Welcome to Music Marketing Manifesto 3.0

Welcome to the Music Marketing Manifesto 3.0 members area! Please watch the introductory video below to get up to speed.

In short, Music Marketing Manifesto 3.0 is designed to teach you a sound and proven strategy for selling your music in a profitable and sustainable way.

Music Marketing Manifesto is an advanced music marketing course. It assumes you already have an album recorded and mastered and are ready to start selling it. the course also assumes you already have a fundamental knowledge of many of the popular social media tools available such as Facebook and Twitter. However, if there are any areas that you simply don’t understand, use the comment feature at the bottom of each module. I will do my best to make sure that myself, or someone on my staff, answers every single question you might have about the process.

There are no magic bullets out there people. Every artist is different and results will vary significantly. By following the steps in this course you are not guaranteed any specific income or results. That being said, I personally use the techniques in this course, and have worked with thousands of artists in various capacities over the last few years. And I can tell you from first hand experience, if applied correctly, the techniques you will find in this course really do work. So get to it!

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  • Andy Portas says:


    I’m AndrΓ© from the UK and like many other people I’m looking at self-releasing my own material (funk-filled Hammond organ rhythm and blue instrumentals) on a limited budget. I’m just hoping all your recommended companies (web hosts etc.) will work ok from a UK base… Although I’m not forced to use them and can use ones in the UK… I’m sure they all work in a similar way!

    I’m just about to send my first album to be pressed on vinyl and CD so I have around 10 weeks to get my finger out and get some pre sales and email address!


    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Andy,

      Welcome to MMM 3.0! I really appreciate you picking up the course.

      Yes, all of the third party services I recommend will work just fine for people in the UK. As far as hosting, there are certainly comparable services to the one I recommend. Just make sure that what you sign up for is basic “shared hosting”. It will be affordable while making sure you can execute the strategy as advised in the course.

      Let me know if I can ever help with anything else along the way.

  • Dave Herries says:

    Hi John,

    I’m a guitarist in the UK looking to promote my own music as effectively as I can – I want to be in control of it and be proactive – not just hoping that a label will come along and snap me up! I’ve read a lot recently that if you want to be successful in music you have to run it as a business so that’s what I want to do with a new project I’m starting. Hopefully MMM will help me do that! Looking forward to getting stuck into it!


    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Dave,

      Thanks for picking up the course. I really appreciate it. It sounds like you’ve come into this with a great mindset.

      Let me know if I can ever help along the way.

  • Scott Curts says:


    I’m Scott Curts. I am a Solo Looping Performer in Sarasota, FL. I also write and produce music and some film scoring. I’ve been performing my whole life in cover bands and my current endeavor as a solo artist over the past 7 years has allowed me to pursue my writing more.

    I’m looking forward to learning the content in this program and capitalizing on more opportunities for my career.

    I’ve also been enjoying John’s Podcast as well. I’d like to see more episodes, John. You do a great job as an interviewer.

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Scott,

      Thanks for picking up the course and for the kind words about the podcast. I really appreciate your interest.

      Please let me know if I can ever help along the way.

  • Ilias Mouratov says:

    HI John
    My name is Ilias . I’m an artist .I form my band Yoke in 1996 in NYC . We played a lot since then.
    Recorded 4 albums. Songs mostly in Russian . Some in English . But I never could figure out how to sell my music and art online. I need to educate myself in this field.
    Looking forward to start the course.
    Thank you

  • Michael Strong says:



    Experimental electronic from Perth Australia.
    Need some focus in my marketing strategy, rolling the dice on MMM.


    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Michael,

      Welcome to MMM 3.0! Thanks for taking the plunge and picking up the course. I really appreciate it.

      Please let me know if I can ever help with anything.

  • David Kent says:

    Hi John,
    Dave here from Velvet Razor, we’re a UK Rock band based, near London. We played load of UK festivals supporting some big household names. We’ve had some in-roads with social media. At gigs we were operating the “hope” principle you mentioned that our audience had heard our band name (and website) correctly even after a full day of listening to loads of other bands; along with all day drinking. Needless to say not been very encouraging. I’ve saw your ad on Facebook about a year ago (and many times since) It looked very tempting, but I’ve been sitting on the fence and you know where that gets you? With wood splinters in your butt. I’ve dived in on MMM 3.0, looking forward to it.

  • Joe Willis says:

    Hi John and MMM Community,

    This is Rebecca, lead singer of Nether Land. We are a Los Angeles band that has been together for close to 20 years and are ready to take our music to the next level.

    Looking forward to learning from you.

    With gratitude,

  • Erath Old says:

    Hi John & hey y’all,

    My name is Erath Old. (pro-nounced Air-Rith) I’m a full time singer-songwriter/entertainer/teacher currently live in Nashville, TN, originally from Birmingham, AL. Country/PopRock…I gig and perform around 200ish dates a year since 2012. Late 2015, I released two songs and a music video. I quickly realized how important being methodical and having a strategy is. I’ve been studying DTF marketing for the past year and some change. Definitely have seen growth from my own efforts and experiments. Now about to release a full length album and it’s time to go more in depth. I’m stoked to be here. Looking forward to digging in to the material.


  • Hi John,

    I’m a singer / songwriter / mum from Sydney and have a church 3 set CD resource selling through catholic media but its non-exclusive so I can sell it online too. My hope is to reach out to teachers and youth leaders in Australia as well as across the world as its harder to get it through the structures of the church – red tape to to speak. We’ve sold about 450 copies to communities in Aus.

    I am also working on a funk album due to release sometime next year so hoping to learn your strategies with the church stuff then launch the funk later on…

    Anne Maree Higgins

  • Andre Cain says:

    Hey, my name is Andre Cain. I signed up this afternoon. I am a hip-hop artist, I do a type of lyrical trap music. I am excited to finally stop hitting walls and not know what to do about it. Can’t wait to dig in.

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Andre,

      Welcome to MMM 3.0! It’s great to have you here and I really appreciate you picking up the course.

      Let me know if I can ever help with anything!

    • Wise Atangana says:

      Hi Name is Wise, I’m francophone hip-hop artist living in Canada. Happy to joing you and to bring my carrireer to the next level

      • John Oszajca says:

        Hi Wise,

        Welcome to MMM 3.0! I really appreciate you picking up the course and getting started with everything. I also wanted to notify you that it looks like my support manager just sent you an email, to remind you to register your Insider Circle account as well, so you have access there. Please check your inbox for a message from support@musicmarketignmanifesto.com

        Let me know if I can ever help along the way as well.

        • Hi John!

          Please, I’m realy off, i have a lot trouble with install word press since yerterday. If i send the link of my page it’s possible to have help?

          • Hi Wise,

            Steve here from support. Yes, please send along a link. Were you able to get WordPress installed, or no? Also, if you could please be so kind as to leave support requests under the lesson you are actually working on, it would be greatly appreciated. It gives us a better idea of where you might be stuck.


            • Ok, thanks Steve.

              I will leave the comment. I dind’t move a lot because i can’t installed word press.

              Here the link of where i’am stock : https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?

              • Hi Wise,

                Steve here. No worries at all.

                Unfortunately I cannot view that link because I would have to be logged into your account to see it. I strongly suggest reaching out to Dreamhost support and simply explain to them that the one click install of WordPress doesn’t seem to be working for you. They are in a much better position to help you out of this particular jam, in fact they can likely complete the install for you.

                Let us know how you make out.

  • Scott Kovarik says:

    Hi John –
    I upgraded to 3.0 maybe over a year ago, but have not taken it out of the box yet. Is this the latest course material? I’ll be looking to get going here soon and want to make sure that when I do I’m working with the most recent upgrade.


    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Scott,

      Good to see you back in the members area. Yes, this is the latest content, however some things will look a bit different in some videos, due to the updates to third-party sites (Facebook for instance).

      No to worry, if you ever get stuck, just leave a comment beneath the lesson you’re on and give us a detailed explanation of the issue. There’s not much that myself or my support team can’t help you to get back on track with.

