How to Get Nominated For a Grammy – Podcast Episode #20

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Janiva magness grammy nomination

In episode #20 of the Music Marketing Manifesto Podcast we are going to talk with blues artist, Janiva Magness, about her recent Grammy nomination for Best Contemporary Blues Album of 2016.

I take particular pride in sharing her story as I had the good fortune of being part of it. Early in 2016 I was brought on as the “head of digital sales and marketing” for the release of Janiva’s latest album, “Love Wins Again”.

The album debut at #5 on Billboard’s blues chart and climbed to #1 at blues radio, with 8 of the album’s 11 tracks charting in Blues Top 40. While all of us involved with the release of the album couldn’t have been happier with those results, we were absolutely blown away when we heard that the album had been nominated FOR A GRAMMY!

With a few days to go before the big event, I thought it only fitting that we have Janiva on the MMM Podcast to talk about the album, her career, and to give us some insight into how an independent artist might go about trying to land what is ultimately the highest accolade the music industry has to offer.

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I want to be sure an extend a big thank you to Janiva for taking the time out of an understandably chaotic week to share a bit of insight into the process, and for being so open about some of the tougher times she’s experienced along the way.

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