Quick Dynamic Creative Tutorial

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This relatively tutorial was published during the launch of Music Ads Workshop 3.0. It’s a relatively concise breakdown of how to set up a campaign from scratch, using dynamic creative. It’s particularly helpful for people who are lost, don’t want to go back over the larger courses of MMM and MAW, but

Solution: The invitation to become an admin of [Your Facebook Page] has expired

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It is not uncommon to have someone add you as an administrator of their Facebook page, only to click the link you get via email, and be taken to this error message “The invitation to become an admin of {Your Facebook Page} has expired. Please ask a current admin of the Page to add you.” […]

How To Contact Facebook Support And Get An Actual Human

Facebook Support


In this video I show you how to contact Facebook Ad Support and get an actual human being. Please note that what you see on your screen may vary depending on whether or not you are an advertiser, or based on the nature of your query.

Setting Up Custom Conversions


In this short video I will show you how to set up your custom conversion goals.