      Just let us know if we can ever help with anything.

  • Ernest Moore says:

    Hello John,

    My name is Ernest but my artist name is Knalige. Its pronounced like knowledge. I am a Hip-Hop Artist. I have been writing and recording music for like 17 years. I haven’t sold really any of my music and I plan on changing that. I’m very excited to learn these tools that you have presented us with.

  • Priscilla James says:

    Dance rnb music artist, occasional actress, love current music, I live in Brisbane Australia which is a nice town, hope to make people smile with my music…..

  • Tori Franco says:

    I forget where I asked this question before but can someone help me with setting everything up for pre-order? My album isn’t mixed and mastered yet but I want to start making sales on it. I know there is a way to put it on pre-order I just don’t know how! Thank you guys for all your help!

    • Hi Tori,

      Steve here from support. For presales, you might consider a crowd funding site like Kickstarter, or something like that. That way you can direct your subscribers there, rather than to an existing offer on a previous album.

      Let us know if we can ever help with anything else.

  • Mark Welsh says:


    I’m a singer songwriter who loves Soul music. I’m a carer for my Mother these days but I still have all this stuff I would like to promote and who know may a little money at?

    As I say always have been and always will be Soul sprinkled with a little pop!

    Really excited about the course, so here goes and see what happens! (hope my avatar thing works?!)



  • Anthony McMillan says:

    Hey I’m Anthony, My musician name is Tony Mac. I love music so much, I not only play it but I went to school to be a recording engineer and music production. I go by the stage name Tony Mac because that was my childhood nickname. I play a lot of different genres and it shows in my originals. I have a song called Gone that is a blues rock style while another song of mine, I wrote 4 years ago, called Hello is a heavy rock lead style song. One of my most popular songs is called Attention and a lot of people enjoy it because it has a vintage rock sound with some modern effects in the vocals. My favorite musician is Ben Harper, I get to go see him play in mobile AL this weekend, April 29th. I’m really excited about it, hope I can meet him without being carried off by security. The birth place for the blues, mississippi has a horrible music scene. Most of the time it’s a who you know deal to get gigs and a lot of back stabbing to get ahead so I definitely need the help to market my music to fund a trip of some kind to get out of this area. I appreciate the help and it definitely feels good to know I’m not alone.

    Tony Mac

  • Huu Bac Quach says:

    Hi there!

    I am a composer and multi-instrumentalist based in Montreal, Canada. I do a blend of world jazz oriental music. With my vietnamese instrument(dan bau), chinese(erhu), andean (quena), and guitar I present my compositions accompanied by my quintet. I’ve been touring Canada and working on and off with agents for the last 3 years. I’m the type of personality that likes to call the shots and be an entrepreneur, so I am very looking forward to go through this material.

    I am in the process of creating my 1st album, with a launch scheduled on June 30. I want to be well prepared and make the most out of it by building a fanbase.



  • Carlos Eton says:

    Hi, John.

    I just released my very first CD (“The Random One”) on CD Baby and I am humbly going to admit that I am going to need some marketing help since I am a bit older than the average CD freshman and that my CD is a multi-genre CD.

    As a former skills and software trainer, I think it is important to show the model first prior to presenting details and look forward to this approach, but mostly, I know I need help in this seemingly overwhelming arena.

    Thank you in advance for your help.


    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Carlos,

      Welcome to MMM 3.0 and thank you for picking up the course. Your background will like be helpful in executing the actions steps of setting up your sales funnel.

      Let me know if I can ever help with anything along the way.

      • Carlos Eton says:

        Thank you. So far, so good.

        The only thing I have gotten confused on is the implementation of the email swipes only because aWeber changed its interface.

        The one thing that I think we may need to incorporate in the squeeze and sales pages is something to alert the user to turn on Javascript. The only reason I mention this is because (with the recent privacy law changes), some users are using tools like Privacy Badger, which turn off scripts from other host sites, which may get in the way of our aWeber forms processing.

        For example, on my Mac Machine I used Privacy Badger with Chrome, and what happens is that the form will not show up. Once I made the adjustment in the Privacy Badger plug-in the form worked fine.

        (I cant remember if the JavaScript document.getElementById( ) function works in WordPress, but if it does, maybe the code could contain a SPAN that contains the message to turn on JavasScript followed by script code to change the innerHTML to blank.

        Holy crap … out came the inner GEEK in me. Yikes!

        Anyway, thank you for your attention.

        • Carlos Eton says:

          Followup …

          Please enable JavaScript.

          document.getElementById(‘js’).innerHTML = “”;

          Code like this only works if JavaScript is off. It doesn’t work if Privacy Badger or similar plugins are working.

          Sorry to take up forum time with this.

          • Hi Carlos,

            Steve here. No worries at all. This is quite useful to think about actually. I mentioned this I believe in a previous response to you, but if you’re really concerned about this, simply use the HTML option of the form, that Aweber offers you to use instead. You’d just have to remember to replace the form on your site, after you make a change to it in the Aweber form editor. Javascript allows you to make those changes and they will automatically update on your site, but HTML you’s actually have to copy, paste and save again with each edit. Just keep it in mind.

            Let us know if we can ever help with anything else.

  • Dallas Doctor says:

    Hello, Dallas Doctor here. I purchased the course a while ago, but I’ve just now carved out the time to begin this adventure. Thanks John, for making it available. Here we go (I hope my avatar worked …)

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Dallas,

      Welcome to MMM 3.0! Happy to see you got registered an are ready to get started with everything. Yes, your gravatar seems to be working just fine. Nice job.

      Let me know if I can ever help with anything.

  • Lex Bannister says:

    Hi Everyone. Just signed up. Excited for the challenge, and ready for the journey. Looking forward to progressing with “like minded” people, and learning. Cheers to everyone’s bright future!

  • Mike Barnhill says:

    Taking a step towards the Grammy…and trying something new. Glad to be here. Hope you all learn much, and change the world with your tunes. – Best!

  • Tori Franco says:

    My name is Tori and I am an aspiring artist from New York! I’m 27 and I’ve been writing songs since as long as I can remember, and have decided to finally take this to the next level! I work on predominantly pop/rnb tracks. My music has a little unique flare of alternative/new age feel. I hope to take this course and promote my new single/album to a mass of people! Can’t wait to get started!

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Tori,

      Welcome to MMM 3.0 and thanks for picking up the course. I really appreciate it and it’s great to have you here.

      Please let me know if I can ever help along the way.

  • James Whittemore says:


    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi James,

      Thanks for your interest and for getting in touch.

      If you are asking if I have any other courses in terms of general online marketing, no I don’t . Just the stuff that is specific to selling music online as an independent artist.

      That said, a lot of the fundamentals and services used are exactly the same. You would just need to adjust your message to fit the market you are trying to reach because there will be variations from selling music to fans.

      Let me know if I can ever help with anything else.

  • Christopher says:

    Made it!

    Really looking forward to the journey!

    Thanks John,


  • Jesse Stockton says:

    Hey John,

    I’ve been a touring and working musician for 11 years. In that time I have only recorded 2 records, and received no actual education on how to sell them. I’ve had so many people that don’t play music at all telling me what I should do. I am here to learn. It is my mission to improve my online record sales, to have profitable tours, and continue to record and sell music for the rest of my life, successfully.

  • James Downham says:

    Hey, John!

    I’m a musician out of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, playing original rock/country. I know I’m missing out on lots of opportunities to convert new fans into repeat customers. The traditional methods of trying to get my music into the hands of new fans takes a lot of time and effort and, unfortunately, hasn’t provided the ROI I’ve been hoping for. I’m willing to take a stab at a proven, refined method, and I appreciate the fact that you’ve created a template that I can apply without having to do this by scratch. I intend to put everything I learn into practice in my marketing efforts, including my website and social media presence. I’m looking forward to reporting my progress back to this community, especially the results of my new and improved (and more effective and automated and scalable) sales machine!


