.


  • Ivor Crandon says:

    Hey there.

    I’m on board. I manage my daughter, a 20 year old singer-songwriter from The UK Essex . I have formed a label for the benefit of our publisher. She has an EP due out on Sept 16th and an album next year. In the meantime, and as a lifelong business entrepreneur I’m attempting to form a viable business model for my daughter/artist that generates an income so she can self finance and obtain a legitimate income.

    Let’s see where John’s marketing strategy takes us.


  • Carl Hamel says:

    Hi John and members. I just signed up for the MMM course and the inner-circle. Real excited to be here.

    I’m a multi-instrumentalist (drums, guitars, keyboards,..), composer, arranger, producer with about 30 years experience. I’ve explored with numerous styles such as latin, blues, rock, heavy metal, funk, hip-hop, EDM and so on.

    Just released an album with my son (lyricist/rapper) called “The Reign” by King. B and also working on other projects including a rockabilly/big band which I’m doing the arrangements, producing a new rap album for a new artist, producing also an EP for a R&B singer and composing for a mix tape for a duo rap artist and R&B singer for a school commission project.

    I also perform in 3 bands in which I am the drummer; a classic and progressive rock band, a blues/r&b band, and a southern rock/blues band.

    Looking forward to meeting and connecting with all of you.

    Thank John for creating this opportunity for us musicians!



    • Hi Carl,

      Welcome to Insider Circle! It’s good to have you here and we hope you enjoy all of the content.

      Please feel free to start a thread in the forum, if you need any help with your marketing. Get in touch if we can ever help with anything as well.

  • Ezra Vancil says:

    Hello, glad to be here.. I’m a solo artist w/ band about to release a new album, and hoping for better sales than my last album.

    • Hello Ezra,

      Welcome to the Insider Circle! As you’ll see, there’s plenty of content to explore. Please feel free to make use of the forums if you ever need any feedback on your marketing, or anything you want to discuss.

      Let us know if we can ever help with anything.

  • eric hasenfang says:

    Hi Guys.. I just signed up.. I’m a solo artist Haas ( about to release my debut album.. I call the genre psychedelic folk rock. I guess off the bat I’m looking for the best way to do a release for maximum exposure and sales (not really into playing out at the moment, so strictly online sales)


    • Hi Eric,

      Welcome to Insider Circle! The MMM strategy is ideal for artists who are looking for a strictly online model because it doesn’t require touring or airplay, although those things do complement the strategy. Enjoy the monthly updates and feel free to start a thread in the forum if you need any feedback on your marketing at all.

      Let us know if we can ever help with anything as well.

  • Hi Andy,

    Steve here. We’re happy to get to the bottom of this for you. Please send us an email to and please provide us with any and all email addresses that you believe might be associated with a billing account with us.


  • Devon Brown says:

    And here I am in the Insider Circle. So much to jump into between the MMM site and this one. Here, should we begin from the most recent training and work down? I only ask because, especially with Facebook trainings, the tech discussed could already be outdated.

    I look forward to absorbing all of this until my eyes bleeeeed!



    • Hi Devon,

      Welcome to the Insider Circle! Yes, you definitely want to download the latest lesson because when the next is released, you won’t be able to download previous lessons. You’re absolutely right about third-party sites like Facebook. Things can change rather quickly.

      Please let us know if we can ever help with anything.

  • Dwain Messer says:

    I’ve been a member of this site for a while, but I’m just getting started using it as it has taken some time to get my page up and running. I am looking forward to finding out how to maximize my site and sales of my music.


    • Hi Dwain,

      Welcome to Insider Circle! Nice to see you’ve made your way here. Obviously there’s a ton of content in the members area, but also be sure to use the forums if you ever need any feedback on your marketing.

      Let us know if we can ever help with anything as well.

  • kidhomeslice says:

    Hi Jon!

    I’ve been a proud MMMer since January, and I find the info and insight priceless. But I’m still working on the songs, which will be professionally produced and mastered on the Left Coast — I’m in NYC. So I don’t have songs to give away on my squeeze page. I have the rough mixes and demos and other experiments via iPhone GarageBand, but that stuff isn’t flattering. The planned release date is this summer. Should I wait until I have a final song / single to launch the MMM onslaught? Or how can I start to build my story now with nothing to give?

    Thank you for this program — a smarter way to work.


    • Hi KH,

      Welcome to Insider Circle! Happy to see you joining us all in the members area.

      Regarding your funnel, you’ll definitely want to have something of value to offer, so you can begin building a list ahead your album release. This can mean waiting until you have a polished track, or you can use what you have and start there. You never know, people might respond well to the demos and really anticipate the studio release.

