How To Get A Ton Of Facebook “Likes” Fast – Part 1

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Facebook LogoOkay, this is gonna be fun…

While I technically created a Facebook page for Music Marketing Manifesto a few months ago, it’s really just been sitting there gathering dust until just a few days ago.

With Facebook becoming increasingly relevant in the world of marketing (Understatement of the year), I thought I should do a little experimenting and see what I could do to get my “like” count up quickly on my new page. After all, I teach this stuff, I need to be able to show you folks that I know what I’m doing, right?

Well, good news for you… it’s been working well. We’ll get to the “YOU” part in a sec.

Here’s whats gone down so far. As of February 27th (4 days before this was posted), I had a mere 6 “likes” on my theretofore abandoned MMM Facebook page. I started up the engine on my FB campaign a few days ago and by yesterday I had grown that number to 179.

But once things started to really heat up, the “like” count exploded on my new page. In fact, since yesterday that number has climbed from 179 to 1226. That’s over 1000 new “likes” in essentially a day, and climbing.

The best part is, these are all targeted and active Facebook users. In fact, if you’re reading this there is a decent chance that’s how you found me.

Here’s a screen shot of my “like” count as of a few minutes ago…

Facebook Page Likes

A few hours ago I received a nice email from a subscriber who noticed my Facebook activity and emailed to compliment me on the quick rise in my “like” count. That’s when it dawned on me…

…why don’t I share this climb with you guys, as it happens, so that you can see (in real time) just how easy it can be to get a large following on Facebook in a short amount of time. Then, when it’s all over I’ll share the results with you and explain how I did it.

Now truth be told I’m a little nervous here. I’m doing this in real time so if I for any reason I don’t deliver, you get to see me fall flat on my face, publicly. With that said, the results of this system have been working like gang busters so far and I have every reason to believe that things will keep on climbing. At the very least it will be a great learning experience for all of us. But I do have some homework for you.

Here’s what I want I want you do…

1. Click this link here and head on over to my new MMM Facebook Page. Make a mental note of the “like” count. Has it risen since this post went live? (11:04 PM 3/2/11)

2. While you’re there, click the like button. I’m currently having a contest on my wall and if you leave a comment under the most recent post (depending on when you’re reading this). The best comment wins a prize.

3. Come back here and let me know what questions you have about the whole Facebook fan page process so that I can be sure to try and address everything in my follow up post in a few days. Do so in the comments below.

That’s about it for now. It’ll only take a minute to do each of those three steps above, and in a few days I’ll report back to share the results of this little experiment.

This really is going to be fun.


  • Bwah! Love it! Love the pix. I had no idea he drank so much coffee. He was always such a cool customer ( well, except for series 9 when obviously his coffee consumption went off the charts ;)).

  • This is actually a fantastic piece of writing! I’ve truly saved it and posted this out to many of my close friends because I know they shall be curious, thank you very much!

  • Henry says:


    I have some trouble with my fanpage, after a visitor liked my page I want them to land on my wall, how can I set it up working like that?



    • John Oszajca says:

      What you’re talking about is creating a “facebook reveal tab”. It’s a bit complicated but here is what appears to be an up to date tutorial:

      • Henry says:

        Hi John,

        No it is not what I am talking about, I know how to add tabs to my facebook page, all I want is once someone has liked my page they will land on my wall, as simple as that 🙂


        • John Oszajca says:

          Hi Henry,

          Yes, I understand. It’s refered to as a “reveal tab” or “reveal page” and I’m sure a million other monikers. It involves an app and a bit of code that tells Facebook what to display if someone is not a a fan, and what to display if they are a fan. Once a person clicks the the like button they are forwarded to your FB tab or page of choice. Even if it is just your wall.

          See the article in the link. That should get you going.

          • Henry says:

            Hi john,

            I still don’t know what code I should insert for my reveal tab so my fans can see my wall content.

            Also I don’t want use this app as a default landing tab as I already have one application where I could do the same for non fans content and for fans content.

            Have a look

            but never mind thanks for your help 🙂

            • John Oszajca says:

              Hi Henry,

              Did you read the article? It tells you how to do what you’re trying to do. It’s a simple redirect. When someone clicks on your like button they will redirect to a page of your choice. You need the app to configure it though. Unfortunately I am not aware of a simpler solution. I did the exact thing you are trying to do a while back.

  • donny rockett says:

    I would love to make more $$$ w/ the music — 30 years playing in clubs and bars and I still can’t quit my day job

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hey Donny, it’s never easy to sell music, but it definitely can be done. Be sure to sign up for the free video if you haven’t already. I share a bunch of details there that might help get you started.

  • So…come on already! I’m kinda enjoying the suspense though. Maybe you shouldn’t tell us — that would ruin it. 🙂

  • Heshy R says:

    My big question is … in addition to generating new likes / fans, how do I get my friends on my personal fb page to like my fan page too? I already did the Invite Friends thing, and the invites seem to have all gotten stuck in people’s inboxes.
    Looking forward to reading about your Big Secret. And to see whether all these new likers will actually investigate my music and follow my career.

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hey Heshy,

      Other than the mass invite, sending people messages or posting reminders on your wall would be the only way I could recommend to really get your existing fans to like your page.

      I’ll have the follow up post ready soon. Sorry for the delay.

  • Angel says:

    ok so whats the deal here? What should we do to get the same results?