    James Downham

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi James,

      Welcome to MMM 3.0! Yes, I completely understand what you mean about the difficulties of seeing a return on investment from the traditional channels. It’s often too costly for independent artists to pursue those channels in the first place, let alone to have negative returns.

      Let me know if I can ever help along the way.

  • Aaron Raimey says:

    My name is Aaron and I’m an aspiring artist from Cleveland Ohio. My stage name is Styles 83 and I’ve come here to learn more about internet music marketing. I have been writing and recording music my whole life but have only dabbled in live performances seeing that most gigs in my local scene were poorly promoted and unorganized I kind of stop going for a career. When I started seeing the possibility of independent music being possible it rekindled a fire in my spirit. I love that musicians can now carve there own destiny’s and don’t have to solely rely the” industries favor” to be successful. My dream is to build my career/Label doing mostly everything by myself in the beginning. I am currently in school for music production and feel I am naturally business minded. I have a great feeling about this course and will be looking forward to this experience and getting to know you all. Peace 83

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Aaron,

      Welcome to MMM 3.0! I appreciate you picking up the course and I’m happy to hear that you have a business mindset to bring with you. It should help make sense of the strategy for you.

      Let me know if I can ever help along the way.

  • Cameron Latimer says:

    Never mind! I found the MMM theme πŸ™‚

    • Hi Cameron,

      Steve here from support. Great! Glad you were able to locate it. Always check the resource section beneath each lessons’ video. Great to hear you’re liking the course so far as well.

      Let us know if we can ever help with anything else.

  • Marcel Breault says:

    Hi folks, my name’s Marcel and I’m excited to be here! Our group (2 guys actually) is called Dead-Centre and we do kinda 90s style rock. If you like you can check us out here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL-Sk0W3UQryUVvwsy3Wn-w/videos?shelf_id=0&view=0&sort=dd.

    We’re just starting out with our music after a 20 year break but we’ve been working together musically since we were 8 year old kids.

    I live in a little city called West Kelowna and my buddy the drummer lives in Edmonton so we collaborate these days via the internet. I play guitar, sing, and songwrite. But when it comes to marketing, I’m a complete beginner and honestly know little to nothing about marketing; and hence why I’m here.

    Can’t wait to make some new friends and learn my arse off!

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Marcel,

      Welcome to MMM 3.0! Thanks for picking up the course. I really appreciate it and it’s great to have you here.

      Please let me know if I can ever help along the way.

  • Megan McDuffee says:

    Hi John,

    My name is Megan and as an award-winning game and film composer, I’m always looking to sell my soundtracks outside of the actual projects. I’m also working on my first EP that isn’t a soundtrack, and hoping this course gives me some amazing tools when I release the EP.

    Here’s my work if you feel like checking it out! http://meganmcduffee.com

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Megan,

      Welcome to MMM 3.0! It’s great to have you here and I really appreciate you picking up the course.

      Please let me know if I can ever help with anything.

  • Cameron Latimer says:

    Hi! I’m Cameron Latimer. My band is Forty Roses. Here it is if you’re curious
    Looking forward to this, John

  • Melissa Moorhouse says:

    Hey John,
    just signed up this morning! I am so excited to be here! I have been a follower of your stuff for awhile now and have finally decided to take the plunge! I am an acoustic chill folk artist from Vermont, USA. I have been singing most of my life and have done live gigs for many years now. For the last 8 months I have been working hard at developing my online presence and my next step in the process is developing my squeeze page so I can build my e-mail list. I plan on releasing my debut solo album within the next year! I was intrigued with your template and also the way you have set up a smooth system! Looking forward to learning more and meeting other like-minded people in this group!

  • brian miller says:

    I have a nasty redirect bug from Go.padsdel.com. How do I fix it. It is embedded in the theme. Please help asap

  • Hey John, just getting started. I have to say, I was skeptical because i’m not a huge fan of doing online classes (I like a hardcopy book, or to learn in a classroom…call me old school!) but this IS the future, and it’s time for me to get on board… and I must say that it already feels like the layout is really organized and easy to use, so thank you.

    Just looking forward to learning how to do all of this myself so I won’t be at the mercy of record labels and all the other sticky fingers in the business.

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Brooke,

      Welcome to MMM 3.0! I appreciate you picking up the course.

      One of the advantages of hosting the course online, as opposed to a physical package is that any crucially needed updates can be done, without having to press everything again. I can just go on in and make those updates on an as-needed basis. Plus you can login at any time and go at your pace.

      Let me know if I can ever help with anything along the way.

  • Stevario Windhom says:

    Hi John,

    I’m Stevario “Chris Wind” Windhom, an artist/producer associated with a music legend with a rather tragic industry tale. Robbed of the rights to all his greatest hits, there weren’t a lot of resources to go around by the time I met him, and nearly all his income came from touring. Not to mention, most of that tour money was eaten up by court cases fighting to get those rights back!

    With the industry changing and the digital revolution taking over, there was plenty to learn musically (and legally) around there, but not much in the way of prepping for making money as an independent artist in the new era.

    I learned the hard way that it’s not enough to get Famous Artist X on your song and just put it out there considering the sea of content people are flooded with nowadays. It’s hard starting from the ground up to build a stronger foundation, but I now realize it’s never too late to do things right and identify what’s missing in the formula.

    Looking forward to learning what you have to offer through these lessons, and hoping to have a great testimonial video for you after applying the knowledge!

    Thanks For Doing What You Do!


    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Chris,

      Welcome to MMM 3.0 and I appreciate the insight. I hope you get a lot of out of the course and I really appreciate you getting started with it.

      Let me know if I can ever help along the way.

  • arie papernick says:

    Just signed up and watched the intro video.
    I come from a business background and have been very successful at it. Always been involved in music but now want to make it a business. My band High Court County just started this year and we are booked solid on weekends playing the Toronto area. We do mostly Outlaw Country. Focus now will be on originals and thought this course would be a huge asset when I am ready to market it. Our band page is http://www.facebook.com/highcourtcounty.

  • M. J. says:

    Hello everyone,

    I’m a writer, producer and artist, I’ve been pretty good at making music for a while but I have NEVER been good at marketing music, this will change.

  • Debbi Stumpf says:

    I’ve worked with bestselling authors and speakers in building their platforms and promoting their work. My best friend is a musician who asked me to help him move his music, like I did with books for the authors and speakers. I’m fairly new to the music space but not to marketing. I don’t like reinventing the wheel and figured if there was someone out there who knew how to get the job done, I may as well have them as a mentor. I work in integrity and always give credit to my sources whenever I’m in a learning environment. I look forward from learning from you and building an online music following based upon your recommendations and proven techniques.

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Debbie,

      Welcome to MMM 3.0! I appreciate you picking up the course. I’m hopeful that with your marketing background, much of this will be easy to implement for you.

      Let me know if I can ever help with anything.

  • hoodzconnect says:


    Im just here to find a starategic way to get sales and increase the funds. I love creating music, writing music, and etc..

    HoodzConnect Records

  • shalah nobles says:


  • Prince Pinto says:

    Hey John,

    I am a hip hop artist who has had a good amount of press if you google me I come up as an artist I am actually verified on spotify. I have been managed by known and unknowns. I have done a lot of the right things and alot of wrong things Marketing is key but if don’t know how to hit the target how can you take aim?!. My uncle use to always tell me that, so now I want the actual control, that major negotiation piece. I’m grateful to learn what I didn’t know, im glad to be apart of the community.

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Prince,

      Thanks so much for picking up MMM 3.0 and welcome to the members area! Happy to hear that you’re having some success out there. Hopefully this will help you connect the dots on the marketing.

      Let me know if I can ever help along the way.

  • Marcella Puppini says:

    Hi John,
    I am trying to unsubscribe from the Insider Circle because I am not making use of it, but it is proving to be quite a challenge. I cannot figure out how to do it!!
    Could you please help me?
    Thank you

    • Hi Marcella,

      Thanks for reaching out about your Insider Circle account. We have just sent you an email detailing and confirming that we have canceled the account for you.

