An Indie Artist Success Story With Jazz Musician, Charley Langer

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Charley Langer and John Oszajca on Music Marketing


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I’ve received quite a few emails from Music Marketing Manifesto and Insider Circle members who have told me about the success they have had using the strategies I teach in my various programs.

One individual stood out…

His name is Charley Langer and he is a Jazz saxophonist who has gone from side man to signing autographs (literally), in a relatively short amount of time as a result of applying the MMM strategies.

It’s not necessarily that Charley has sold the most albums I’ve ever heard of or anything… But rather what’s been so impressive about Charley is the attention he pays to his metrics – that’s just a fancy way of saying his “stats”.

This allows him to have a very good handle on what’s working and what’s not, and it’s allowed him to expand his reach beyond just free methods of traffic and actually turn a consistent PROFIT with paid advertising. This is not an easy thing to do, especially for a newbie.

On top of that Charley has even gone and developed his own Youtube strategy which is getting him consistent traffic on a daily basis, and as he’ll tell you in the interview, the most exciting thing about what Charley has going on is that everything is scalable.

I was so impressed that I asked Charley to join me for my first official “Indie Artist Success Story” interview. The interview is just over an hour long and during our discussion Charley breaks down everything he is doing to bring in consistent album sales. He even gives you the step-by-step on his very own Youtube traffic strategy.

To listen to the interview just scroll back up to the top and click the play button you see beneath the image.

A few quick resources…

In the video we discuss a Youtube automation software that Charley uses. You can get a copy here.

Another thing that it would be wise to do is to sign up for Charley’s mailing list here. Not only is he a great musician, but by signing up you will experience the exact sales process he is using to consistently generate album sales from the customer’s point of view. If you learn something from it you might also do Charley a solid and pick up a copy of his album… I’m just sayin’ 😉

I’m really proud of Charley and the fantastic job he’s doing with this stuff. It can sometimes be really helpful just to remove the mystery and hear what’s ACTUALLY working first hand. Give this interview a listen. You won’t regret it.

…and if you’d like to join Charley and myself in the Insider Circle you can click here to create an account.

And as always, I love hearing from you guys. If you have any questions for myself or Charley, please leave them below in the comments.


  • Sully says:

    Lots of great stuff here. Thanks so much. Sully

  • Hey John,

    You continue to put out great stuff. I enjoyed the interview with Charley a lot, you have to make sure to keep interviewing these artists! It’s great content for you and great exposure for them, a win win!

    Nicholas Cote

  • iuli says:

    hi there,
    i’ve just signed up for Charley’s squeeze page and then i watched his website. it looks very well organized.
    i just have one question: i saw that charley distributes his music through CD Baby, but has also a direct shop on his page. i wonder how did he create it and if CDBaby lets you sell your music alternatively through your own shop?

  • TRD says:

    Real useful stuff you’re putting out. Thank you!

    I was sort of late to listen to the interview, but if Charley is still checking in, I would like to ask if he would be so kind to answer a question. You mentioned that you message your Youtube subscribers or friends using tube toolbox to lead them to your squeeze page. But I think Youtube restricts sending messages with URLs in them. Am I mistaken? Or is there some trick or a way around it. Can you give some advice on getting Youtube subscribers and friends to sign up to your mailing list?
    Great interview by the way!

  • Will Black says:

    Great job guys, looking forward to finally getting the marketing end of things fired up for my new website/podcast as well.

    Rock on John and Charley 😉

  • Thanks! Great information!

  • Kat Parsons says:

    Thank you Charley and John! You guys are fantastic!

  • Eric Harper says:

    Thanks guys for the awesome interview. Where do I go to check all my stats. When you mention that you’re looking closing at metrics, where is it I should be look specifically with my squeeze page, aweber, youtube, etc?


    • John Oszajca says:

      Hey Eric,

      To track conversion rates on a squeeze page you need to create a unique web form for each type of traffic that you want to track. Then login and click on “webforms”. You want to look at the unique subscriber conversion ratio”. There are a lot of ways to track stats but that’s what I do. Then I take a calculator and divide my gross profit by my gross number of subscribers. The result is your “earnings per subscriber”. The other stat you want to monitor is your sales conversion ratio. It’s basically the number of people who view your order page divided by your total number of sales.

  • Charley says:

    Hi Rene,

    Thanks so much for the compliment on my music. And…you’re welcome for the info. I’ve received a lot of help, and I’m happy to give it.

  • As usual john delivers useful info. I thank you once again. I’m downloading the clip now. N I just wanted to say I really appreciate still receiving this power knowledge threw emails even though I haven’t purchased. I’m trying. My life is currently at the drop portion of the rollercoaster of life. Its at the top of my priority list as soon as I get money coming in. I’m currently in the process of revamping/updating my web presence and pages. There will be new music to update the world on whats been happening in my life. I Will be applying what I’ve learned so far thats for sure. Thanks again john and Charlie I’m going to listen rite now..

  • Ted Tosoff says:

    Good stuff….nice work guys

  • Hey All,

    There are two things in the interview that I should probably clarify/correct before someone asks:
    (1) The call to action setup is in “Edit Info”, not “Edit Video”, part of YouTube. Again, the call to action option is only available if you are promoting the video via the “promoted videos” option in YouTube.
    (2) At one point I made a statement about clearing 0.30 on a click — hopefully the context of that statement makes it clear that I meant 0.30 per subscriber. 🙂

    • René says:

      Hey Charley! :o)
      Groovey stuff you’re playin’ – I like it! – Just signed up to get your free track – AND to learn from the process, of course! THANK YOU for being so transparent and honest about metrics and your “numbers” – THANX-A-LOT for sharing your experience !! 🙂

      @John: Good stuff here – gimme some more and I’m ready to purchase your manifesto – following you for a while now, read some other stuff: Hard to find good sites – glad I found yours for interviews like this – keep it coming, please … 🙂

      Cheers from Germany

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