Congrats! You’re On The Inside.

Welcome to the Music Marketing Insider Circle! Please watch the introductory video below to get up to speed.

In short, the Insider Circle was created to kick things up a notch and take Music Marketing Manifesto to the next level.

While Music Marketing Manifesto teaches you the fundamentals of marketing, driving traffic, and creating a sales funnel, the Insider Circle will be teach you additional ADVANCED strategies, and keep you on the cutting edge of this rapidly changing industry.

I hope to make this your one-stop-shop for music marketing intelligence, training, and networking.

But always remember, there are no magic bullets out there people. Every artist is different and results will vary significantly. By following the strategies discussed in the Insider Circle you are not guaranteed any specific income or results.

That being said, everything discussed here is the REAL DEAL, and this stuff really does work. So get to it!

I’ll see you in the forum!

– John


  • Anthony Rufo says:

    Hi Everyone-

    Just joined-Hope you’re all safe and well!

    Looking forward to learning as much as possible here!


  • Dean Mueller says:

    Just getting started here. I am in the middle of the MMM 4 to the point of installing the plugins. I currently already have a wordpress music website with a different music type theme. Our videos, gigs, blog is all there already and I am wondering if there is specific material here that will help me fold this MM4 stuff into an already existing wordpress site instead of starting from scratch. I really do not want to do that! thanks

    • Hi Dean,

      Steve here from support. Welcome to the Insider Circle!

      I’d need to first clarify, are you referring to a WordPress installation onto your own domain, or are you referring to a free site?

      Let us know and we’ll try to help.

      • Dean Mueller says:

        thanks for the response. I have my own site at It is a hosted wordpress site on godaddy. I am in the process of going through MMM4.0 and trying to integrate into what I already have. So far I have created a thank you page and installed some of the plugins that make sense. Slowly going through the program and trying to fold it into the already existing site. Any help in that direction would be great.

        • Hi Dean,

          Steve here. In that case you should simply be able to change the theme and then incorporate the pages needed for executing the strategy.

          Let us know if we can ever help along the way.

  • Luke Man says:

    Hey there I’m looking for where I should be posting my email funnel to give feedback on it from the experts? thanks so much no one it my funnel buys! thanks again

  • Peter says:

    Hi I’m Peter, I just join this community

    I need a help on how things work here

    • Hi Peter,

      Welcome to the Insider Circle! We appreciate you picking up the membership.

      Let us know if you have any specific questions, but all of the monthly lessons are listed in the right-hand sidebar. There’s also a “Coaching” tab above where you can listen in to any of the previous coaching call sessions.

      You can always leave a comment beneath any of the monthly lessons if you need support, or just contact us at and we’re always happy to help.

  • Cary DeNigris says:

    Hi John,
    I just signed up for insider circle.
    I have some catching up to do!
    The question I have is this:
    I want to construct a squeeze page but we also are going to do a more traditional website as well in the future. Can we use the same domain name for both or should they be separate entities? I want to keep it simple. Thanks

    • Hi Cary,

      Steve here from MMM Support. Welcome to the Insider Circle!

      You can do two separate domains if you already have an existing site that you’re happy with. That said, this can all exist on the same site.

      In the MMM 4.0 course, John gives you a template for your website that includes all of the page types you need to execute the strategy, while also appearing as a traditional website.

      Let us know if we can ever help with anything else.

  • Kat Carnelian says:

    Hi, I’m Kat Carnelian, currently based in London, England. I’ve joined the Insider Circle ages ago and never did anything with it but now I’m serious about catching up and getting busy! I’m currently planning on using this for the Understanding of Music seminar I organise but in the long run I’ll get back into playing and recording music after a very long break. I’m predominantly a rock bassist and song writer with a love for alternative / desert rock and a lot of music in my head that needs to get out! Look forward to being an active part in this community!

  • Tim Angsten says:

    Hey y’all! Just joined the insider circle. Looking forward to learning as much as I can. I’m a pop/country artist based out of Nashville, TN. Been pursuing music most of my life. I now run a production company and play on Lower Broadway about 7 times a week besides doing short national tours. Always looking to meet like minded musicians!

