Bummer, the Webinar Room Is Full...

Unfortunately the webinar broadcast room is now full. Not to worry though, in a few days we will send out a replay video to everyone who missed it.

We're sorry you were not able to make this rare event, but keep an eye out for a very special invitation that we'll be sending to you tomorrow at noon.

Ariel Hyatt, John Oszajca, Sarah Gavigan and Cari Cole will be teaching a special two month program called the Musician's Summer School. Seats will be limited to approximately 200 students but be aware that over 30,000 musicians will be invited. So if you're interested in attending be sure to act at noon (pacific). We do expect this program to sell out, and it's a ONE TIME ONLY event!

So once again, sorry you were not able to attend the webinar, but keep an eye out for that email and hopefully we'll see you in the Musician's Summer School!


- John, Ariel, Sarah, and Cari.