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Be sure to post any comments or questions below. I’ll answer as many as I can personally and if I find any common themes I’ll create special training videos just for you. More free stuff coming your way soon…..

– John Oszajca
Founder, Music Marketing Manifesto


  • Abw says:

    When will MMM 4.0 be available…??

  • This is awesome!!
    Can’t wait to get started…

  • KCB says:

    I have a website and have been selling music for almost 10 years now on CD Baby. My website is I have been doing ok but would like to make more online sells. I have put out 3 music videos via YouTube to help engage listeners and route them to my album and EP, which are available worldwide digital download. Please email me at or reply to this message. Thank you for the video it has my interest.

  • Hi John question how is the cash flow return setup is through iTunes, Tunecore, catapult or a direct link to your own bank account. Does MMM 4.0 cut out these middle companies so that you keep a bigger cut of $$. Please explain if you will

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Gransvill Bear Jones,

      Thanks for your interest. Yes, MMM 4.0 bypasses them in most cases.

      While streaming and download services do have a role in the strategy I’m teaching, it’s not usually until you reach the very end of an album’s release cycle. Generally speaking, you want to see that big initial push of sales to your subscriber audience first, before “windowing” into those services. Here’s an article I published about where streaming actually fits into all this:

      In the MMM 4.0 course I recommend selling from your own website and using Paypal for checkout. There are a few main reasons for this.

      1) Selling from your own site allows you to customize your offers and make use of the direct-response page copy, that helps you actually sell and have people make that decision to buy from you. With the services you’ve mentioned, you can’t really customize your offers at all.

      2) Using Paypal also lets you customize the customer flow as a person goes through checkout, so that you can automatically bounce them back to your own site after completing checkout, where you can make them additional “upsell” offers, like I recommend in the course. Offering upsells allow you to potentially earn more from fewer people. You cannot customize the customer flow in the services you mentioned.

      3)Paypal integrates nicely with the autoresponder service I recommend artists use. This allows you to not only migrate new customers onto a separate email list from people who have not bought yet, so that you aren’t offering things to people who have already bought them, but this integration also allows you to take advantage of the automated email follow-up offered by the autoresponder, which delivers the paid downloads to your new customers. To my knowledge, none of the services you’ve mentioned can integrate with the autoresponder service, which can make list management difficult for you.

      You can find out more about MMM 4.0 here:

      Let me know if I can ever help with anything else.

  • PJ says:


    I am interested in this but would you suggest I have an album produced first as I’ve only had 2 songs produced so far. However I’m in the process of producing some more.

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi PJ,

      Thanks for your interest.

      Typically, yes, I would recommend that you have something like a full album to sell. The reason for this is that with this strategy, it is just as much work to sell an entire album as it is to sell a single. You’ll get a much higher potential for positive return on investment from a higher priced offering. This is especially true when you begin to run paid ads, like I recommend in the course. It can be really difficult to make a paid ad campaign profitable when only selling singles.

      Let me know if I can ever help with anything else.

  • @John Oszajca I don’t think I have enough content to use this marketing technique successfully. I am working on 2 releases this year. Afterwards I think I would be interested inusing this marketing strategy.
    What do you think of Youtube how does that effect or distract from this marketing?

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Samuel,

      If by content you mean recordings, yes, you’ll definitely want to have something to sell and I generally recommend albums, since it’s just as much work to sell an album with this strategy as it is to sell a single. You want to offer what’s going to give you your best chance for positive ROI.

      Regarding Youtube, I don’t talk about it much at all in my materials. As an ad platform, I’ve found that people don’t often click away from Youtube when viewing videos, which also means that even if you don’t advertise, but instead leave links in your description, you won’t usually get a lot of traffic from it. So from that standpoint I still strongly prefer Facebook’s ad platform.

      That said, video is a great way to connect with your subscribers, to help build that relationship with them and influence their decision to buy from you.

      Let me know if I can ever help with anything else.

  • Does this system includes email system and squeeze page templates?

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Samuel,

      Thanks for your interest. While the squeeze page (and other page types) are included in the custom theme template for WordPress that I give to MMM 4.0 customers, the email system is a third party service that I recommend. It is a paid service, however I give you a code for a 60 day free trial, which is a better offer than you would get by simply getting started with them on your own.

      You can find out more about the service here:

      Let me know if I can ever help with anything else.

  • Silknsoul says:

    I have songs i wrote and recorded at my home studio but there not copy writing.and the music are free track and other beat from other people.what should be my next move?

  • Michael says:

    Would love to have this

  • Daniel Tooze says:

    Thanks John. I will definitely check this out as I think it could help me and other music contacts I wish.Thank for your help

  • Riki Graham says:

    John Oszajca can I hire you? You have such a nonchalant and relaxed view on the entire marketing process, I just plain suck at it.

  • Mike says:

    Absolutely enjoyed this information. Thank you very much , I am certainly interested in just getting music out there. Paid or not ! I have recommended this to a a few friends to check out as well

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for your interest and for your willingness to share the content.

      What I’ve described in the video is great for building an audience and getting your music into the hands of people who would be most willing to buy it. If you do a good job at relationship building with your subscribers, a measurable percentage of those subscribers will buy when you ask them to. That’s the difference between doing thing this way, as opposed to how the traditional music industry does things. When you can accurately measure your sales funnel’s performance and results, you can make improvements where needed. You can’t improve what you can’t measure, or you can’t possibly know if it’s an improvement when you can’t base a comparison to a previous result.

      Let me know if I can ever help with anything else.