      Please let us know if we can ever help with anything else.

  • Alfredo Vazquez says:

    Hello John I’m a Christian song writer and musician by ear , I have created several songs and instrumental music by me, where the producer, musician , singer and director is being just myself. However I bought your course because I was convinced by it. And I want to studied and apply all the teachings to improve myself. My primary lenguage is Spanish . So if my writing if not properly I apologize. Thanks.

  • James Whittemore says:

    Hi John, I had a digital music distribution system taught to me by Leah McHenry in British Columbia. I have a feeling you would tell me to leave it all in place and build what you teach as a separate system. Here is our domain and website built with Bandzoogle. I lost interest last summer when I tried to get lots of likes with Facebook ads. I spent a fortune on Facebook ads but failed to narrow my niche’ target audience properly. I am on your Lesson three and need to check with you before going further. If you get my group up and running I can sell your approach to a huge audience in London, Berlin, Paris et al….sincerly, jimmy___

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi James,

      Thanks for picking up MMM 3.0 and welcome to the members area.

      Digital distribution can be part of any marketing model. If I were you, I would at least initially, treat what you’ve learned as being completely separate for now, until you can see how MMM 3.0 integrates with what you’ve learned.

      While I don’t ever specifically recommend using paid advertisement as a means of simply getting Facebook likes, I do realize that page likes are another point of contact for you, and that you can use that interest as another means of remarketing, or simply keeping your music in front of people.

      That said, as you build an email subscriber list, it’s not a far stretch to get people over to your FB page to give you a like. In other words, you can gain a new subscriber, as well as a new Facebook fan, on the very same ad spend.

      Facebook likes have their place in all of this, but building that email subscriber list is the real asset that you can go back to over and over again.

      Let me know if I can ever help with anything else.

  • Mikal Townsend says:

    Hi John,

    I just want to thank you for this course that you have provided. You have provided a way for me to be an Internet marketer in doing something that I love.
    My question is, should I implement what I learn as I go along or should I watch all of the material and then take action?


    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Mikal,

      Welcome to MMM 3.0! I appreciate you picking up the course.

      Generally I recommend you follow along the course and implement the action steps as you go, but I can completely understand if you’re the type who wants to take in all the info first, then go back through to implement everything. That’s the nice thing about the online members area. You can go at your own pace.

      Let me know if I can ever help along the way.

  • Hello! I’ve been checking out the free videos for a while and since I’m in the midst of recording an album, I figured now is the time to jump on board. I’m looking forward to the course. One issue, I can’t seem to create the account to add the avatar. But I’ll try on a PC instead of phone.

  • Mari Booth-Spain says:

    Hi John,
    It’s Mari here and I bought this course for my husband Shem Booth-Spain.
    We are working together, me as his marketing manager, a bit of John&Yoko style lol

    I have three questions here.

    1.I have noticed that you are separating your band page and squeeze page. Is this on purpose? Shem wants to link everything like bandcamp, itune, soundcloud and have them on the navi bar but I’m afraid it will distract people from signing up in a squeeze page.

    2.Also as you can see Shem’s got all his music in bandcamp and a listener can listen to them for free and I think this prevents people from paying for his music. Do you agree?

    3.If you listen to his music on bandcamp, you will notice his style of music varies.
    We think of his genre as singer songwriter/acoustic guitar for the albums like Suddenly Lost, Finally Found and Acoustic Sessions EP but Electric/Experimental for Roughkut Diamonds and Gemini Critical​-​Mass. Are we guessing right?

    Looking forward to your answers!


    • Hi Mari,

      Steve here from support. Thanks for getting in touch.

      1) You objective for the squeeze page is to get people to sign up, or leave. There should be any other options. You can direct people to those other links if desired, via email, after a person is on your list.

      2) Yes, this could very well undermine you ability to convert subscribers and buyers.

      3) I personally cannot answer this question. I’m not familiar with any of the artists’/albums you’ve listed. You would know your market/ similar artists better than we would, simply because we are working with artists across pretty much every genre, in a very general sense.

      Let us know if we can ever help with anything else.

  • Trish Thompson says:

    Hi John-
    I’m Trish and my project, Tipsy in Chelsea, has the next record (an ep) in the can and we’re ready to release our record. I’m nervous because I feel like I made some mistakes with our first record and I don’t want to make the same mistakes…or new ones. πŸ™‚

    I’m hoping your system will give me the confidence, and the marketing ideas, to get this record out. I’m looking forward to digging into the course.

    BTW, Tipsy in Chelsea is a pop duo inspired by 70’s bossa nova and light pop. We’ve been compared to Bacharach, Astrid Giliberto, Dusty Springfield…and the Pretenders. πŸ™‚

  • Ronny Krahn says:

    Hey John,
    Feeling hopeful.
    Didn’t love the high pressure up-sale for the monthly subscription right after i just spent the money on the course though. I’m sure someone has done all the research and figured it was the most strategic placement but it made me feel like i got slimed. I’d suggest offering it at the end.

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Ronny,

      Thanks for picking up MMM 3.0 and for your honest feedback on the checkout process. Just to be clear, you were offered the Insider Circle subscription after your initial order was completed. There’s certainly no pressure to buy anything additional. I like to offer the discount on the subscription to new MMM customers, as an opportunity for people to check it out. It’s a great addition to all that you’ll learn here. That said, if someone were to pick up the subscription and find that they didn’t like it, or weren’t quite ready for it, I’m always happy to issue a refund in that situation, as with any of my other products.

      Again thanks for picking up MMM 3.0 and welcome to the members area!

      Let me know if I can ever help with anything.

  • Alan Keary says:

    Hi John,

    Just purchased this and looking forward to cracking on with it! My name is alan keary and I’m an Irish born, Manchester (UK) based multi instrumentalist and music producer. I write music that’s electronic but also jazz influenced with slimmers of Irish folk.


    Cheers for bestowing this information onto us!

    Onwards and upwards!


  • Scott Thomas says:

    Hi John,

    Looking forward to learning some new Indian tricks.

    I am looking forward to working w/ you and the dedicated members of this tight-nit group of entrepreneurs. I’m ready to LEARN !!!

    Nice meeting you…

    Warmest Regards,

  • Hi all in MMM land,
    It is good to be part of your community. I have been writing and composing for longer than I care to remember because I love the process of making music and hearing the end product. It would be so great to be able to turn that around and make money at it too so just starting this course and really looking forward to it. I did buy this some time ago but I have had some life changing things happen to me over the last 2 years but now feel I am in a position to be able to put the time in to try to make this work for me.
    Here we go…….

  • Gustav Pickering says:


    My name is Gustav Pickering. I’m a singer-songwriter currently based in London(UK). I’m releasing an EP in June and need all the insight/ information/expertise necessary to make the launch KICKASS. I’m very excited to be part of this community.

    Thank you!!

  • Erik Bennett says:

    Elise and I (Honey Bee Entertainment) are happy to be part of this community and so look forward to starting to learn how to sell our products online! We make a lot of different kinds of records with a lot of different artists, and we are ready to do the work to finally start getting our music and artists in front of fans. Thanks for this opportunity!

  • Jonathan Gable says:

    Hey John,

    Thank you for taking the time to put together Music Marketing Manifesto. I have been trying for years to sell my music, get gigs, etc. NOTHING HAS WORKED. I am willing to learn new things, so I am giving 100% into this course.

  • Andy Mort says:

    Glad to be here Jon. I’ve been considering signing up to the course for a little while and have finally gone for it. I’ve been writing, publishing and performing music for quite a while and this year have committed to taking things to the next level after a little lull over the past few years. I have a few previous albums (https://andymort.bandcamp.com/) and am excited about working through this stuff to re-focus myself in 2017 to get my music career back on track. Looking forward to seeing what you have to offer sir!

