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Hi, John Oszajca here. I’m a musician and the founder of Music Marketing Manifesto. And for the first time EVER, I am holding a very special Cyber Monday sale in which you can get EVERY PROGRAM I HAVE for 60% off the normal retail price!

…this includes the programs that are currently closed to the public such as Record Release Formula and Copywriting for Musicians.

This offer will expire VERY soon, so please watch the video above and decide if this offer is right for you.

This package includes nearly $1100 worth of products, which are available to you today at a 60% discount. That’s just $495!

That’s $600 off the normal retail price!

This is the biggest discount I have EVER offered on these programs and I don’t plan on offering it again!

Here’s what’s included…

✔️ Record Release Formula:

Record Release Formula teaches you a step by step blueprint for releasing an album (including radio and press), and breaks down the exact strategies I used to help a client debut her album at #5 on Billboard’s Blues chart. This is the most advanced program I offer and it was only offered to a limited number of students. It has not been available to the public for more than a year and this is your only opportunity to get access to this course – $497 value.


✔️ Copywriting for Musicians:

In Copywriting for Musicians I teach you the art of using words to sell music. You’ll learn how to craft better Facebook ads, blog posts, social media posts, sales pages, and more. Copywriting is probably the most important skill you can have if you’re looking to build a fan base online. CFM was originally offered as a live workshop and is now currently closed to the public. This offer is the only way to get access – $197 Value.


✔️ Music Marketing Manifesto 4.0:

MMM 4.0 is the program that many have credited with starting the modern direct-to-fan marketing movement. In this course you will learn how to build an automated marketing funnel for your music and you’ll receive personal assistance within the members area – $197 value.


✔️ Music Ads Workshop 3.0:

Music Ads Workshop 3.0 is an advanced Facebook advertising course for musicians who would like to master the art of promoting their music with Facebook Advertising. Ever run a Facebook ad campaign that got terrible results? There is a reason some ads fail and others succeed. In MAW 3.0 you’ll learn how to create ads that are designed to deliver a positive return on your ad spend.

BUT THIS IS IMPORTANT: This Cyber Monday sale WILL expire in very soon. So if you’d like to get your hands on EVERY one of my stand-alone training programs then be sure to claim the discount now.

Listen, there are no two ways about it. Making a living is an independent artist is not easy. But I do believe that we live in an age where there is a path that can lead to a life in music, for every talented musician who is willing to get their hands dirty and do a little bit of hard work.

If you sign up for this Cyber Monday discount package you will come out the other end these programs armed with ALL of the knowledge and tools that you will need to grow your fan base, generate income from your music, and live a life in music.

If you have any questions at all, be sure to check the FAQ below for more info. Still have questions? Just shoot me an email at

Hope to see you in the members area!

Musician and Author
Music Marketing Manifesto

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find out more about what is included in each program?

Here are links to the sales pages of each product. In instances where the product is not available to the public, a non functioning sales page has been created as a reference.

Music Marketing Manifesto 4.0

Music Ads Workshop 3.0

Copywriting For Musicians

Record Release Formula

What if I have already purchased a few of your programs? Do I get an additional discount?

This depends a bit on what was ordered and when you ordered it. But if you have ordered the current versions of the programs being offered then we think a pro-trated discount would only be fair. Send an email to and let us know what name or email address you used when placing previous orders and we’ll look over your account and put together a special pro-rated discount link for you.

How Does Each Program Differ

Each of the programs in the bundle focuses on a different aspect of direct to fan marketing, and each one compliments the others. Music Marketing Manifesto teaches musicians how to create an “evergreen” automated marketing funnel for an existing album that has already been released. Record Release Formula teaches you how to release a new album. The Copywriting for Musicians workshop teaches you how to create better copy (aka “content”) for all of your music marketing efforts, and Music Ads Workshop is an advanced Facebook advertising course that teaches you how to promote all aspects of your career. While there is some overlap, the primary focus of each course is very different and each course is it’s own, unique program.

What order should I consume these programs in?

There is no real set order to them, however my advice would be to go through MMM 4.0 first, then Copywriting for Musicians, then Music Ads Workshop, and Finally Record Release Formula.

How much does this bundle cost?

This bundle is available for a one time payment of $495, or it can be purchased in three monthly payments of $177. You save $36 if you order in one payment. Payments of the payment plan will be charged one month after each preceding payment and you will be charged a total of three times.

Can I buy just one of these programs at the same discounted price?

While I can completely appreciate the request, the primary reason I’m able to offer such a steep discount is because of the larger purchase price of this bundle. For that reason, I am not able to just sell individual programs at this price. However, if you have ordered any product in this bundle previously, I can offer a pro-rated discount on the remaining items in the bundle. Just email with a request and I can look up your order history, then send you a special pro-rated discount link.