Selling More Than Adele With MMM?

by John Oszajca on March 23, 2016


Wow, I just realized that I haven’t posted anything since late last year. No doubt the biggest bout of silence since the launch of Music Marketing Manifesto back in 2009. But there’s a good reason for that… I’ve been busy.

It was never my intention to become a “marketing guy”. I’ve spent most of my life as a working musician and – while my primary focus over the last few years has been raising a family and growing MMM – “musician” continues to be my answer to that proverbial question: So, what do you do?

That said, as my record and publishing company advances began to shrink over the years – and always having a relentless entrepreneurial streak – I began looking for new ways to bring in reliable income somewhere around 2006. It didn’t happen overnight, but the result was a booming online business that evolved (somewhat accidentally) to become Music Marketing Manifesto.

I have had many thousands of musicians come through my programs and MMM has become one of the most rewarding endeavors of my life. There is nothing more gratifying than receiving an email from someone who has experienced their first album sale as a result of using the strategies I teach. Hundreds (if not thousands) of those emails have come in over the years, and it’s been incredible to see.

However, one thing I refuse to do is become the “those who can’t do, teach” guy. For that reason, and despite it being a colossal commitment of time and energy (of which I have little to spare), I make it a point to jump back into the trenches once or twice a year and take on an individual client. Both to keep my marketing instincts sharp, and to prove that there is merit to the strategies [click to continue reading…]


As a guy who’s built a substantial business around the basic claim that I can teach you how to ACTUALLY sell music, it’s a rare day in which I don’t receive at least one snarky email/blog/Facebook comment from someone claiming that my entire premise is baseless because… wait for it… NO ONE BUYS MUSIC ANYMORE!

Insert me pulling my hair out of my head in frustration…

John Oszajca Pulling his hair out

Don’t get me wrong… As industries go, the music business is real mother f@#ker. The vast majority of musicians out there are putting their hearts and souls on the line, but struggling to even see triple digit album sales, let alone make a living. I’ve been there [click to continue reading…]


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