      Please let us know if we can ever help with anything else.

  • Dave Wilson says:

    Hi John and members, I hope to make the most of everything offered here, contributing and getting to know everyone. To let you know where I’m at, I’ve been through the MMM course and have my site and sales funnel set up. I currently have my ads paused, though converting well the squeeze/landing page is not. So that’s the step I’m working currently. I’m happy to be here and ready to get to it. – Dave

    • Hi Dave,

      Welcome to Insider Circle and congrats on completing your sales funnel! Feel free to start a forum post to try and get some feedback on things to help improve your squeeze page conversions. Also, please enjoy all of the content in the members area and let us know if we can ever help with anything.

  • Riko Ra says:

    Boom here I am !!! Working on a new Album ( 6 tracks deep , well 6 that are strong enough to represent and present ) under my new Brand Riko Ra

    however first thing is first

    sales funnel is in place however I’m on OPERATION BUILD A FAN BASE !

    Im beyond grateful for the potential opportunities with in the insider circle !

    • Hi Riko Ra,

      Welcome to Insider Circle and thanks for picking up the membership. Happy to see you’ve made your way here and congrats on the upcoming album!

      Enjoy the content and please be sure to pop into the forum from time to time.

      Let us know if we can ever help with anything as well.

  • Tim Sawyer says:

    hey there,

    A payment of mine didnt clear and I now need to reregister, could you please recharge my card or let me know what I need to do to have access again please, I’d really like to get on the call on march 16th, my email is cheers!

  • Ian Messenger says:

    hey all,

    my name is Ian and just finished my funnel (except my upsell page) and started advertising of facebook yesterday – stoked with this course and also worried as hell I won’t be able to make viable conversion rates! I hope Insider Circle will help me get through! I am the singer guitarist in Black Coral, a postrock kind a band from Adelaide, Australia.


    • Hi Ian,

      Welcome to Insider Circle! Really happy to hear you’ve completed your sales funnel and that you’ve found your way here. It’s great to have you here.

      We hope you enjoy the content and we look forward to seeing you in the forum as well.

      Let us know if we can ever help with anything.

  • Aaron Stokes says:

    I bid you greetings and felicitations from the great northern Utah!

    I am a full time multi instrumentalist specializing in the harp. I play Jazz, Folk, Celtic and Gypsy music. I fuse it all together into something I like to call renaissance gumbo.

    After years of getting my butt kicked, reading and studying about marketing only to get information overload, buying programs that were incomplete and full of holes, getting ripped off by sleazy marketers, I have found the light!

    MMM has been a God send!! My new site and funnel system is up after only a week and a half and I am already planning an up sell subscription based web site =0

    Thank you so much! John, your program is worth so much more than I paid and I would have paid more for it. Now all I have to do is fine tune my traffic system.

    Again, Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    • Hi Aaron,

      Welcome to insider Circle. Congratulations on getting your funnel up and running and we’re very happy that you’ve found your way here as well.

      Enjoy the content. As you can see there’s plenty here.

      Please let us know if we can ever help with anything.

  • Patrick Woods says:

    Hey people, my name is Patrick Woods and I just signed up for the MMM course and the inner circle as well. Super excited to be here. I play acoustic fingerstyle instrumental music, as well as heavy metal as a second genre. I’ve played all around the country, and primarily the midwest. I found out about John’s course through facebook, and after researching a little about who he was, decided to go for it. At this point in my life, it’s something that I’ve desperately needed. Can’t wait to get started!


    • Hi Patrick,

      Welcome to the Insider Circle. We hope you enjoy the content. Please don’t hesitate to start a thread in the forum if you ever need any feedback on your marketing.

      Let us know if we can ever help with anything as well.

  • Sharon Hawn says:

    Hi everyone! I’m Sharon Hawn a former child performer who knew at age 11, when I walked on Stage to sing with The Carpenters, I knew then that I belonged in the music business. My career came to a halt when I found myself in a hospital with my jaw wired shut, with no facial function on my 21st Birthday.

    Several years later I tried to return; however I was faced with painful facial spasms by muscle fatigue, causing me to think my days singing were over. Now fully recovered, I’m back with my first single ‘Gotta Be Free’ released about four months ago. To my surprise with the Internet and new ways to work the business, I’m seeing immediate results, gaining a following and selling my single.

    I am so happy to be joining you all here in the inner circle and hearing all about the incredible success stories we are having with Music Manifesto.

