The New Jacobin Club Band

In the latest episode of the Music Marketing Manifesto Podcast, Xerxes Horde from the New Jacobin Club, joins us to discuss how he’s been able to use the strategies learned in MMM 3.0 to outsell two years of web sales in under three months, and generate some pretty impressive sales and subscriber stats.

The New Jacobin Club is a fiendish group of musicians, poets, painters and performance artists who have been entertaining and provoking since the mid 1990’s. The left-of-center nature of the band does a lot to address the concerns of many artist who believe that their music is “just too different to sell, using online marketing strategies”.

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And as always, I’d love to hear what you think about the topics discussed on this episode. What do you think about the success that the New Jacobin Club has had with direct to fan marketing? Still think no one is buying music?


This Royalty Check Look Familiar?

by John Oszajca on June 4, 2014

This was just too priceless not to share…

It’s a residual check from Warner Brothers that my good friend (and fellow musician) Ovis shared with me. I think we’ve all been here before…

“Oh Warner Brothers, you crack me up ….”


If you’re seeing royalty checks like this then perhaps Music Marketing Manifesto 3.0 can help. ;-)


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Neil Young Raises $6,225,354 on Kickstarter to Prove That People Still Care About Audio Quality

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Wu-Tang Clan To Sell Just ONE Copy Of Their “Secret Album”

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