  • Mark says:

    So what bold promise should I be making to attract attention? I understand direct marketing, but I’m struggling to see how this can work successfully in music. Do you offer a cover of a song and appeal to fans of that music for example?

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Mark,

      It’s a matter of connecting the pre-existing passions and desires of your target audience with the bold claim or promise on your landing page. For example, if you were targeting fans of Rockabilly and Americana you might craft a headline that promised the perfect sound track for their next road trip down Route 66, just as an example. It’s about connecting the prospective fan with the experience that they are ultimately seeking, both from music and life in general. This approach has proved very successful. Let me know if I can help with anything else.

  • Koye Edwards says:

    John will you be sending the video to NY email. I am unable to watch the video now.

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Koye,

      Thanks for your interest. Yes, just look in your inbox and you can revisit the link at any time to view the video.

      Let me know if I can ever help with anything else.

  • Clifford Jarrett says:

    Helpful material I’m interested

  • Josh Boyd says:

    Once you ask for the sale, how are you directing them to a purchase? Through ItuITUNES? Baby?

    • Josh Boyd says:

      Itunes* CDBaby*

      • John Oszajca says:

        Hi Josh,

        Thanks for your interest. While you can technically do this through any checkout service you like, I recommend in the course that you use Paypal. That way you can both customize the checkout process and return people to an upsell offer, and so that you can integrate the autoresponder/email marketing service and automatically move your new customers onto a list that automatically delivers the purchased item.

        You can find out more about MMM 4.0 here:

        Let me know if I can ever help with anything else.

  • Scott says:

    Amazing!!!! This program is a real winner! Will help tens of thousands of artists. Would you consider being a guest on my podcast?

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Scott,

      Thanks for getting in touch and for the kind words about what I’m doing on the site. While I often get requests to do various podcasts, lately it’s simply matter of me not having the time to do them. That said, I’m happy to consider it.

      Please drop me a line at and please provide me with a bit of detail about your podcast, as well as a link if you have one handy.


  • Juan says:

    Hi really nice video, wondering how can work with you or how can i hace some help with the marketing process

  • Riley Tucker says:

    This helps a lot, thanks! Godaddy has an autoresponder I think. If you’re interested you can find me at

  • Leon says:

    Very good information! How would you go about selling your music? The actual written/ creative material, not a recorded single or album.

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Leon,

      My focus in particular is on helping artists sell recorded music directly to fans and I don’t focus much on selling compositions to other artists. That said, much of the marketing strategy can crossover for that purpose. However the market will be different, and therefore so would be your approach to that market.

      Let me know if I can ever help with anything else.

  • Ed says:

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for .

  • RunningWolf says:

    For years I have told musicians that the A&R are making them take charge of their own careers now, you simply state exactly this and what does and doesn’t work.

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi RunningWolf,

      Thanks for your interest and for checking out the video. I’m happy to hear that it reinforced a lot of what you’ve already been thinking.

      Let me know if I can ever help with anything else.

  • Solomon Jackson says:

    Got to have this

  • Jairon says:

    What software are you using to do the automatic email response after they sign up on the squeeze page?

  • gypsy maddox says:

    Writing songs for 25years ha some that would top the charts I know. I want to sell them ,I do not want to perform them unless it’s on a street corner or a local show with my friends and family. How can I get off of YouTube and reverberation and get my song s to the artist that I believe would do them right?and make some $

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Gypsy,

      Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately the strategy I’m teaching is tailored more for artists selling music directly to fans, rather than selling compositions to other artists. That said, much of what I’m teaching can be adapted to that market, however the messaging and the approach to the market would be quite different.

      Let me know if I can ever help with anything else.

    • Wilfred says:

      Hi buddy if you have gospel songs Sell them to me

  • nevadacor says:

    I love to check out your video..

  • Aaron Burton says:

    Just wanna know what does it take to even get that local and national buzz as a recording artist?

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Aaron,

      Thanks for your interest. Getting a national buzz can take a lot of money, time, luck and exposure. In my strategy, I tend to focus more on driving sales of your music through targeting your ideal audience, rather than broad exposure to an un-targeted audience exposure.

      Let me know if I can ever help with anything else.

    • Joseph reed says:

      Go on YouTube look for my video call Looking 4 me N.i.c.e ft Big JDove Baby and I do have a channel bro

  • Eugene Martin says:

    I really need help getting my artist TWAN100 and RON KILO money for there music.

  • Eugene Martin says:

    I really need help getting my artist money for there music.

  • DJ says:

    There is no link below the video.

  • Clotaire Marseille says:

    I like the sound of things you’re saying. Very helpful stuffs.

  • Lauren Dunningham says:

    Thanks for making this.
    Love your work already.

  • Lauren Dunningham says:

    Just what I’m looking for. Can’t wait for the launch.

  • Joe Guezoum says:

    Dear John,

    I wish one day set a meeting up to talk about some difficulties regarding music for film and tv.
    I’m ready at your convenience.

    All my best,

  • Jimmy Spade says:

    Thank you

  • Samuel Apauh says:

    I am a young upcoming writer, and base in Africa, I will be glad if you can reach up to me in Africa. so to be able to showcase my talent to the World.

  • Daniel says:

    Hi name Daniel use stage name homasvegas do online music with company music jam maker they located in Germany I did music instrument on you tube or facebook,and Twitter what best solution make money get fans feedback which I did from all over the world just community feedback everybody do music in community question if sent u sample tell me what u think thanks respond from your opinion appreciate thanks daniel

  • StaggaOG says:

    Well am probably use your method to see how it works

  • Would love the blueprint To this method

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