Music Marketing Q&A

What would I do with just $500 to spend on music marketing?

Music Marketing Budget


Most musicians are on significantly limited budgets and typically there is very little money set aside for marketing. In this episode I field a question from listener, Jason Eli, who asked how I would spend my money if I had just $500 (approximately) to spend on music marketing.  If you’ve got a question that you […]

LIVE Music Marketing Q & A – Replay

John Oszajca from Music Marketing Manifesto


In episode #38 of the Music Marketing Manifesto Podcast we are going to be doing something a bit different… This episode consists of the audio taken from a LIVE Music Marketing Q & A that I held last week. During the Q & A, dozens of attendees sent in questions about the best way to […]

Marketing Music Outside of the United States…

marketing your music outside of the US


When it comes to building your fan base, it’s not just about the U.S.. You have millions of potential fans and music buyers  spread out around the world and they shouldn’t be neglected. But many international musicians have felt that while one thing might work in the United States, it doesn’t always work in other […]

Music Marketing Q & A – Podcast Episode #23

Music Marketing Manifesto on computer screen with microphone


As you may already know, Registration for Music Marketing Manifesto 4.0 went live a few days ago. Hundreds of musicians have already signed up and the members area is buzzing. Well, yesterday I held a fairly impromptu LIVE Q & A call to just chat about marketing music the MMM way, and to address the […]

The Lowdown on Music Marketing Manifesto 4.0

Music Marketing Manifesto 4.0 Logo


With the Music Marketing Manifesto 4.0 launch only a few days away (Wednesday, July 26th), I’ve been receiving a LOT of emails and messages about the program. I thought I’d make a short video to answer the most common questions people seem to have, and really just lay out the whole what/when/where/why of the program… […]

Live Music Marketing Coaching Session – Tuesday at Noon (Pacific)

John Oszajca talking into microphone


It’s official. I’ve become that guy who starts every blog post with “wow, it’s been way to long since I’ve posted anything here on the site”. But I swear that there really is a very good reason for that… In short, I spent the first half of 2016 working on campaigns for other artists. It’s […]

The State Of The Independent Music Industry In 2013

music player displaying 2013


  This past Thursday, my compadre Scott James (from and I, held a live music marketing summit / webinar / coaching call / whatever-you-wanna-call it, to discuss the state of the music industry in 2013. More importantly we opened up the phone lines and discussed YOUR music careers and the various obstacles many of […]

Q&A: Landing Page Best Practices For Musicians


In today’s Q&A we were asked by one of our subscribers about what we feel are some of the best landing page practices for musicians. If you’ve been following Music Marketing Manifesto for any stretch of time, you know that we feel the absolute best landing page practice is to use what’s known as “squeeze […]

Turning Articles Into Fan Traffic By Encouraging Social Sharing


Every now again we come across students of Music Marketing Manifesto, who are totally putting in the work that is required for success, but get a little stuck when the results are not as positive as they would like to see.  Such is the case for our Estonian friend, Joonas K., who wrote to us […]

Is Article Spinning Safe?


Question: I purchased Article Samurai and I have a question… By syndicating my articles with their system do I run any risk of damaging my site’s rep with search engines? Answer: That’s sort of a complicated answer. Here’s how it works and what the value is for something like Article Samurai, in my opinion. The […]