Search Engine Optimization for Musicians

Turning Articles Into Fan Traffic By Encouraging Social Sharing


Every now again we come across students of Music Marketing Manifesto, who are totally putting in the work that is required for success, but get a little stuck when the results are not as positive as they would like to see.  Such is the case for our Estonian friend, Joonas K., who wrote to us […]

Attack of the Penguin – Search Engine Optimization As We Know It Has Changed.


This is one of those things that I really hemmed and hawed over writing about here on the Music Marketing Manifesto blog. It’s something that is incredibly important, but I honestly don’t know how many musicians actually care… You may or may not be aware of the fact that Google released a massive update to […]

Is Article Spinning Safe?


Question: I purchased Article Samurai and I have a question… By syndicating my articles with their system do I run any risk of damaging my site’s rep with search engines? Answer: That’s sort of a complicated answer. Here’s how it works and what the value is for something like Article Samurai, in my opinion. The […]