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Hey, John Oszajca here, I’m the founder of, and like most of you watching this, I too am a musician…

In this video I want to address an all-too-common problem that many independent musicians have experienced.

Does this sound familiar at all?

You hear all about how direct to fan marketing strategies are helping independent musicians generate income from their music. So you set up a campaign to promote your music…

Maybe you run a few Facebook ads, you create a landing page where people can sign up for some free music, and then you send out a few emails to your new fans in the hope of selling albums or attracting support for a crowdfunding campaign…

…but then sadly, nothing happens.

Your ads are WAY too expensive, new subscribers are few and far between, and the album sales just don’t come in…

In most cases there is a very good reason for these kinds of poor results…

Success with any kind of online marketing almost always boils down to one, very misunderstood, not-so-sexy little word…

…that word, is “copywriting”.

No, I’m not talking about “copyrighting” or the act of protecting one’s rights to their songs…

I’m talking about something called “copywriting”, which, for our purposes, means “the art of using words to sell music”.

To visualize how copywriting can help you build your fan base and generate more income from your music, start by imagining a total stranger who has never heard of you, on one end of an arc…

On the other end of that arc you have a raving fan who shares your music with others and regularly spends money on your music, merchandise, and tickets to your shows.

People don’t just instantly go from total stranger to raving fan in one click.

There are a series of 7 key steps that they need to go through in order to make that transformation.

The 7 steps of the “true fan journey” include…

1: Awareness (A prospect sees an interesting post about your music).

2: Interest (that prospect identifies with the sound and experience that you claim your music offers and becomes intrigued).

3: Engagement (the prospect listens to your music, comments on blog post, send you an email, or engage with you on a social media platform).

4: Purchase (your prospect makes their first small purchase or – if you are embracing a streaming model – adds your music to a playlist).

5: Becomes a fan (your prospect gets value from their purchase).

6: Becomes a true fan (your new fan becomes a true fan and continues to support your creative endeavors by making additional purchases).

7: Endorsement (your fan becomes someone who shares your music with others, helping to grow your fan base).

It is the job of the copywriter to be conscious of these steps, and to write content (aka, “copy”), that deliberately walks each prospect through these different stages of the “true fan journey”.

Fortunately, it is not crucial that you are a skilled writer in order to write effective copy (in fact, many successful copywriters are not great writers in the traditional sense).

What is important is that a copywriter learns to see things from a fans perspective, and write content that speaks to their interests and passions, and systematically walks each person through the 7 steps of the “true fan journey”.

This is the weird voodoo that makes one campaign successful, while another one fails.

Fortunately, a few simple tricks and a broad understanding of the process is all it takes to write effective copy.

Moreover, writing good copy means communicating with your fans in a way that not only gets you the results your after, but it also means communicating in a way that is natural and genuinely interesting…

You do not want to come off sounding like some cheesy mattress salesmen. In fact, the best marketing doesn’t even feel like marketing.

I’ve been helping musicians successfully market their music since 2009, when I first launched

I’ve worked with thousands of artists in varying capacities, and have helped countless artists climb to the top of various Billboard, iTunes, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and CD Baby sales charts. I even helped one artist recently land a Grammy nomination.

At the core of each one of these campaigns was effective copy, tailor-made for each artist’s specific audience.

In fact, let me show you a couple of recent examples of how a few simple tweaks to an artist’s copy had a potentially dramatic impact on his bottom line.

The screenshot above is an example of how a few simple tweaks to an ads copy, brought the cost-per-click price down from $1.73, to just $0.52. That means that, all things being equal, these quick changes would generate 233 more revenue.

In this screenshot, a few simple tweaks to the ad copy, brought the cost-per-click price down from as high a $9.06, to just $0.29. That means that, all things being equal, these quick changes would generate 3024% more revenue. These kinds of dramatic shifts in performance are not uncommon.

