How To Double Your Fan Base With The Push Of A Button

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Increasing your fan base typically comes down to playing more shows, getting more radio or video play, or getting more publicity. Problem is that this stuff is expensive and time consuming. Very often the numbers just don’t add up. However there is a simple and much less utilized method for increasing your fan base dramatically. This is one of  those rare times when all it truly takes is the press of a button.

In the internet marketing world they call it a “Joint Venture”.

Typically it works like this:

  • If I have 5,000 people on my e-mail list I would find another band that has approximately the same number of people on their list.
  • I would email my list telling them to download a free track from this really killer band I know. I’d talk about what a big deal the band was and how they were only giving the track away for a limited time so they should click my link to get the track right away.
  • In exchange, said band would do the same for me.
  • We would each send our fans to an opt in form where they could get the free single in exchange for an email address. In theory we could both potentially double our fan base with the push of a button.

Now, the reality is that you would likely see something more like a 20 – 50% conversion rate on the number of people who clicked on the link. Nonetheless, it’s a heck of a lot easier than trekking half way across the country to play for a half empty bar full of people who will likely never even remember your band’s name, let alone buy a CD or join your mailing list.

Do this a few times and you might see your fan base grow into the tens of thousands in no time.

Guess what happens when you email those thousands of people to let them know when your next album comes out? A good number of them buy it.

This is a very effective, and under utilized strategy. In a nutshell you are benefiting from another band’s authority in the market place. This is the same play which Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg use when they introduce you to another artist. They’re just doing it on a larger scale.

What if the bands you find have lists that are smaller than yours? If you are using a email management system like Aweber you can segment your list and only send your broadcast to a proportionate percentage of your list.

Not sure where to find bands that would be interested in this? Email me and I will try to broker a JV deal for you or even possibly cross promote with you myself.

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