  • Rob Marenghi says:

    Hi guys,

    It’s a real honour to be among you guys in the insider circle, there’s a lot of talent here! I’m humbled to be part of the community πŸ™‚
    I have some questions buzzing around my head and I think you guys are the perfect people to help me.

    1) A cross-pollination issue! I am launching and MMM style squeeze page and mailing etc for my band and for my solo material. Is it wise to promote one with the other?

    2) I launched a facebook ad (Β£5 for a 5 day campaign) and ended up getting charged Β£20 extra by facebook a few days after the campaign ended. How can I avoid this?

    3) On my band page, could I make my solo album the upsell offer? The band is indie (I’ve labelled it William Blake on speed) and the solo stuff is acoustic (Vegan published poet guitar slinger).

    Best regards


    • Hi Rob,

      Steve here. Assuming the genres of both project are closely related, you could possibly find some crossover between audiences. That said, if they vary enough, it might be best to target each audience separately and send them to different funnels.

      For your Facebook ads, you have to set a budget for each ad set. Did you have more than one ad set running? That could explain the extra charges.

      Yes, you could offer your solo album as the upsell, again, assuming the genre’s are closely related.

      Let us know if we can ever help with anything else.

      • Rob Marenghi says:

        Hi Steve,

        Thanks for your swift response. The 2 projects vary quite a lot (indie rock with trumpets vs moody ambient folk) so you’re probably right about keeping them separate funnel wise. I assume you wouldn’t recommend using the solo album as a band upsell then? On facebook I only had one ad running (for 5 days) but don’t recall setting a maximum budget, so perhaps that was where I went wrong.

        Just one more question – Is everything on the MMM 3.0 DVD on the above lessons? I want to start setting up my pages asap but the dvd hasn’t arrived yet (I’m in the UK so it will take a while). Could I make a start just using the lessons?

        Many thanks


        • Hi Rob,

          Steve here. Yes, if the projects greatly differ, I’d market them using separate sites and separate funnels. This doesn’t mean that you couldn’t offer the one album as an upsell, but it’s not likely to sell well if it isn’t matched to the audience. You might find some crossover between to two differing audiences, but that’s something you can workout and determine through email follow up. Send one list to the other project, to see how it goes and vice versa.

          Regarding DVDs, sorry for any confusion but MMM 3.0 is a digital product, housed entirely within this members area. Therefore there is nothing physical to be shipped out to you. John used the images to give you an idea of just how many video lessons there are here. This is a common practice with digital products, to convey the value that’s included. John did try to be clear about the product’s description on the MMM 3.0 offer’s text and video.

          Please let us know if we can ever help with anything else.

  • Paula says:

    Hi there. Really excited to start this course! I am a Scottish songwriter and guitarist in the Rock band Bravado. We have just released an album and I’m looking forward to getting it heard and hopefully bought by a lot of people! I’m not great with technology but I’m really keen to learn. πŸ™‚

  • JC JC says:

    Hello.. just bought the program.. im not sure? …am I waiting for a physical CD/DVD delivery? Or is this page all I will need to get started through everything and I will not be receiving anything by snail mail? Just trying to clarify. Thanks JC

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi JC,

      Welcome to MMM 3.0 and thank you picking up the course!

      Sorry for any confusion, but MMM 3.0 is a digital course, hosted here inside of this interactive members area. Therefore there is nothing to ship. I hope this isn’t a problem. I did try to be clear about the product’s description on the offer’s video and text.

      If you are seeing this page, it sounds like you’ve properly registered and that you have access to the entire course, but please let me know if you are experiencing any difficulties at all.

      Let me know if I can ever help along the way as well.

  • Bradon Grobler says:

    Hi John, and the MMM Members. Its great to be in touch!

    I am Brad Grobler a singer, songwriter, producer, label, mixing and mastering engineer based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I have a 20 year+ professional (full time) career so far in the biz, and worked with many artists over the years on their albums and projects.

    I am working on bettering my Online Presence, websites, social marketing, and internet Marketing for a number of upcoming projects and releases (plus my label) further in 2017 and beyond. I am also focusing on the ‘New Model’ in the Music Industry, and how to be an Independent presence on a Global Scale, and not bound to a local market in the ‘Old Model’.

    So, I am excited to get started, thanks John, looking forward to the journey, and knowledge, and learning new skills!

    All the best,
    Brad Grobler

  • Howdy! After humming and hawing for about a year, I finally decided to pull the trigger on this course. I’m admittedly a little worried with all the music streaming that happens nowadays, but with my target demographic and the ‘niche’ market for my music, I’m confident that this program will work. My new year’s resolution is to spend 30-45 minutes each morning (starting Thursday haha) and have atter! So, first things first, I created an avatar on Gravatar but I don’t know how to get it into my MMM profile…


    Ps. Is this the best place to get technical help with stuff, or should I be emailing support instead?

  • Andrew Levin says:

    Hey, everyone. Andrew from Oakland, CA here. I’ve been a professional musician for most of my adult life, and as such have had to learn about basic marketing as a necessity to pay my rent. That said, my formal study of marketing began only a few months ago when I took a short serial course on Facebook marketing and paid traffic. It was inspiring and informative, but left a lot to be desired. I’m so excited to finally delve into an expert’s take on internet marketing as it applies specifically to the music industry. John, your podcasts are amazing and you clearly have a knowledge base that can be of huge benefit to whoever is willing to put in the work. Can’t describe how excited I am to get started. Thanks!

  • Leslie Becker says:

    Countdown question: So….what seems to be happening with my countdown is that it is counting down from the time I create it in my wordpress, but not starting over when a new client opens it. In other words…it expires, then no one signing up later in the process can get to it as it is sending them to the Sorry page. What have I not clicked properly?

  • Justin Cross says:

    About Upsells: I’m putting mine together and I’m thinking of offering a T-shirt and 14 songs (3 EP’s) total for $19.00 + shipping comes out to basically $22-$25

    Has anyone else had consistent success with any type of upsell, or specific price point? I don’t want to invent the wheel here, if there is a higher margin, better converting concept I haven’t thought of yet. I’ve considered private skype shows, but don’t have a good feel for what people pay, etc

    Let me know if you have suggestions. Thanks!

    • Hi Justin,

      Steve here from support. Price is one of those things you kind of have to feel out and even test.

      Think of the value you are offering and price it accordingly. Don’t do it so that the margins are so low that you can’t win with paid advertising either. There has been talk in the marketing world, that people seem to respond to 7s and 9s better than they do to round, or even numbers, for some reason. At least it’s been reported to have an effect.

      Something like $19.97 + shipping. If you think you’re in the ballpark of where you need to be, test $19.00 vs. $19.97 and see if it’s true. πŸ™‚

      Let us know how you make out.

      • Justin Cross says:

        Thank you Steve! I hope someone in the community can speak to specific upsells that they have tried, and at what specific price points in order to compare concepts and notes. It would be great to answer:

        What is your upsell? How is it converting? What price point? etc

        A bonus question that I’d love feedback on, is whether monetizing the sale of “Music only” is profitable, or is the upsell mandatory in order to make real profit in online marketing. I’m thankful for all of the “Ideas” John provides in the course, but it would be great to hear the actual results from the community!

        Thanks everyone!

        • Hi Justin,

          Steve here. John makes mentions of some upsell ideas in this course.

          The reason the upsell is important is because it’s a way for you to earn more from fewer people, at the vert same time they just completed a first purchase from you. The earnings from upsells can offset any cost to acquire subscribers that do not go on to buy anything, and can really help keep an ad campaign profitable for you. Generally speaking, it’s hard to be successful with any kind of paid advertising if your room for profit is low to begin with. For instance that’s why John stresses selling and album, over selling singles.

          Let us know if we can ever help with anything else.