    • Hi Sharon,

      Welcome to Insider Circle! It’s great to have you here. So happy to hear that you recovered from such a scary set of circumstances.

      Please enjoy the content and be sure to pop over to the forum, if you ever need help with anything.

  • Dion Jordan says:

    Hello John, I am hip hop artist Levi Tracy. I am excited about the program. Hopefully ths will help me justify quiting my career to pursue what I love to do! Thank you, Sir!

    • Hello Levi,

      Welcome to the Insider Circle! As you can see there is very much content to go through here. Please enjoy the material and we look forward to possibly sharing some ideas with you in the forum.

      Let us know if we can ever help with anything.

  • Sven Sundberg says:

    Hey John,

    I just joined Insider Circle after taking your courses Record Release Formula and Music Marketing Manifesto 3.0. Awesome stuff in your courses, and it is starting to work for me! I’m looking forward to a good experience here.

    The one thing I have the biggest problem with is figuring out which artists I sound like! I’m a multi-instrumentalist and I play all the instruments on my recordings. The closest genre that I can be classified under is Ambient Pop Instrumental (or Contemporary Instrumental), which is definitely a niche market. If you could have a quick listen to some of my sample songs and give me some idea of who I sound like, I would be forever in your debt. There are a few of my songs at this link:

    Anyone, feel free to listen and help me out. I’d hate to waste more money targeting the wrong groups of people. The good news is that my squeeze page is converting at 23%, I just need more of the right traffic. Thank you for anything you can do, and I am happy to be an IC member.

    Sven Sundberg

    • Hi Sven,

      Welcome to the Insider Circle! We’re really happy to hear that you are enjoying the other courses and that you’ve decided to join us here as well.

      Please enjoy the content and be sure to start a thread in the forum if you ever need any feedback on your marketing.

      Let us know if we can ever help as well.

  • gary phillipson says:

    Hi John , its Gary Soloman here from Soloman and Lacey we are a contemporary Pop Rock duo and are just starting to promote our fifth Album called ‘ Hollywood Boulevard”
    good to be aboard your ship .As questions arise about specifics can i contact you for feedback? All the best Gary

  • Rene Collins says:

    Hello All
    My name is Rene Collins! I’ve been in the business for more than 30 years and still struggling. I am very excited about the mastermind and learning marketing techniques John is teaching. It’s good just to have some kind of approach the at least makes me feel I have some control in the industry.
    My music is a mix of polyrhthmic reggae with fiddle with positive lyrics! Still trying to find my tribe in this market and I hope I’ll be able to nail that down through this process.
    I also, look forward to meeting and connecting with all of you. I hope we can lift each other up.
    Thank John for creating this opportunity!
    Rene Collins

    • Hi Rene and welcome to the Insider Circle! It’s great to have you here. Please enjoy the content and be sure to make use of the forum, if you ever need some feedback on your marketing.

      Let us know if we can ever help with anything as well.

  • Ron Tippin says:

    Hello, John (and fellow Music Marketing Manifesto members)!

    My name is Ron Tippin. I have been in the music business for 35 years now, with varying degrees of success.

    In the effort to figure out how best to market my music in the Internet age, I have been studying music marketing for the last few years. I’ve read many of the latest books, (‘Your Band is a Virus’, ‘The Indie Band Survival Guide’, ‘Musicpreneur’, ‘The New Rockstar Philosophy’, ‘Get More Fans: The DIY Guide to the New Music Business’, etc.), followed blogs, listened to podcasts, etc.

    Being a 47 year-old musician, I’ve had to battle some of the “am I too old to make a real go of this?” demons, and was quite taken with your program’s “direct-to-fan” approach.
    I’ve been following your podcasts, blogs, interviews, etc. for some time now, and decided a few months ago that I would pull the trigger on MMM come January 1st, 2016. Well, that day is here, and, as you can see, I have indeed pulled the trigger!

    Anyway, I just wanted to say hello, and thank you for what you’re offering here. The value I’ve gotten so far, before even purchasing the MMM, has been immense. I appreciate that you are a musician yourself, with a great track record of successful endeavors, and this gives me the confidence that you “get it” on a musician’s level and empathize with the modern-day indie artist.

    That being said, I’ve come to understand that effective marketing is the vital component to making one’s original music a viable enterprise, and I feel optimistic and empowered that I’ve made a good, well-researched investment in my music’s future.

    So, again, from my deepest hopes and aspirations: THANK YOU. I look forward to getting on with the work ahead, as I know it will, at long last, have the key element of a proven, focused strategy my efforts have thus far been missing.

    Let’s do this! 🙂

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