Darth Vader’s Guide To Getting Your Fans To Engage

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darth vader

You don’t have to be able to perform Jedi mind tricks in order to get people to open up your emails, read your blog posts, or watch your videos. You just need a hook and a great headline. But often when we sit down to write our minds go blank and what comes out is more along the lines of… Ummmmm, check out my music?

Well, it doesn’t have to be that hard…

I found a handy little tool called Portent’s Content Idea Generator that takes all of the work out of coming up with content ideas and supplies you with a near endless supply of titillating headlines that are sure to get your fans to engage.

Why is engagement important? Because fans that are engaged buy music, come to shows, and tell their friends. In short, engagement is everything.

I made a short video for you guys that explains how the whole thing works and how it can help you as a musician…

And yep, in case you were wondering where I came up with the headline for this very blog post…

Darth Vader headline

So if you’re reading this… Well, it’s fair to say that the tool works πŸ™‚

The tool is completely free. Just go to MusicMarketingManifesto.com/titlemaker and play around with the tool and see what you come up with. Post your funniest headlines in the comments below, drop me some feedback, or just say hey for that matter πŸ™‚

If you liked this quick tip and would like to get access to advanced music marketing training lessons every month then consider the Music Marketing Insider Circle. For those of you who are just getting started and need to establish a foundation for selling your music online, check out Music Marketing Manifesto 2.0.


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