  • Eric Hocker says:

    When will there be more monthly training?

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Eric,

      I fell behind recently in large part due to the unexpectedly early birth of my daughter. But I’m planning a bunch of lessons for the next week or so and am hoping to drop three different lessons in the next 10 days or so.

  • Eric Hocker says:

    Sorry I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask this. I will be recording during the live coaching call today. Is there a way to download it or record it? Thank you

    • Hi Eric,

      Steve here. No worries at all. You can always get the replay under the “Coaching” tab in the members area, after the call has completed. Have a great recording session.

      Let us know if we can ever help with anything else.

  • Kevin Benbow says:

    I’m Kevin Benbow and I play classical guitar in and around Yuma AZ. I just had the tracks mastered for my first CD and am offering the MP3 version on my site.

    Wondering if there are any other classical guitarists here?

    I’m also part time. By day I am in private practice psychotherapy, but I have always wanted to make money playing music.

  • David Nigel Lloyd says:

    On April 2, 2015, my good friend Michael Olson —a wonderful flamenco guitarist— died. Surprise! In the aftermath of his untimely severance, a voice inside my head kept repeating: “Finish Your Work!” It wouldn’t shut up so I decided to do as I was told. I began work on four albums: Two had actually been started —over 40 years ago— by my proto-new wave trio WatThe? I had gone acoustic after the LA new wave scene died its slow sad death. So the other two albums are: one of traditional Ballads and Blues that I’ve been performing over the last decade and a half; and one of original songs that I’ve been performing over the last decade and a half. As I began, a fan in England wrote to me: “Mr. Lloyd, it seems you are the only artist whose work bridges the LA new wave and [Celtic song poet and acid folk pioneer] Robin Williamson.” Hmm?— thought I (for it was true). Most of the music on these four albums — thought I some more— is similar even though some of it is a lot LOUDER. But what sort of music is it? New wave folk? Non-traditional traditionalism? Folk rock? The answer came in 2016 from the island of Corfu on Greece far far away. There Spyros Hytiris was preparing an hour long program on my music [?!?!] for his weekly music magazine. Quite casually during an interview, the wise and indefatigable Spyros referred to me as “an iconoclastic loner of acid folk.” I’m usually the last to know about such things but, again, on closer examination, he seemed right. — So what about that annoying interior voice? It’s back. But this time it’s saying: “You know, this music sounds kinda cool. Why don’t you try to Sell Some of It!” So, here I am.

  • David Nigel Lloyd says:

    Nice to be here.

  • Hi Everyone, nice to meet you!!
    For some reason Gravatar won’t show my avatar, hopefully it changes in time 🙂
    Setting out to check all the tons of info in here.

  • Drew Bentley says:

    Hi John,

    So I’ve watched a few monthly training sessions already and I’m happily overwhelmed. lol I am going to “binge” this stuff until it becomes ingrained. It seems to me that success is is the details.(and of course busting your butt). I’m sure I’ll have lot’s of comments and questions as I dig deeper into this very promising adventure. Thanks for creating and maintaining this(these) program(s).

    • Hi Drew,

      Steve here from support. John is away for the weekend, but we’re all happy to hear that you’re enjoying the member content so far.

      Please let us know if we can ever help with anything?

  • Zack Montez says:

    Hey everyone,
    Zack Montez AKA Earl Wood here just saying hello. Looking forward to learning from John and everyone else in the Insider Group.

    I’m currently working on my electronic project which is the Earl Wood artist name. I come from a guitar/singer/songwriter/band background.

    Hoping the education here will help me reach my goal to work in music full time. Not lookng to be rich just pay the bills and do what I love!!!

    If I can ever be of any assistance to anyone please don’t hesitate to reach out.

  • Gad Caplan says:

    Hi guys good to be here
    Obviously I found MMM very interesting and informative 😉 Looking forward to learning lots more!
    I’m a guitarist and I guess you can call my music prog rock or fusion, depends on the track…

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