How to turn Live Show Attendees Into Real and Lasting Fans

From Live Show To Lasting Fan

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This sound familiar? You hit the stage… The crowd loves it… You make sure that everyone knows how to find you on Spotify and your socials… You get home and wait to see those stats skyrocket… But then… NOTHING HAPPENS. All that work; all that exposure, and the needle doesn’t move at all. This is […]

What would I do with just $500 to spend on music marketing?

Music Marketing Budget

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Most musicians are on significantly limited budgets and typically there is very little money set aside for marketing. In this episode I field a question from listener, Jason Eli, who asked how I would spend my money if I had just $500 (approximately) to spend on music marketing.¬† If you’ve got a question that you […]

From 0 to 26 Album Sales Per Day, Using MMM

Kevin Goetz from Mute Prophet

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In the latest episode of the Music Marketing Manifesto Podcast we are going to speak with Kevin Goetz from the metal band, Mute Prophet. Kevin is a Music Marketing Manifesto member who I have watched over the last few years as he (along with other members of his band) took Mute Prophet from obscurity and […]

Is this really the end of Facebook advertising as we know it?

ios 14 privacy settings and Facebook ads

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Many in the digital marketing space are suggesting that Apple’s coming iOS 14 update will mean the end of Facebook Advertising as we know it. Spoiler alert… It’s not. But there are things you NEED to know. In a nutshell, apple will soon be asking all app users if they are willing to allow their […]

Tour on your Own Terms – House Concerts with Brian Vander Ark

Tour on your own terms

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In episode #43 of the Music Marketing Manifesto Podcast we chat with Brian Vander Ark – lead singer of the band The Verve Pipe – about how he has consistently made six figures per year from house concerts, and how you can too! House concerts have long been one of the best ways for independent […]

The Art & Science of Playlist Promotion

Playlist Promotion on Spotify

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In episode #42 of the Music Marketing Manifesto Podcast we chat with Michael Sloane, the CEO of about the art and science of getting your music on more Spotify playlists. As many of you know, the streaming promotion landscape is littered with charlatans and low quality promotion services that can hurt your music career […]

Learn How To Generate Income From Your Music on Twitch

how to generate income from your music on twitch

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In episode #41 of the Music Marketing Manifesto Podcast we will speak with Karen Allen the author if “Twitch for Musicians” about how musicians can use the world’s largest streaming platform for gamers to grow their fan base and potentially generate a full-time income from their music. I also want to remind everyone that I […]

Lockdown: The Best Way To Generate Revenue From Your Music During The Global Pandemic

Music Marketing Manifesto Under Lockdown

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The current global pandemic has had a tremendous impact on musicians. The loss of the ability to perform live, the fact that our fans have less money to spend on non-essential items, and the fact that many of us have lost our day jobs during this time has really hit musicians hard. In the wake […]

Stepping Stones: What It Takes To Go From The Rehearsal Room To Performing In Arenas

musician performing in rehearsal room

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Niels Schroeter from NCS Entertainment and Blue √Član Records once introduced me to a very important concept: Not every marketing tactic is right for every artist, and the next step an artist should take is really determined by where their career is at, and where they want to take it. This is important because so […]

LIVE Music Marketing Q & A – Replay

John Oszajca from Music Marketing Manifesto

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In episode #38 of the Music Marketing Manifesto Podcast we are going to be doing something a bit different… This episode consists of the audio taken from a LIVE Music Marketing Q & A that I held last week. During the Q & A, dozens of attendees sent in questions about the best way to […]

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