        • Brian Rogers says:

          Hey Justin,

          Good question. The other day I sold 4 xmas albums at 9.95 a piece, but 2 of them bought upsells at 29.95. Made more with 2 upsells than 4 albums, and the upsell def. gave them more than what I was asking for it – 7 albums, a few videos, 50 additional demos, a 25 pg. ebook I wrote, artwork from posters, flyers and fans, shots from pages of my 1st lyric book, ect…. And it was all digital. Automatically delivered just like the album.

          Have fun man!

          • Justin Cross says:

            Brian, I really appreciate you writing back. The community here seems very shy about sharing SPECIFIC offerings directly related to upsells. I feel inspired by what you offered to your fans, especially because it’s all digital. Much more enticing. Perhaps I could create some type of E-book or something of value, like you’ve done. Do you mind me asking what the subject matter was about? I was thinking maybe an E-book on “How I found my voice, and how you can too” or something like that –

            Congrats by the way Brian. That’s exciting that you are starting to get the upsells to convert. I love it man!

            I’m going to try to sell the rest of my 100 T-shirts just to recoup money, but I’ll be working away at trying to create an upsell in that sweet spot of approx “$29.95”.

            Wishing you continued success!


          • Hi Brian,

            Steve here from support. Thanks for this update. This is really great news! It really sounds like you’re offering people a real experience too, so I’m happy to hear that both the album and upsell are selling. Congrats!

            • John Oszajca says:

              Thanks Brian,

              Justin, just to clarify why you are not seeing people post much about specific results… These comments are really just for support questions about issues you are having along the way. No one gets alerts about other comments but admin. For more of a forum experience you would need to check out the Insider Circle.

              In MMM you will mostly see support questions or issues people are having as they become familiar with the course.

              Thanks for being the exception Brian πŸ™‚

              • Brian Rogers says:

                Hey John,

                My pleasure man, I came across Justin’s comment because I was going back to the MMM members area to refresh my mind on a few things about Sales Page creation, and I just happened to log in to the the welcome page first. Justin’s comment really jumped out at me. But yeah, the IC is definitely where its at in terms of communication.

                Happy almost new years y’all,

  • Amanda Randall says:

    Hi John,

    Very excited to start working through these lessons. I am a singer songwriter from England, formally signed to EMI in the Netherlands, as a solo artist. I gave up my carrier to bring up my children, as I couldn’t bare to be without them and now am going back into it as an independent. I recognized that to run as a business, I needed to understand all that you appear to be teaching. Thank you for putting it out there. Take care, Amanda πŸ™‚

  • Marie Dance says:

    Hi my name is Marie Dance, I have taken a leap of faith and bought your program. I am all the way from the south coast of England and have been trying to survive as a musician for as long as I can remember. In a few months I will be releasing my first solo album and so I really need this to work for me.
    Thank you for giving me a clear direction and I hope I can set up a functioning platform to start selling my music by using this course and chatting with all you hard core muso’s out there.
    Marie Dance

  • Brian Napier says:

    Hey what’s up great people ? my name is Brian but i prefer the name The Great Raw, ill explain the history of the name in a later time. However I am a solo artist but I work the magical sound behind my virtual Alternative Metal band Kryptic Knight . I mainly only use Facebook and Instagram they seem to be the most popular media platform as of now. Primarily I use Instagram more since I have a massive following there and receive majority of my emails & engagement there. I have a small sense of marketing but I know there is more to it I understand everyone has a fan base that’s online & offline but today I made a bigger step I bought this program and I have nothing else in mind but to achieve and accomplish every lesson by the book to improve and change my life as a musician forever glad to be on board and I congratulate you all as well !

  • Laura Vaccaro says:

    Hi there:) This is Laura:) I am a Indie Pop Singer-Songwriter with a twist of Folktronica and an emphasis on the guitar:) haha:) I am studying guitar and vocals at a conservatoire in London, UK and am currently in the process of recording, arranging, mixing and mastering my first EP with my husband, who is also studying at the same uni:) I’m releasing at least 20 original songs within the next 7 months and am taking courses to learn about business and how to market these songs, in order to live from just our music after we finish Uni in June 2017:)

    I’m really looking forward to learn so so much about business and applying it and can not wait, what will happen:)

    Laura xx

  • Leslie Becker says:

    John, I am so incredibly excited to announce that my very first funnel WORKED!!! I got my first album sale exactly 5 days after my customer signed up. He took my 72 hour offer and bought it. I was more excited about that today than anything else that happened!!! Thanks so much for this great program…

    • Hi Leslie,

      Steve here. YES!!! Congratulations! It’s a great feeling huh?

      Now you just want to keep driving traffic to your funnel and monitor the numbers. Then make tweaks where necessary.

      Really happy to hear you’re having success already. Please let us know if we can ever help with anything else.

      • John Oszajca says:

        Hey Leslie,

        John here. Just wanted to pipe in and say great job! it’s definitely a fantastic feeling when that first sale comes in and shows you what is possible. In fact, that very first sale got me hooked and changed my life πŸ™‚

        You mind if I post that on the testimonials page? I love sharing other people’s wins and showing folks that people are having success with the strategies here in MMM. Just send me a link to whatever page you would like me to link to. If for any reason you’d rather not then that is no problem at all.

        Well done!

  • Ben Seal says:

    Hey there. I’m ben seal as you can see.
    I make music under the name Urban Farm Hand.
    It’s a mixture of acoustic and electro elements based on songwriting.
    I’ve been a producer/composer/arranger working for bands and in advertising for 10 years. I’m now putting out my own record for the first time in Jan 2017. I hope your course helps me make the most of it.

  • Mrinalini Roy says:

    I’m an Artist from NY and about to release my first EP… and I want to do it right! Very much looking forward to watching the modules and putting these lessons to good use!! Many thanks!!!

  • Hey, just signed up and very excited to be a part of these courses! I’m currently working full time in corporate america and I’m at about my wits-end with it so I wanna work hard to be able to either limit my corporate hours or leave my corporate career behind and make some kind of living doing what I love: making killer music!

    I’ve got a solo project called THE PITCH BLACK that I’m currently finishing up a debut EP for that I’m going to use as my first push with the lessons here at MMM! Really pumped and optimistic that this is the right move to make in terms of progressing (really, beginning) my career in music!

    Thanks so much John!

  • Martin Rosengren says:

    Hi John!

    Really excited about finally digging into MMM! I’ve been thinking about it for a year now and come to the point when it feels right:)

    I am a musician (obviously) from sweden. I’ve been writing songs both by myself and in different kinds of bands for nearly 25 years now. I see this as an opportunity to finally giving me a chance to reach out to more people with my music and if I can also make some money out of it it would be a bonus for me.

    So that’s it for now, time for lesson 1:)



  • Leslie Becker says:

    Hey John,
    Can you use a “pre-Order” my EP as the sales page in my first funnel? As a new pop artist, I’m working on my full EP so I don’t have other albums to offer yet…so can I get success with people pre-ordering my EP (with that offer I’m giving them one of the tracks immediately) but the EP won’t be finished probably until Feb. I want to get my funnel started right away without having to wait!

    • Hi Leslie,

      Steve here. Yes. Not only can you do that, but you could also do it as a crowd-funding effort. In other words, the presales can also be the force that funds the project. We like to think of crowd funding sites like “Kickstarter”, as a sales platform (presales), where your audience can both purchase and fund the project at the same time.

      If you’ve got enough people on your email list, this sort of thing could be very successful for you.

      Let us know if we can ever help with anything else.

  • Darren McStay says:

    Thanks John
    Been banging my head against a wall and racking up debt trying to get my band off the starting blocks. I’m in much need of some empowering advice and hope this helps me realise a way to a better method.

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Darren,

      Welcome to MMM 3.0! I definitely know the feeling you’re experiencing.

      I’m confident this course will give you a direction you can manage and see positive results from.

      Let me know if I can ever help along the way.

  • Keith Pevoto says:

    Hi John. I am so excited for this opportunity. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us.