  • joey says:

    Now you’ve got 2,037 likes on FB! I’m very curious as to how you did this so quickly. My husband (still trying to get used to that term, haha) has a band called Open Range Torch Songs. I used to do the PR and promotion for his previous band but my day job (ugh) has left me little spare time to devote to his current band. However, I’ve promised myself to get back to doing the things I love – anything to do with music, art and fun. Life is too short!

  • Pickett says:

    I wouldn’t worry about being embarrassed, John! I think you’ve kinda already knocked this one out of the park! I just logged on and you had over 2,000 ‘Likes’. Great work. You’ve definitely got me curious…

  • I guess the email leading us to a hidden “prize” is the way to get the likes up. I guess you can make everyone feel like they have the ability to leave the “best comment”. Is that the secret? I’m sure i’m not shedding any light on the subject, but “likes” will soon be like “friends” on myspace. If all the “likes” are not from driven and curious musicians, than what does a big number mean for you John. Nothing.

    • John Oszajca says:

      Like have infinitely more value than Myspace friends because the wall is the focus of Facebook whereas with Myspace bulletins were the corresponding feature and no one really used bulletins. With that said, I agree that any asset that you do not own is fleeting so the value is limited as compared to something like an email address. I will have the details soon.

  • Bobby Ferkovich says:

    I do have a question about the process: What is it? All I see is you ‘started up the engine’ on your FB campaign and then ‘things really started to heat up.’ How did you start that engine?

  • Hi John,

    Have you tried the hidden content for ‘likers’ technique yet?

    It might be that after FB make some changes on March 11th that angle may not work – but it’s a good incentive.

    It worked really well in an earlier experiment on my page –

    Looking for ward to your case study results.

    Cheers – Andy

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hey Andy,

      Yes, I have plaid with the reveal feature as well. Not doing that for this experiment because I’m going for maximum likes, but I think it’s a great technique.

      Details coming soon.

  • John,

    Hey, great info again bro! Keep it coming! Really liked the interview with Brian Vanderark about playing house concerts as I’ve been wanting to get into that for a while now. I might just have to take the plunge and go for it! Anyway, I’m still in the process of implementing the MMM strategy, but I still need some help………looking forward to more from you bro………..ttys

  • Hey John,

    I am certainly intrigued and am excited to soak in the knowledge transfer. I have noticed your ad on FB in a number of places and I am guessing that is part of your success. Well done.

    How do you do this without being too pushy? There is a fine balance between professional marketing and being annoying. How do you maintain that balance?

    Looking foward to hearing your insight.


    • John Oszajca says:

      Thanks Patrick. Yes, advertising has been part of it. It’s been a combo of paid ads viral and email list. I don’t really worry about being pushy. I just try to offer value. Some people don’t like it. My attitude, fuck’m 🙂

      You can’t please all the people all the time. Just be cool, offer value and have confidence that you are only offering more of something that people have expressed interest in of their own free will. Some will be haters, some will become fans for life.

      Update coming soon.

      I’ll have the update soon.

  • You got me! I have to see what the secret is. Edge of my seat until I do.

  • John! Superb timing! I was about to invest in someone’s learn facebook course but it’s a tiny bit premature… we’re not quite ready to release, but this way we can get a head start. So so cool to be in on this MMM shenizal – x

  • i definitely appreciated ready this, thanks!

  • Here in Finland FB is the first SN that everybody uses. MySpace had few users and twitter has some, but EVERYONE is in Facebook.

    So FB is THE place to reach people.

    I just created a landing page for our FB page that promotes our latest music video, suggest user to like the page, has a BIG share button and has widget for trading the song in the music video for email. That’s powered by TopSpin.

    I created a very targeted FB Ads campaing and used that page as landing page. It generates few likes/hour with about 10% conversion rate. Guess how many trades email to MP3? Nobody. Ok, it has had just thousand hits or so, but anyway.

    I check all the peoples pages that like our page. I go and check what other bands they like. That has been fun. There is quite a lot of ppl that likes only one or two bands before us. There is also a lot of people that like only heavy/metal bands and then our electropop band that has nothing to do with heavy or metal 😀

    The musicvideo on our landing page is not typical band-plays-in-empty-warehouse thing. It’s a semi-budget plot video with real movie actors and it’s quite funny. The video seem to appeal wide range of people and that attracts new people to like our page.

    Now as the page gets new likes all the time, i’m making sure to send status updates more regulary than usual so people get used to get those updates. Most bands don’t send other updates than occasional “buy something” or “new gig”. I try to keep the selling part low and just get the new people to know the band.

    Actually friend just commented our facebook presence saying that “if one wants to buy something where there is something for sale?”
    oops, only links that sell anything are in the root music music player where songs link to iTunes. There is a link to homepage in the info that have been wrong url until few hours ago when someone send note about it 😀

    Sorry for the long comment 😀

    This is the FB page i’m talking about:
    (The video landingpage should be default page, but if it’s not then click the “bad girls video” in the rightside navigation)
    If you dig the music, then please like us 😉

    FB have apparently changed FP pages so that you can’t have custom landing page for people that likes your page. They go by default to the feed and only new ppl go to the landing page.

  • i am not an authority on this issue, although subsequent to getting to know your post

  • Aaron Johnson says:

    This is exactly what I was looking for John, thanks. I’ve been baffled by the whole Facebook page thing. Really looking forward to the results.

    If I had one question, it would be how do you design the graphics in the side bar there?

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