I can teach you how to be a better copywriter, bring down your advertising costs, and increase your revenue. With that in mind…

I’m excited to announce that, once again, I am opening the doors to the “Copywriting For Musicians Workshop”.

“Copywriting For Musicians” was a live four week workshop that I held earlier this year. In that workshop I dedicated four weeks to teaching independent musicians how to master the art of using words to sell music…

Each week I released a block of video lessons in the “Copywriting for Musicians” members area and then followed them up with in depth video webinars in which participants would submit their actual copy for review.

Musicians from around the world submitted their landing pages, Facebook ads, social media posts, and blog content for review.

These webinars were structured so that participants could learn from real-world examples, REGARDLESS of whether or not they submitted their own copy for review.

Each week we would break the copy down and attempt to turn struggling campaigns into winners. And as the weeks went on, it was amazing to see how many people improved their copy, as well as the results they experienced with their campaigns.

However, once the workshop concluded it was essentially taken off the market and registration has been closed ever since… that is until now…

For a limited time I am opening up registration for the Copywriting for Musicians Workshop “Replay”.

That means that while the workshop is no longer live, all FOUR WEEKS worth of lessons will be available in the members area…

…and you’ll have access to all of the recordings of the live webinars. That’s over 15 hours worth of video lessons, each one designed to give you the skills necessary to write better landing pages, Facebook ads, social media posts, blog posts and more.

Here’s a breakdown of the lesson plan and everything that you will learn in the “Copywriting for Musicians Workshop”…


  • An introduction to copywriting.
  • Breaking down the “True Fan Journey”.
  • Identifying your ideal fan.
  • Developing Your USP.
  • Defining the narrative of your campaign.
  • Record Coaching Webinar


  • Creating a bond with your subscribers.
  • Overcoming resistance.
  • Using your true voice.
  • Honing in on the experience.
  • Record Coaching Webinar


  • Writing Better Ad Copy.
  • Writing Better Squeeze Page Copy.
  • Writing Better Emails.
  • Writing Better Sales Copy.
  • Record Coaching Webinar


  • Testing copy.
  • Record Coaching Webinar.


…and if you have any questions about the material you’ve learned in the workshop, either myself or someone from my team will be available via email to answer questions.

Registration is open now via the buttons below, and will ONLY be open for 72 HOURS.

When the countdown timer above hits zero, registration for this career-changing program will be closed.

So, the big question…

How much is access to the “Copywriting for Musicians” workshop going to cost me?

Well, in the past I have charged as much as $495 for similar workshops.

They require months worth of preparation, and an enormous number of support hours.

However, with copywriting being such a crucially important skill, I wanted to make this something that every musician could afford.

For that reason,  I am going to drop that price to just $197.

That’s just $197 (with a payment plan available below) to learn crucial tricks-of-the-trade that can potentially make you tens, even hundreds, of thousands, of dollars over the long run.

For some of you, these lessons will be the difference between success and failure as independent musicians…

…and if you walk away from these lessons feeling confident in your newfound skills as a copywriter, I personally believe that you will come to feel that these are perhaps the most important marketing lessons you will ever learn.

Copywriting is THAT important.

But Don’t Take My Word For It. Listen to what one CFM member had to say about the course…

…and, like all of my courses, you are completely covered by my 100% money back guarantee.

If you are not 100% satisfied with the “Copywriting for Musicians” workshop, or for any reason it’s not what you expected… Just send me an email via the contact tab that you can find on every page my site, and you’ll get your money back, no questions asked.

So, if you would like to take part in this rare and important, “Copywriting for Musicians Workshop”…

…and learn how you can write more effective ad copy, landing page copy, blog copy, and social media posts

…then click the order button that you should see a little further down this page and register now.

One Payment of $197.00


All Credit Card Transactions Are Made Via Secure Server


But once again… Registration will only be open for a few days. Once those doors close, they will be closed for good.