    Over the last year I have been in the process of reinventing myself in music. I am a former bass player. I say former because a health event that started five years ago left me blind, paralyzed from the waist down, and with llimitations in my right arm and hand which has made it almost impossible to play my bass or guitar. Over the last year I have been writing songs and working on strengthening my voice. Well, I am going to the studio Wednesday to start tracking the first time as a front man. I do not say any of this for anyone to feel sorry for me. If anything, I want people to know if they believe, with a little perseverance anything is possible.

    To complete the reinvention I want to also start learning the business side of music. Music Marketing Manifesto 3.0 seems to be the perfect way to take the leap. I want to take the same motivation I have with music, Apply it to this course, and see where it takes me.

    Peace, Love, and BeLieve!

    Keith Pevoto

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Keith,

      Thanks for getting in touch and for picking up MMM 3.0! It’s great to have you here. Your personal story is very compelling and I admire your resolve to reinvent yourself and get back to doing what you love, despite the unfortunate circumstances.

      Please let me know if I can ever help along the way.

  • Dylan Galvin says:

    Hey John,

    I’m a graduate of Berklee College of music. I’ve been playing professionally for about 7 years. I’m currently in what I call “Cover Circuit Purgatory” where I have to spend all my time emailing, cold calling, scrolling newspapers, driving everywhere just to keep my schedule full so I can earn enough money to pay my bills.

    I want to be playing more of my original music. It sucks because booking cover shows eats up all my time and I make next to nothing on my originals even though I have a degree in professional music and songwriting. Original music doesn’t make me any money since rarely does a venue care about anything other than how many people you can bring and since I’m a one man show, it’s hard for me to pull 150 people to a place out of state….so I don’t make much money from my own music.

    I have an emailing list, I post furiously on social media and I’ve read hundreds of blogs and listened to podcasts….its just too much damn work. I feel like a lot of my effort gets wasted and I’m not sure why. You can see where I’m at on my website if that helps you get a better idea:


    My Elevator Pitch:
    “Hypnotic fingerstyle guitar, poignant storytelling involving alien abduction and stage fright, and thick, lush live looping that sounds like an acoustic EDM trio”

    Im hoping this course will help me start a cash flow with my online sales and help me to better monetize my original artist identity since I really don’t want to be playing covers in bars when I’m 45. I worked 15 days almost every day last year and I cannot keep this pace up. I need a system and method of selling my music so I can actually have a life, progress my career and stop feeling like only pre-teens who are born into money get to have success now-a-days.

    I made decent money doing covers last year for my area (Southern Maryland, where almost everything here is country and I am very much not) but I don’t want to “just get by ” on my income. My goal is to pull in a 6 figure income when I combine album sales and live performances and greatly increase my fanbase from a few hundred to about 50,000.

    I’m looking forward to checking out the course and implementing what I learn.


    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Dylan,

      Welcome to MMM 3.0! I really appreciate you picking up the course and sharing some of your story. I can completely understand your issue with playing live and some of its trappings. That’s why I advocate an online system for selling you music.

      Please let me know if I can ever help along the way.

  • Pamela Mortensen says:

    Hi John,

    Many thanks for putting MMM 3.0 out there. I’m looking forward to using it! I signed up for MMM 2.0 a few years back but sadly, never really utilized it very well. I’m looking forward to utilizing 3.0 this time around and integrating it with what I’ve already been doing. Many thanks again for all the work you’ve done on this and take care!


  • Lisa Fairey says:

    Hi John,

    I purchased MMM 3.0 a few weeks ago and am so happy to finally be listening and learning! It looks like a great program with everything I need at this stage. I’ve spent my career as a cellist and strings classroom teacher, but the last few years I’ve added singing (jazz and country), songwriting and guitar playing. My duo partner and I have some tunes we’ve co-written, and are looking for any help we can get to promote our music and to keep growing. Thank you so much for making this course available and for sharing your knowledge. We are both very excited to keep progressing.

    Best wishes,

  • Tim Holman says:


    I”m setting up paypal but have noticed that John doesn’t have his own cart anymore and uses CD Baby. Would this be a better option than paypal?



    • Hi Tim,

      Steve here from support. John actually talks about this in the course.

      Short answer is that no, we still recommend you use Paypal. John is only using CdBaby for the convenience of not having to send physical CDs in the mail himself.

      CdBaby does not integrate with Aweber though, so we still recommend Paypal.

      Let us know if we can ever help with anything else.

  • Brian O'Hara says:

    Que Pataleros Amigos !!!!!
    Here to Learn as much as possible to help our cause….to bring back the fun party-esque Rock n Rule !!!!! πŸ™‚
    And get paid for doing it.
    Thanks y Grande Gracias for the MMM 3.0 Course and I look forward to implementing it with a Fury !!!!
    Rance Lane

  • Tim Hutton says:

    By the way I can so relate to your earlier history with labels vis being signed and dropped etc. πŸ™‚


    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Tim,

      Thanks for picking up the course and welcome to the members area! It’s great to have you here.

      Yes, our similar stories are not that uncommon. That’s why I advocate for artists taking control of their own marketing and results.

      Let me know if I can ever help along the way.

  • Tim Hutton says:

    Hi John

    Excited to have signed on to your course – I heard about it a couple of years ago but am finally getting round to it, and raring to go! I’m a multi-instrumentalist producer/singer/songwriter. I’ve been signed to two major label deals and one large independent label deal over the years, and also released a lot of music on small independents. I’ve written songs and played/sung on records by some established major artists, and toured with them too, but at 55 am finding myself needing to go it alone. I have a project on the go with (I think) some excellent material, ripe for marketing and I’m so excited to give this a go. I really like your manner and the way you put this all across! Anyway John, onwards and upwards!
    Best, Tim

  • Keith Williams says:

    Thanks John! I’m Keith Williams from Land Of Goshen Studios. I’m a producer/recording artist&guitarist. My genre(s) are World Fusion,Ambient music&instrumental Rock.My goal is to sell more cds& more web face time.More about business,than fame.

  • Patrick Walton says:

    Hey John, i finally made it, just really ready to get started, hey everyone, lets make it happen

  • George Waters says:

    I just wanted to thank the MMM team this program has changed my life and is continuing to elevate my career.

  • Jim Owen says:

    Thanks for making this course available. I’m looking forward to it. I’m a home studio all-by-myself type musician, just released my second album on a local small-time label. I have a day job and have never been very interested in selling my music or making money off it. I don’t play live and my style is not easily identifiable, and I’d really rather just have fun doing it than pound the pavement to try and “make it”, life’s too short. However, my first album garnered a lot of rave press and made some yearly top ten lists, which was really encouraging. This new one is better and I have high hopes for it. This is why I’ve come to MMM, to see about getting the word out. Here goes…

    • Hi Jim,

      Steve here, from support. John is traveling, so I wanted to take the opportunity to welcome you to the members area. Otherwise John would have done so himself.

      Enjoy the course content and let us know if we can ever help with anything.


  • Marc Enfroy says:

    Are there downloable PDF’s of the content if I’d rather read instead of watching videos?

    • Hi Marc,

      Steve here from MMM Support. Sorry for the delay. John is traveling and I just realized that he usually responds to the comments for this particular page.

      Unfortunately there are not PDFs of the lessons. You’ll have to follow along the videos.

      By the way, welcome to the members area! We appreciate you picking up the course.

      Please let us know if we can ever help with anything else.

  • Shane Harrington says:

    Hi John,

    After hearing about this a year ago I eventually decided to take the plunge. Glad I did, this looks fantastic. Glad to see it’s user friendly and paced in incremental steps.

    I am an experimental/indie/whatever else musician/artist from Ireland, living in New York. Been recording, playing and touring music since I was 16 (29 now) under various projects. Just released my newest album (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODPwwHPwIvY) and after a lackluster reach I decided I finally needed to get that bit more serious. Thank you very much for your hard work on this.

    If it all works out for me (not looking to sell a million copies but to build a small, dedicated fanbase) then you can be sure I’ll recommend this to all the other musicians I know. This is a timely and important course from what I can tell.

    Warm regards,

    Shane Harrington

  • Matthew Mitris says:


    I’m slowly getting through the course as I record my EP. The theme provided is an excellent tool for creating squeeze pages, however it seems to be limited to the other aspects of my website. I’m unclear as to how to change options such as colours and small things like when you click the “About” tab, before the copy “About” is unnecessarily sitting there.

    I want my squeeze page to be simple as it should and perform its function but I want the rest of my website to function as a cool and interesting website like most other ‘big’ artists pages. I’m not interested however in creating a new domain and hosting another site , it should be possible all in one.

    What would be your suggestion?


    • Hi Matthew,

      Steve here. When you create an “About” page, or any other page, it will appear in the main navigation by default. What you are seeing is the About page menu item, but when you visit the about page, you are also seeing “About” as the page title. This is normal. It may just look weird if “About” is one of the only pages you’ve created. It’s not actually redundant.

      With color, you have a few options. You can either change the colors inside of “Appearance >> Theme Options >> Colors”, or you can do this:

      Create a directory on your domain called “blog”. Then inside of this directory, install another instance of WordPress. Keep in mind that you’ll have two separate logins to your site (one at one at “/wp-login.php” and one at “/blog/wp-login.php”), so consider that first.

      If you’re okay with signing into one wordpress to manage your squeeze page, while managing the rest under a second wordpress at “/blog/wp-login.php”, then you’ll be able to install any theme you want into the /blog wordpress installation.

      This is not what we typically recommend, but it won’t hurt anything AND you get the freedom of having your non-squeeze pages, look any way you prefer them to.

      It’s just a pain to login to two separate wordpress installations. Try exploring the “Appearance >> Theme Options >> Colors” first.

      Let us know if we cane ever help with anything else.

  • Marvin Dias says:

    Hi John

    Hope all is well. I’m looking forward to your tutorials and hope to gain more insight on marketing my music. Here is where I’m at currently http://www.mclassdias.com and will make changes as I go through your tutorials. Please like my Facebook fan page https://www.facebook.com/MClassDias/. Truly excited to get everything started.

    Best wishes

  • Mark Lowman says:

    Hey John

    I’m really looking forward to learning and putting into practice some of these techniques. I’m from a real DIY community but no one really goes for online marketing. I’ve a couple of albums, one due to be released on vinyl soon. Hoping to actually sell a few for the 1st time in like 18 years.

  • James Kahu says:

    Hi I’m James Kahu from Auckland, New Zealand.

    I recently purchased the MMM 3.0 after having ‘creative differences’ with my US record label and thought I’m better off doing this myself at less of a cost.

    Really looking forward to what you have to share, can only be a good thing!!

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi James,

      Welcome to MMM 3.0! I appreciate you picking up the course and I completely understand the struggle.

      Please let me know if I can ever help with anything along the way.

  • Hi, I bought the course a few months back and have been taking my time digesting it. I already have a site using hostbaby, and I had been back and forth with them about adding a squeeze page without my normal template, navigational header, footer, and other distractions. They tell me its not possible. Is it worth it to switch hosts just to have the squeeze page follow the same criteria you suggest? Or is there a way to design an effective page with the host baby limitations?

    • Hi Xavier,

      Steve here from support. This is tough to answer because I don’t know all of the particulars to HostBaby’s service.

      Are they a typical shared hosting service? Can you add a second domain to your hosting account, without any additional charges (other than the cost for the domain)?

      If so, then simply keep your existing site as-is, then pick up a second domain, for installing WordPress and hosting your list-building site.

      If they do charge more to add-on a second domain, it may be worth it to switch to a typical shared hosting account, like the one John recommends in the course.

      Let us know what you can and we’re happy to try to help.

  • Ben Sands says:

    My website has disappeared – as has access to my account – with the message

    Fatal error: Call to a member function is_recording_active() on a non-object in /home/content/71/11991271/html/wp-content/plugins/wassup/wassup.php on line 512

  • Jeremy Costa says:

    Hi there, My Name is Jeremy Costa.
    I am a Australian Singer Songwriter. I purchased MMM almost a year ago but have only now decided to pull the trigger and go through with using all of it’s tools. The reason i am only now doing this is because i have managed to get myself into a lot of doors over the past few months, of record labels that have shown huge interest in signing me, however i have decided i have everything to lose signing with them. My producer is a man named Henry Hirsch, He produced almost all of Lenny Kravitz’ albums, and Co’wrote many of his hits. Lenny Kravitz’ Guitarist (Craig Ross) has also played on many of my songs and has co’written many which i am singing on. So i have been very fortunate thus far and don’t want to disappoint these people who have put a lot of their time and talent into this music. So here i go. Hopefully i can get past the learning curve in a good period of time so i can prove we don’t need record labels to take all of our hard earned money.

    • John Oszajca says:

      Hi Jeremy,

      Welcome to MMM 3.0! It sounds like you’ve got some really good things happening for you. I hope you pick up a thing or two from the course.

      Let me know if I can ever help with anything.

  • Jason Brown says:

    OMG! I’m so excited about this. I released an album in June (@parentmusic on twitter) and have scraped the tip of the iceberg with Twitter which what is possible out there re: connecting with people across the globe using social media. We have had some (limited) sales in the US and in Europe so I’m really hoping to learn how to structure and organise marketing strategies to connect directly and engage with an enthusiastic fanbase…

  • John C. says:

    Hey John,

    My long time band mate/ business partner signed up for MMM over the previous weekend, lost two straight nights of sleep working through modules, and then talked my ear off on next time I saw him about it. I had to get a peace of that excitement for myself.

    Been playing bass for 25 years, been recording with bands for the last 10, everything from pop and alt rock to jam bands, playing bass, keys, and mandolin.

    Since I started recording, I had always assumed that in this day and age recorded music was primarily promotional–raising awareness for your band. Get them interested enough to come see your show, etc.

    So the prospect of recording music for the sake of selling is enticing, to say the least. I have a backlog of recordings I am excited to put to work.

    Very excited to dive in and get started.


  • Karina Ceja says:

    Hi John,

    For Lesson 21 – Paid Traffic,
    after we go to Ads manager and choose “Increase Conversions on your website” as the objective, Facebook then requires us to choose a pixel.
    I select “define a new custom conversion” so that I can track users who express interest by filling out the optin form, right?

    It then asks us to “create a rule” (Include traffic that meets the following) by addin a url but I am confused at this step. Should I create a rule/add the url of my “CONFIRMATION” page (that a user sees once they have signed up) or at this step in the process on facebook should I add the SQUEEZE PAGE (front page) to this rule?

    I am a little confused because Facebook has rolled out a new pixel and module for advertising and what we see on your screen in lesson 21 is a bit date. Could you please help or maybe even create a new video for Lesson 21 using FB’s latest layout with the 2016 pixel so we can be clear.

    I’m just not sure if I’m doing this right. Can you please help?

    • Hi Karina,

      Steve here. Yes, the FB pixel process has changed a little bit since this video was created.

      The FB tracking pixel will track visits to every page on your site. However, when you set up a custom conversion, you are asked for a word that is contained in the url of the page view you are tracking, in order to count as a legitimate lead.

      For your purposes, this event takes place on the page someone would see, after they have confirmed their email address.

      If for instance that url is “thank-you”, then type thank-you into the url field.

      Now when that page is visited from someone who came through your FB ad at some point in time, FB will display this conversion in your pixel traffic results.

      Let us know if we can ever help with anything else.

  • How do I center my header logo?

    • Also, I want to implement a “step banner” on the background of my pages how exactly do I go about getting the coding for these two things?

      • Hi George,

        Steve here from support. could I please have a link to your site, so that I can look into the header issue for you?

        Also, I’m not exactly sure what you are referring to by “step banner”. Could you please explain? Perhaps we can point you in the right direction if you could clarify.


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