So, if you have ever struggled to get cheap clicks on your Facebook ads, get your landing pages to convert, or to generate sales from your mailing list, the “Copywriting For Musicians Workshop” is designed to be the solution.

You can find more information further down on this page, or if you have a question that is not answered below, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email via the contact tab in the footer of this site.

Thanks for watching, and hopefully I’ll see you on the inside.


Click Here To Register For the Copywriting for Musicians Workshop Today! Order Now While Spots Are Available!

John Oszajca

Founder of


Frequently Asked Questions

Just What Exactly is the Copywriting for Musicians Workshop?

The Copywriting for Musicians Workshop is an online video course that will teach you the art of writing sales copy for music. More simply put, writing more effective landing page copy, blog posts, Facebook ads, and social media posts. The course contains four modules of pre-recorded video lessons that teach copywriting, and one live coaching webinar in which participants were invited to ask questions about their campaigns and submit their own copy for review. Those coaching webinars took place in the original live workshop, but they are there for you to view. They are designed to give real world examples and be educational regardless of whether your copy was personally reviewed.

How is the Copywriting for Musicians Workshop different than MMM 4.0?

Copywriting for Musicians and Music Marketing Manifesto are completely different products. Each one focuses on different aspects of music marketing. Music Marketing Manifesto teaches you how to build a marketing funnel to promote your music while Copywriting for Musicians teaches you the many nuances of writing effective copy so that your funnel has the greatest chance of being profitable.

How much does Copywriting for Musicians Cost?

Access to Copywriting for Musicians, and all that comes with it, is yours for a one time payment of $197. There is also a payment plan available in which you get get instant access for two payments of $99.

Is this a one time payment or will I get charged every month?

Once you order Copywriting for Musicians there is nothing more to pay for the course, unless you selected the payment plan option in which you would be charged one second (and final) payment one month after your original billing date. There is nothing more to pay after that.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Absolutely, every one of my products is backed by a 100% money back guarantee. You’ve got 30 days to request a FULL refund. Just shoot me an email letting me know you would like a refund and you’ll get your money back right away, no questions asked. There is a contact link at the bottom of every page of the site.

When will the actual classes take place?

The workshop has already taken place. What you are getting access to is the recordings of the workshop. Everything that was available to original attendees is available to you with the exception of the ability to submit questions for the coaching calls, as they have already concluded. However, recordings of those live coaching webinars are there in the members area and they are designed to be educational for everyone, regardless of whether your submitted your own copy.

What kind of support do you offer?

Support is the thing I probably pride myself on most about my business. You can also email my support team any time. We typically answer emails within one business day and we take customer service very seriously.

How long will I have to go through the material?

I guarantee that you will have access to the members area for a minimum of one year, but it will likely be much longer.

How do I access the training lessons?

The training lessons are housed in a password protected members area which you will get immediate access to after ordering. If you are already a member you can access the members area via the “login” link in the footer of every page of this site.

Who the heck is John Oszajca and what makes you qualified to teach this stuff?

Fair question, I (John Oszajca) am a former major label recording artist turned music marketing consultant. I have released albums with Interscope, Warner Brothers, and Dreamy Draw Records, and have developed an online business that has generated millions of dollars in online sales. I was the marketing director behind the largest single day sales record in the history of CD Baby (Billy Burke’s album “Removed”, and more recently have helped numerous artists top numerous Billboard, iTunes, and Amazon sales charts. In my programs I share the same strategies I use, both for myself, and for other artists.

What kind of results do you guarantee?

In business, there simply are no guarantees. I am not selling a magic formula for instant profits. When you engage in any kind of marketing or business strategy you should be aware that there is always a risk of loss, and you should go into it with this understanding. That said, what I will be sharing are the same strategies that I use on a daily bases and which have done very well for me and countless students and clients.

How and when do I register for Copywriting for Musicians?

Copywriting for Musicians is live now silly! Simply place your order via the order button further up on this page. See you on the inside!